Let’s take the first step towards Swach Bharat!

#AbMontuBolega campaign is all about taking a stand for places which need cleaning, people who need our attention and authorities who need to hear our opinions. Playing the role of a silent spectator is no more the cup of tea of the youth of India. The time has come for us to raise our voice and make a difference. Raising our voice against all that is dirty in India is our birth right. So, we must exercise the power of our voice, work towards a Swach Bharat and feel proud as responsible citizens!

Littering the streets is the most common practice in India. Most Indians think that roads are open dust bins. Nobody thinks twice before dumping the garbage of his/her household on the roads. Forget about people living in slums, even people living in posh areas also litter the roads as if they are the owners of the roads. They never care about others who have to face various difficulties because of the littering on roads.

It is not rocket science. It is simple logic that littering is wrong! There are dust bins and garbage dumps, so why do people throw garbage on the roads when they can dump their garbage in the place where it is meant to be dumped?

The next question: why do people litter? Well, we Indians are too lazy to cross the road to dump the garbage in dust bin. And the most common excuse of Indians: My neighbour litters the roads, so what is the problem if I do so? People make thousands of excuses to throw their garbage on the roads instead of searching for a dust bin. This mind set of Indians needs to change. Only then India can be truly Swach Bharat.

Many hazards are associated with littering. Most common is road accidents. Littering degrades natural areas and kills animals and plants. Littering degrades the quality of water. Littering is dirty and smelly and it is unhealthy for our environment as littering carries germs, viruses and bacteria which cause deadly diseases.

So how can we stop littering? Simple. Quit littering, set an example for others and then encourage friends and relatives to do the same. Then they can encourage others and slowly everybody will stop littering. Littering is a serious problem and it will continue to be a serious problem until we all take a stand! Together we have to take a stand because together we can make a huge difference. Yes, together we can make India free from littering, we can make India the cleanest country. Everything depends on us. So come on guys, Let’s take the first step towards Swach Bharat!

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Bring Back The Touch!

When we are teenagers, we believe that love is the most precious feeling in this world. We fall in love with someone, we try to make him/her feel special. We do everything to get the love of our life. After some twists, turns and emotional dramas, finally when we marry the love of our life, we feel that we have conquered the world.

After a couple of years, this corporate world kills the passion and romance in our relationship and instead generates stress and lack of communication between us and our life partners. Love takes a backseat and money drives us. Somewhere down the lane, Love becomes a memory and only that memory remains! This is the story of Annie and Arnav.

Annie and Arnav fell in love with each other during their college days. After graduating, both of them got respectable jobs. Both of them tied the knot soon. Couple of years sailed away smoothly. Slowly their relationship stared to fade away. The romance was gone. The passion was gone. Now Annie and Arnav rarely talked with each other. Both of them still slept on the same bed, but they never looked into the eyes of each other. Reason? The stress and pressure of corporate world! Both of them rarely had time for each other. Instead of celebrating their anniversaries, they were forced to memorize the agenda of the next meeting.

One fine day, Arnav woke up from sleep. He remembered that he had to make a presentation. He opened his laptop and accidentally opened a folder : the folder in which he had stored all the snaps of himself and Annie, right from their college days till the day of their marriage! Arnav looked at those snaps for a long time and suddenly realized that his life was incomplete without Annie. 

He rushed towards the bedroom. Annie had night shift the previous night so she was still sleeping. Arnav held her hand, kissed her forehead and hugged her. Annie woke up and was literally surprised! Annie asked : Arnav, is everything okay? Arnav replied : From now onwards, everything will be okay. Annie, I am sorry for everything. You are the love of my life and I neglected you.

Annie held the hands of Arnav and a drop of tear escaped from her eyes. Both of them made a pact that irrespective of the work pressure, they would try their level best to spend time with each other.

A single touch can recreate that spark in your relationship. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and #BringBackTheTouch .

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My Dream House

Now a days, our lifestyle has become more lavish. We have become addicted to comfort and luxury. Now it is not impossible to create our own house of dreams. With the right technology and advanced materials, creating our dream homes becomes a fun and altogether different experience. And it is definitely true that houses reflect the personality of their inhabitants
I am selecting as many items as I can from Porcelanosa to build my dream home.

