YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex?

YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex? We live in a country where Honesty and Integrity are underrated but Cricket and Sex are overrated. India is a country where Sex sells everything, right from a cheap porn magazine to a big budget Bollywood movie. But when it comes to express our views on a topic like “Pre-marital Sex”, most of us remain to stay mum. WHY? Everybody watches porn and everybody wants to have sex, there is nothing wrong with this. Then why don’t people come out in the open and discuss about sex?

I am an adult and I do believe that I have every right to do anything as long as I do not cross the line of law. Has Indian government passed a law which does not permit Pre-Marital sex? No! Then why is the so called “Moral Police” often found harassing young couples on the pretext of preserving Indian culture, values, ethics etc.?

Everybody has a life. Sex is a part of life. If two consenting adults have sex before marriage then what is the Big Deal? According to which Act, if you have sex with someone before marriage then you have to marry that particular person? This is not the pre independence era, We are talking about The Modern India, The India which believes in thinking broadly and globally. And The Modern India believes that Sex is not a taboo, Sex is a way to express intimacy and love. Sex does not have to be the synonym of Lust! There is a vast difference between sex and Lust.

According to the reports and statistics, lack of Sex is the main reason behind many divorces. So this basically means that Sex creates and maintains a spark in a relationship. This is applicable for both married and unmarried couples. How? Now a days, Indians are adopting “Live In” relationships. If we can accept “Live In” relationships, then can’t we accept that Pre-marital Sex is normal? Or the Moral Police thinks that couples in a “Live In” relationship will not have sex?

I strongly support the importance of sex in everyday life and I say YES to Pre-Marital Sex. Whatever I do behind the closed doors is not the headache of a third person (as long as I do not disturb anybody). If Sex can unite two souls, then let Sex do the job perfectly.

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Kindly Note: Virginity is not a valid parameter to judge someone’s character! This post describes my view on the hot debate “YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex”. People differ, Perceptions differ, even Sexual orientations do differ. So it is not mandatory to appreciate my view! Remember that It is a Free World. And I sincerely do hope that I have not hurt anybody’s sentiment (excluding The Moral Police) through this post! Sex existed before the existence of the entire human race, Sex is existing till now and Sex will exist forever (till the apocalypse though)!

Be faithful, Use Protection, Enjoy Sex! Sex is the best way to lose those calories :P

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