Truth provides Peace!

Sometimes, we do lie. We try to cover some facts which can lead us to an embarrassing situation. We never think twice before trying to save our own skin. We lie because we think that telling a lie is the safest option in a particular situation. But, actually, it is just the opposite. Telling the truth is always the best option.

Telling a lie is like breaking someone’s trust. Earning someone’s trust is very tough but breaking that trust and that too knowingly is very easy. When we tell a lie and break someone’s trust, our own conscience haunts us. We cannot sleep peacefully because of the fear of getting caught. Our own heart revolts against us. The guilt of telling a lie is enough to deprive us of happiness.

We can tell a lie. We can hide something unpleasant. We can run away from the world. But we can never run away from our inner voice. We can never hide from our conscience. The truth can never be hidden forever. One day, the truth will emerge from the shadows. So, why do we need to take so much of pain after telling a lie? Be true to yourself and Be truthful to the world.

Once I went through such a situation. I was in college at that time. I had appeared for the first semester exams and I had scored 65% marks. But I had got just pass marks in Accounting. So I was afraid to tell my parents that the first semester results were out. After a few days, My mom asked me about the results. I paused for a moment. I thought about the consequences if I told the truth. I thought that Mom would be disappointed if I tell her that I managed to score just pass marks in Accounting.  I wanted to lie to her. I wanted to say “No Mom, Results are not declared till now”. Just when I was almost prepared to tell a lie, I heard a voice “Is it right to break someone’s trust”? I was shocked. I looked all around but I found nobody. After a few seconds, that voice echoed again! This time I realized that the voice was my inner voice. My conscience was speaking to me. Suddenly I felt guilty. The burden of that guilt was too much.

I mustered courage and decided to tell the truth to my Mom. I replied “The first semester results had been declared a few days ago and I had scored 65% marks. I didn’t have the courage to say this because I had scored only pass marks in Accounting”.

Mom smiled and said “It is okay. Admitting your own mistake is a great thing. And as far as the marks are concerned, you can try to study harder and I am sure that you can score better marks in the next semester”.

I heaved a sigh of relief. That burden of guilt was gone. I promised myself that I would never even try to lie again!

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