  1.    Floor Tiles

a) Ceramic floor tiles for my bedroom as these are shiny, easy to clean and stylish.    
b) Anti slip floor tiles for my parent’s bed room as these tiles provide safety without compromising on the style quotient.

  2.    Wall Tiles

Xlight wall tiles for study room as these tiles add that intense and serious atmosphere to the study room.

Parker wall tiles for kitchen and bathroom as these are perfect for wet zones such as kitchen and bathroom because of their low porosity.

Stonker wall tiles for bedrooms as these have a coloured design and can withstand the most extreme conditions.

Parker ceramic parquet for dining hall as these are anti slip, ideal for wet areas and highly resistant to wear and tear due to continuous use.

Decorative profiles for drawing room because they add a unique and personal touch.

  3.  Wardrobes and dressing rooms as these can be integrated to every type of space distribution.These provide the option of combining multitude of styles with different finishes such as natural or stained wood, matte or polished lacquers and laminates etc. Most importantly, Porcelanosa wardrobes and dressing rooms have endless drawers so I never have to worry about my unlimited shopping sprees.

4.    Krion Solid Surface for the bedroom of my kids as Krion Solid Surface is anti bacterial, durable, easy to repair, easy to clean, can withstand attacks by concentrated acids, highly resistant to all types of stains, resistant to adverse weather conditions, resistant to fire and heat properties etc. Krion Solid Surface can also be backlit, with a degree of translucency to create shapes as desired by kids. Now kids can have their own batcaves too J..So Krion Solid Surface is perfect for the safety of kids.

5.    Demountable Ceilings

Ceilings play an important role in enhancing the looks of a house. Demountable ceilings are soundproof. So I can enjoy a cricket match at full volume and kids can enjoy their xbox games at full throttle without worrying about the peace loving neighbours.

   6.    Natural stone facades

Natural stone facades are clad in natural stones so they ensure a touch of warmth and distinction which other materials can never provide.  These provide insulation from cold during winters and protection from heat during summer. These are very stylish and save production, installation and maintenance costs.

With these exquisite products from the renowned stable of Porcelanosa, I can definitely build my grand dream house!

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#ToiletForBabli - each and every Babli deserves a toilet!

India is slowly moving towards the goal to become one of the global leaders in every sphere. But, India is still way behind in terms of sanitation facilities. Yes, every household in cities and towns has access to toilets but the same cannot be said about innumerable villages of India. Rural India is the real India. So, India can become a global leader only if the villages of India are developed. For this purpose, rural areas of India need access to hygiene toilets.

Even today, many people in rural areas of India do not have toilets. These people defecate openly as they have no other option. They are unable to build a toilet in their household premises because of lack of money. But some people have enough money but they use this money to purchase televisions, refrigerators, coolers etc. For these people, having a toilet inside their household premises is not a necessity as they have become habituated with defecating openly and these people think that it is not a good idea to waste money and land for building a toilet. These people have little knowledge about the health hazards which are associated with defecating in the open. These people have to be made aware of the health hazards associated with open defecation.

Various types of diseases are prevalent in areas which lack sanitation facilities. Open defecation is the cause of deadly diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera, gastroenteritis etc. When people defecate openly, flies feed on this excreta and often carry minute excreta in their feet. Excreta is full of deadly germs. When flies come in contact with food and water, they infect food and water with  germs. When humans consume this infected food and water, they become sick. Lack of toilets is the major cause of malnutrition of children. Defecating openly is the major cause of death of children.  Both Government and people must take proper steps to build toilets to prevent child deaths as children are the future of our nation. Getting rid of open defecation will immensely help to improve sanitation and reduce disease outbreaks.

