Get a better Car with Quikr NXT!

Every man wants to own a car. Every man desires to own his/her dream car with his/her own hard earned money. Some people make the perfect choice and purchase the car which goes well with their personality, budget and lifestyle. And there are some people like me, who can never do anything perfectly! Yes, I am far away from perfection. I am always in a state of confusion. Decision-making is not my cup of tea. Yes, I know the meaning of "responsibility". I always try to do things in a perfect manner but the outcome always baffles me.

I had purchased a car three years ago. No, I had not planned anything. I had saved enough money and I wanted to purchase something. So, I purchased a car without any proper planning or market research. Another mistake! That car neither suited my personality nor my budget. Oh God! I even hated the color. And the rising price of diesel was another burden. I was fed up with myself. I wanted to get rid of that car. I tried to contact a few colleagues, but they offered very cheap price for my old car. I was expecting a better deal because I wanted to buy another car.

I had heard so much about  Quikr. Everybody praised  Quikr because of the safe, easy and hassle free interaction between buyers and sellers. Now I was ready to experience Quikr myself. I restarted my laptop, opened my browser and registered myself at  Quikr. I posted an advertisement at  Quikr "Used car for sale at an attractive price". I clicked a few photos of my old car and updated my advertisement. I had not expected any quick response from buyers. But, to my utter surprise, at least five buyers enquired about my old car within the first fifteen minutes of publication of my advertisement. I was on cloud nine! All of them wanted to purchase my car at the exact price fixed by me. Nobody even tried to bargain. One of the interested buyers was residing near my colony. So, I fixed an appointment with him and drove towards his apartment during the evening. He liked my car. In fact, he loved my car so much that he wanted to purchase my car right there! He requested me to wait for a few moments. He went to the nearby ATM, withdrew cash and gave me the money which was quoted by me in my advertisement. I thanked him and returned back to my house.

I had successfully got rid of my old car. Now I wanted to purchase another car. This time, I had done little bit of homework. I had asked many people about various cars. I had read a few car magazines. I had even visited many car showrooms. I wanted to purchase an AUDI. A new Audi was beyond my budget, so I decided to purchase a second hand Audi from Quikr. I browsed through all advertisements. Finally, I selected an advertisement which read "Red Audi, Excellent condition, Unbelievable price".

I contacted that seller and enquired about the price. It was really an unbelievable price. It was a great offer. I went to meet the seller and he showed me the fiery red Audi. I loved it. I checked everything. I was completely satisfied. I handed over the cash to the seller and then I took out my Audi for a long drive!

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Bedtime Rituals!

Kids are the best part of the life of any parent. Kids make everybody happy with their cute innocence and divine smiles. The sight of a kid playing with toys is good enough to melt anybody’s heart. Unlike adults, kids enjoy a stress-free life. Kids do not have to worry about the uncertainty of tomorrow. Kids are completely free from deadlines. Adults do not get enough time to sleep because of their busy schedules. Kids have all the time in this world to sleep as much as they want, still it is a tough job to make kids fall asleep as kids are always full of energy. Kids only sleep when they are completely exhausted.

Now the best part of being a parent: Bedtime Rituals with kids which help the kids to have a good night’s rest. Almost all parents have different bedtime rituals. Bedtime rituals make the bond between kids and parents stronger. It is really amazing to watch how your little one slowly falls asleep! A sleeping baby is the most wonderful sight.

Best Bedtime rituals:

1) A proper timetable: Always try to maintain a proper timetable for your little ones.

2) Perfect ambiance: Low light creates the perfect sleeping environment. Soft music is also a good option. Try to avoid loud noise.

3) Bedtime stories: Kids just love stories, it does not matter if they can’t even understand any word of it. Perhaps kids just love to interact with their parents. Tell a story and your kid will definitely fall asleep before your story comes to an end. And you will definitely wait for the next night to complete your story.

4) Lovable lullaby: Don’t know any bedtime stories? No need to worry! Sing a lovely lullaby. A lullaby is as good as a bedtime story.

5) A good night kiss is the perfect way to make your kids feel safe.

My bedtime rituals:

I always try to maintain a proper timetable for my baby. A soft massage during the night is a must. It helps to relax and soothe the young muscles of my baby. A glass of water or milk before sleeping is also important. I do not remember any bedtime stories and I do not know any lovely lullabies. So I always grab a story book and read a story from it and watch my baby smile. Changing diapers of my baby during the night is also a good thing. Diapers play an important role in the life of kids. Choosing the right diapers is equally important. Do not go for any ordinary diapers. Most of the diapers aim for dryness on the outside, but the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants focuses on dryness on the inside too. I always prefer the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants for my baby because a wet diaper has no right to interrupt my baby’s precious sleep!

