Another chance to fall in Love!

I am neither suffering from hormonal imbalance,
nor do i need an ambulance,
I am just in the midst of a turbulence,
Which everybody is bound to experience,
Even after having loads of patience.....

during heartly violence
Though it makes no sense
In the practical essence.....

everybody craves for another chance
to fall in love,tension sans
to feel candle light romance
to experience soul dance
of course,in the music of trance :)

Dedicated to all the Immortal lovers who have loved & lost :(



Heart is like a train!

Penning down all my pain,
No,there is no personal gain,
Just a fatal heart sprain,
Hurting enough to thump it like the engine of a train.......            

One day there will be heavenly rain,
Strong enough to pull down the train's chain,
Capable enough to make me sane,
Till then this desert will be insane!

I killed my Love


Yeah,i was single and ready to mingle.i was just returning from a break up...i mean,i had broke up recently.Not my fault(As usual),my ex ditched me coz she chose to marry an engineer instead of a jobless person like me.what could i do?come on,nobody gets a job before finishing studies and i was in the 1st year of my MBA.still,i had tried my best to be with her,but she chose otherwise.anyways,that is another story.Let us focus on my present freedom :P.yeah,i was drinking like hell and enjoying each n every moment.Frustrated?Me?Not really.or else,i would not have flirted with 2-3 new girls :P...Yeah,thats me.....The real me-BP-careless and a free soul as always!Thats my introduction......for the time being J

Just a month before my break up,i had appeared for MAT,Cat n IPSAT.i had scored 89 percentile in MAT,but i did not choose any college through MAT.i cleared IPSAT,but i did not join.And finally,after my break up,i got a mail from IIM-I J

This was jolly good for me.Gd/Pi was being held at Bangalore and i was desparate for a break.This was my chance to travel to a new place for a chance and i grabbed this chance with both hands and both legs.By the way,my best friend-Annie was staying at Bangalore J

Started the journey on april 13th 2011 and reached bangalore on april 14th.After freshening up,i rushed to meet my best friend-Annie.At that time,she was my only and lonely pillar of strength.I had dis bloddy habit of talking with someone after 6 pegs.So most of the time,i used to call her(of course after break up),and only god knows how many times i had said-i love you to her in drunken state :P still she never minded these bloddy antiques of mine,coz she understood my state of mind and heart perfectly.thats why she was my best friend J

Annie came to meet me with her roomie-Roshni.From the first sight,i was lost.till that moment,i had never believed in love at first sight....but exactly,at that particular moment,i felt something like that.I felt like a lightening had struck me,as if it will never strike me again.I knew nothing about her,still i felt a strange sort of attraction towards her.Anyways,i calmed my nerves and had dinner with Annie and Roshni.Then i went to drop them near their PG.at that time,Annie introduced me with Roshni.Aaaah....what a moment!As if this was the moment for which i was waiting J .That full moon,that cold breeze,that ice cream parlour(near their PG),everything seemed amazing.

The next morning i.e,15th was my birthday.so at 11pm me n my friends(i was not an alien at Bangalore)grabbed some(crates) beers and started gulping.At around 11:55 all of us were 3 beers down.just then Annie called me to wish me(yeah,she was the 1st to wish me).I talked with her,then i asked her about roshni.she started counter questioning and i had to speak out my heart.I said-i don’t know how,but i feel that i am in love with Roshni.Annie was furious.she said-what is this?you are just fresh from a break up and now you are talking stupid things?i said,no...i really love her.she said-no use,she is already engaged.My drunk brain shouted-no girl is engaged till she is married.A girl is only engaged after marriage coz real commitment starts after marriage.Can you believe it?Annie had put the loudspeaker of her cell on :O .and Roshni had overheard everything L.Shit man,i was screwed!

The next day was really tough.Me,Annie and Roshni sitting together in a restaurant and nobody was talking.That was really uncomfortable.Finally Roshni broke the ice and said-I have a bf,so you should not have any wrong impression about me.i said-yeah,fine...i was drunk...dats why i said like that.or else,i am quite reserved type :P.and Roshni n me became friends J

But there was a storm brewing up in Annie’s mind...after all she was the only one who knew me by my blood since i was a kid.That night,Annie called me and asked-r u serious about Roshni?i said-yes,i am.i love her.she said-what is this?u are just fresh from a horrible break up.please don’t do this,don’t drag pain into your life.i said-i lover her dear,i m in love with her,Annie replied-how can you dare to love someone who can never be yours?i replied-pyar hai,koi samjhouta ya business toh nahi ki jis se hum pyar kare woh bhi hum se pyar kare J
At that moment,this dialogue was enough to make Annie silent,but it was me...who destroyed the meaning of this dialogue later,yes it was ME!

To be continued..........