Lack of toilets is a serious problem for women. Unlike men, women have to think twice before defecating openly as it is a matter of dignity for them. Women do not deserve this shame. Women deserve a clean toilet, complete with the safety and privacy of a door. Women are the pride of our families. Shouldn’t we take a stand for the dignity of our mother, sister and daughter and stress on the building of toilets in every household? Let’s come forward and join hands to build toilets for the safety, security and integrity of our family members. Together we can create a hygiene India.

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Some relations do not need a name,
Some relations do not need a time frame,
Some relations are just sweet,
Some relations make us feel complete.

Some relations give us hope,
Some relations teach us never to give up,
Some relations are beyond any expectations,
And such is our lovely relation!


Are you willing to be mine?

The nights have been lonelier without you,

The pain has been excruciating without you,

A part of my life needs you,

A chamber of my heart craves for you,

I know that you can never be mine!

Still this soul wants to hold your hand,
Travel across the world,
Feel the sunset, sunrise and shine!

Are you willing to be mine?


Games of fate!

An ode to that Road,
Which led me to your Heart and God,
Which showed me the meaning of Love,
And indicated that you are that perfect one whom I can never have!

I had never cared about destiny,
I had always ran after drops of happiness which were tiny,
But when I saw you, I wanted to be a part of you.
I wanted to be with you till eternity, I wanted to change my destiny,
I wanted you to be my destination, I was ready to take any perilous journey!

But, stranger are the games of fate,
There are some events which we can never forget,
If I had the liberty to stockpile,
It will always be your beautiful smile.

The night feels cold,
This body grows old,
The mysteries of Love are yet to unfold,
But our tale needs to be told!


www.quikr.com : A quick way to sell and purchase genuine products effortlessly!

In this busy and hectic life, we rarely get time to run around across shopping malls to purchase necessary items. But, thanks to Online Shopping websites, we are able to purchase our desired commodities at the comfort of our office or bed at a single click. Online shopping websites have started a shopping revolution in India. This is an entirely new experience for common people. Of course, there are some 'not so genuine' websites. And then, there are extremely safe,user friendly and convenient websites like www.quikr.com .

In other online shopping websites,retailers and sellers sell the products, but in www.quikr.com, retailers,sellers and common individuals also sell products which makes the sale,purchase,payment and delivery of items really easy.

I had a really hectic week,So I  had neither patience nor energy to go to a shopping mall for shopping. I sat on my bed, turned on my laptop,opened media player,started playing my favorite playlist and opened www.quikr.com, signed up as a new user,selected my city and started browsing through the various categories. The cool user interface and simple navigation menu really caught my attention.

I had a laptop and a smartphone,but I did not have a tablet : the latest fancy of our generation. I wanted to purchase a tablet just for sending mails,surfing internet and for playing games.I did not want calling feature in the tablet because of the bulky size. So I decided to purchase a used basic tablet.

This HCL Me tablet attracted me : http://gurgaon.quikr.com/Tablets/w18237791

HCL Me is a basic tablet and was fit for my requirement. Just 6 month old,so within warranty period and in color Black : my favorite! And most importantly,I was getting this for just Rs 3000/-. This deal was a steal :)

Then I remembered that I was a lazy person and I hated using razors for shaving. So I decided to purchase a cordless trimmer to get rid of razors. I needed a brand new rechargeable cordless trimmer at an affordable price. I browsed through 'Electronics & Appliances' category and after a few minutes, I found the best and cheapest deal in 'Everything Else' sub category :  http://gurgaon.quikr.com/Everything-Else/w18222213074

I had always regarded Philips as a good brand. I had faith in Philips as I had used Philips LED tv and vacuum cleaner earlier. So,a brand new Philips Trimmer at Rs 1000/- only was the perfect deal for me.This trimmer's price in other websites was 1,499/-.So I was getting around Rs 500/- discount in www.quikr.com

I was fed up with my mobile network's 3G service. The speed was not constant and the bills were as usual high. I had a broadband connection for my laptop, so I decided to purchase a wireless router so that I could use the same internet connection on my laptop,smartphone and tablet through wi-fi and cut the monthly mobile bill by some bucks. I browsed through 'Computer Peripherals' category and found the best match : http://gurgaon.quikr.com/Computer-Peripherals/w18222211282

