Shave or Crave!

Well,i will not lie.Shaving is the most boring part of male grooming process(at least i felt that one year ago).I used to shave once or twice every month.And i was careless about my ever growing stubble.I had never thought about the mentality of girls related with stubble.In my opinion,if the Mundas of Punjab can woo the Kudis with their beard,then obviously beard symbolizes the macho man image.And when i watched Rocket Singh,Guzaarish and Love aaj kal,my belief regarding beard grew stronger.All the top leading actors in beard!phew....that must be the new trend.                                                                                                                                                                                           

OMG!i was so wrong.i realized my mistake when i proposed a girl.She said i cant think about anything till you clear all those overgrown beard.I was taken aback.My theory about beard boomed.My imagination about macho man image crashed.I did not say anything.I came back and shaved that night(after around 40 days).The next day,i met that girl again.I took her to a coffee shop,gifted her a rose and proposed her again.She said,now your beard is gone,so i can focus on your proposal :)
I was happy.So guys,i learned that its too tough to impress a girl with a stubble.Almost all girls crave for clean shaved guys.Keep shaving and keep wooing!No girl ever fantasizes about wolverine,but they love Hugh Jackman. Reason-BEARD!

This post is a part of the 'Shave or Crave' movement in association with BlogAdda.com    

This post is a part of the Shave or Crave movement in association with Blog Adda - The biggest community of Indian bloggers.


Step up your Style Statement

Style often comes with variable price tags.If you have the money,then you are ready to be a Trend setter.
Whatever may be the season or century,you can never go wrong with the soul soothing combination of white
tee/shirt and denim jeans.So i have selected Jack and Jones tee and FCUK smoking jeans(boy,really smoking hot!).

As this is winter season,you need something warm which also adds a charm to your
style.For this reason,Jack and Jones body warmer looks more than perfect(if you have got good biceps,you get a few more brownie points).

Style statement is incomplete without a perfect pair of shoes.US polo casual shoes look cool as well as hot.Try it,you will never regret it.

You can wear a cap if you want to add a tinge of Tom Cruise to your style statement.The Perfect Spy with the FCUK trucker cap.


 A watch is the man's best companion(never be late on a date :P).This ESPRIT watch is designed to lift your spirit up.

Never forget to wear a perfect belt because it adds certain boldness quotient to your image.This French Connection-Mens Square Buckle Belt is bold and beautiful.

Top up your style statement with the perfect glares.And nothing can beat a Ray Ban.

If you want to grab this style statement then visit www.shoppersstop.com now.May your neighbours burn in envy when they see your style statement :P

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Questions,Questions everywhere,
Not a hint to think.
Questions,Questions everywhere,
Not a second to blink.
Questions,Questions everywhere,
There is no trick.
Questions,Questions everywhere,
No solution even from the Gods of Greek.
Questions,Questions everywhere,
My life is at the brink.
Questions,Questions everywhere,
Now its difficult to suppress my Inner Grief.
Questions,Questions everywhere,
I do not know what i seek!
Questions,Questions everywhere,.....Questions,Questions everywhere.