Source: https://www.rewardme.in/family/child-and-you/article/a-night-s-rest

Do not purchase cheap diapers. Cheap diapers are unhygienic and they can cause rashes on the soft skin of your babies. Your babies deserve the best so always trust the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants. One Pampers Baby Dry Pants means one completely dry night. And one completely dry night means one completely happy and peaceful night for your babies!

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Raho Befikar Umar Bhar!

Hope is the only thing which keeps us alive. Hope is the only ray of sunshine when we are surrounded by the dark clouds of trouble. Hope gives us strength. Hope motivates us to bear each and every pain. Hope makes us believe that nothing is impossible. Hope teaches us to chase our passion with dedication!

Sometimes, we go through a situation when we feel that we could have done something better if there were no restrictions, no rules and nothing to hold us back. We go through the same phase of office life every day and after a certain period of time, we get bored as well as tired as we miss the spark of adventure and the rush of adrenaline in our lives. When we reach home after our office hours, we just lie down and think that life would have been definitely better if we could live "Befikar Umar Bhar!"

A "Befikar Umar Bhar" life means a life without any tension, rules, panics, deadlines and regrets. A life without any obligations, responsibility, duty and anxiety. A life full of freedom and endless energy to chase one's own passion!

Top 5 things on my bucket list that I would do if I was #BefikarUmarBhar:

1) I love to travel. I love to explore the unknown. I love to visit new places. I rarely get time for travel escapades because of several deadlines. While finishing that incomplete presentation, I keep dreaming about the lovely beaches of Goa! A #BefikarUmarBhar life means no more deadlines. So I can be completely free to travel around the world and experience the thrill of being a true traveler.

2) I love adventure sports. I love paragliding, hiking, trekking, rafting and bungee jumping. But before indulging in any adventure sports, I have to think about the dangers and risks associated with them. What will happen if something happens to me? Who will take care of my family? These questions haunt my mind. If I can be #BefikarUmarBhar then I will never think twice before taking part in any adventure activity. Such is the magic of freedom!

3) I hate my 10 to 6 job schedule. Same work, same instructions, same boring life! Running after money is certainly not my cup of tea. I love to write. If I was given complete freedom then I would definitely quit my boring job and try to chase my passion for writing. I will definitely hone my creativity and try to be a better writer. It is still a distant dream, but If I can dream it then I can surely transform my dream into reality.

4) I am a foodie. I love to try out new dishes. I always pamper my taste buds. Sometimes my stomach plays spoilsport. So I have to think twice before eating junk food.  If I can be #BefikarUmarBhar then I do not have to worry about my stomach. Breakfast in New York, Lunch at Mumbai and Dinner at Paris!

5) Sometimes, I do not feel like doing anything. I just want to lie down on the rooftop and keep on gazing at the stars while enjoying the cool breeze. But some wishes are just wishes. If I lie down and keep on gazing at the stars, I will be unable to complete my work within the stipulated deadline. A #BefikarUmarBhar life means that I can forget about my work and spend an entire night with the twinkling stars!

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Experience #UnconditionalLove!

Love is unconditional. Love is pure. Love is free from any religion, region and boundary. Love is divine. Love is bliss. Love is the best feeling. But as the world progressed, the meaning and definition of love also gradually changed. Earlier, unconditional love was the best form of love. The same cannot be said about the present scenario!

Test your limits, Magnify your patience, Motivate the last drops of your blood. Take a leap of faith, Listen to your heart and keep believing in miracles, they do come true. Do not be afraid of the demons of your past because your heart is your Guardian Angel. And, even after so many struggle, if you do not succeed in love, then just remember – Everything that has a beginning has an end and a dead end leads towards a new beginning, a new hope, a magical destination, a world which is solely created just for you and your love. And you will definitely find your Unconditional Love….Someday!

Well, in today's materialistic and logical world, it is very tough to find unconditional love. There is almost 1% chance of finding unconditional love. If you are lucky enough, you will find that rare 1%. If you are unlucky, then do not panic. There is a sweet alternative.You can experience unconditional love with Asus Zenfone!

Five reasons why Asus Zenfone is my ideal valentine:

1) Endless Entertainment: Sometimes, girls can be very very moody. Girls frequently suffer from mood swings. But Zenfone will never show any mood swings. It will entertain me forever. Features like 5 inch IPS display, HD Resolution, Asus TruVivid technology etc make Zenfone a complete entertainment package. No need to worry about scratches and accidental screen damages because Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protects the screen of Zenfone from any physical damage. I am going to watch my favorite romantic movies right now.