Asus is a well known brand in the field of electronics items.A rarely used Asus router with warranty at just Rs 400/-! Absolutely unbelievable offer!I was on cloud nine. Such awesome deals exist only at www.quikr.com

Just when I was going to call the sellers,I suddenly remembered that a tablet discharges rapidly. And my main purpose of purchasing a tablet was to play games continuously without any disturbance (unless the cause of disturbance was my Boss or Girl friend).  So I decided to purchase a power bank so that I could enjoy the games without worrying about the 'Only 5% battery available' warning. I navigated through 'Mobile Accessories' category and found the latest MI power bank on sale : http://gurgaon.quikr.com/Mobile-Accessories/w18222211247

Recently MI created ripples in Indian market with the latest smartphones and power banks at the best possible prices,I checked the reviews of MI power bank online and found that it was a great power bank. Almost everybody had written positive reviews for MI power bank.
10,000 Mah of juice was good enough to last for at least 2-3 charges. And it was brand new and available for just Rs 600/-. So I decided to purchase MI power bank without any second thought.

I collected the number of all sellers and found out that the same seller had posted these ads. It was great as I had to meet only one seller and he was living near my neighborhood. I called him, inquired about all products and asked him if he could come over to my place with all products. He agreed to come to my place with all products. After almost one hour, the well mannered seller arrived at my place and handed over all products. I checked all products and was quite happy to see that all products were genuine and working fine. Then I handed him the total cash for all products which was just Rs 5000/-. Both of us shook hands as this was a win-win situation for both of us. He was selling the products which he did not need and I was purchasing the products which were essential for me.This was the seal on all deals :)

I would definitely recommend www.quikr.com to my friends,relatives and colleagues for an unmatched shopping experience.

1. HCL Me Tablet  : Rs 3000/-

2. Philips Trimmer : Rs 1000/-

3. Asus Wireless Router : Rs 400/-

4. MI Power Bank : Rs 600/-

A great shopping and saving experience  : Thanks to www.quikr.com!

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Healthy kids are the best!

Health is wealth. Child is the father of nation. Today’s young generation will be tomorrow’s leaders. But, for that, today’s young generation has to remain fit and healthy. Now a days, lifestyle has become hectic as well as fast. There is too much pressure on kids to become Numero uno in each and every sphere. Kids face pressure from every sphere right from their school days. Constant comparisons and criticism does more harm than good. They have to score 90 % in academics, grab gold medals in sports and take part in extracurricular activities too. And, while trying to excel in every field, somewhere down the line, the young body takes a toll.

Kids love junk food. Kids love to get drenched in rain. Kids love to do things which adults can never imagine to do. Kids love their freedom. Kids never care about their health. Kids rarely wash their hands before eating. Kids love to play in the rain. Basically, Kids just love to enjoy themselves. Kids become sick easily as their immune system is not strong enough. When kids fall sick, everybody becomes worried as kids are always the center of attention and attraction. Our lives revolve around our kids. Taking their proper care is our responsibility. We have to make sure that our kids are always safe and healthy. Even a small bruise on the body of our kids is enough to make us lose our minds.


I have a cousin who is just 6 years old. He is brilliant in studies and excellent in the field of sports. All of us tease him, pamper him and adore him. He is always full of energy and he always makes our lives colorful with his small childish pranks. He is just like other normal kids who never care about health and safety. He loves his PSP and he worships David Beckham. He wants to be in India's football team someday. Though he never skips his homework, He always runs away to play football. Once during a rainy day, he grabbed his Manchester United jersey and ran away to play football with his friends. After coming home, he started sneezing. Everybody thought that it was just a case of cold. During the night, his temperature rose. All of us became worried. We took him to the hospital and thankfully the doctor said that there was nothing to worry about. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics and recommended Dabur Chyawanprash which increases Immunity by 3 times.

To know more about Dabur Chyawanprash, open this link :  https://www.liveveda.com/daburchyawanprash/

The very next day, my cousin was totally fit. And everybody in our household was happy to see him running all around. The champ is back!