2) Sound Of Love: For girls, sound of love means shopping, chocolates, flowers and Bollywood movies. Pretty boring! For Asus Zenfone, sound of love is SonicMaster technology of Asus which is designed to deliver unmatched sound experience. It is the perfect combination of high quality hardware and software. Whenever I listen to my favorite tracks, I forget about everything else.

3) Double Date: In real life, I can never ever have the privilege of dating two girls at the same time because one of them will surely slap me. But Asus Zenfone is such a sweetheart that it supports Dual Sim, Dual Standby feature. So I do not need to carry two separate phones. And signal reception is excellent due to advanced antenna design. Zenfone also supports network speed up to 42 Mbps DC-HSPA+.

4) Touch Of Romance: I can't even touch my girlfriend if she is not in the romantic mood. But Asus Zenfone understands me like none other. Experience a delightful touch responsiveness on Asus Zenfone. To prevent smudges, an anti fingerprint coating has been applied on the screen. Zenfone can be used even while wearing gloves as it has increased display sensitivity.

5) Mega Memory: I always forget about my lady love's birthday and this temporary loss of memory often creates huge fights. But look at Zenfone! Zenfone remembers and stores everything. It has 16 GB internal memory. The memory is expandable up to 64 GB (micro SD card). And 5 GB free lifetime Asus web storage is the icing on the cake!

Zenfone is picture perfect! It flaunts a timeless design. It comes with Android Jelly Bean 4.3 operating system which can be upgraded to Android KitKat v 4.4. It has 8 MP front camera and 2 MP rear camera infused with PixelMaster technology which combines five brightness enhancing lenses to produce stunning photos. Go behind the camera, try out your photography skills or So say cheese and click a perfect selfie!

Well, go out on a date with Asus Zenfone and you will definitely enjoy each and every moment. Moments create memories and memories last forever. Try to create unlimited memories with Asus Zenfone so that your life will be filled with never ending love. Embrace the unconditional love of Asus Zenfone. May the 'power of love' be with you!

You can buy Asus Zenphone from here: Asus Zenphone



V For Valentine!

Remember Remember,
The drizzles of September.
When we were together,
We were often blessed by Mother Nature.

Remember Remember,
The romantic evenings of October.
Your hand in my hand,
And the promise of staying forever.

Remember Remember,
The freezing nights of November.
The first signs of separations,
And our unwillingness to counter this situation.

Remember Remember,
The ghostly hollows of December.
You chose to move further,
Too many memories were left for me to gather.

*Inspired by the iconic quote "Remember,Remember, The fifth of November" from the movie "V For Vendetta" 


Sound Of Love!

Love is all about expressing your true feelings. Feelings can be expressed through many mediums like words, poems, cards, flowers, gifts etc. As the world started becoming modern, gifting ideas and mode/medium of expressing love also started to get modern. You can't impress a girl if you try to woo her in Dev Anand's evergreen style! You have to win her heart in a unique way.

I am going to describe my crazy ways to win a girl's heart:

1) A beer crate: Okay, girls in the nineties loved and adored those cute and soft stuffed Teddy bears. But now, the preference of girls have changed considerably. You can blame the influence of western culture or the ever increasing global warming but the truth is that now girls have started falling in love with ice cold beers. Yes, beers have replaced those cute teddy bears. Move over "Kung Fu Panda", meet the "King Of Good Times"!

2) Fifty Shades Of Grey: During the era of Late Rajesh Khanna, Girls were crazy about red roses. During that time, if someone gave fifty roses to a girl, then that was the most romantic moment and memento for that girl. Now the times have changed. Now the tables have turned. Modern Indian girls love to read romantic and erotic novels. So, do not gift fifty roses to a girl. Gift her the Fifty Shades Trilogy and she will definitely remember your mobile number :P

3) A Treadmill: Kareena Kapoor started the "Size Zero" trend and all girls suddenly wanted to be slim like her. Every girl kept on staring at those mouth watering "paani puris" and "hot pizzas" but did not even dream about touching any junk food because losing calories was the main motto! Cakes were replaced with corn flakes and burgers were replaced with brown breads. Java classes were replaced with yoga classes and Saas-Bahu soaps were replaced with workout sessions. Every focus is on that perfect balanced diet, so where is the time for a proper date? Simple, gift your girl a Treadmill so that she can burn those calories in the comfort of her bedroom and both of you can have ample amount of dating time too!

Think new. Think better. Make her heart yours forever!

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The second chance!

Life is unpredictable. Life doesn’t always give #SecondChance. Who has seen the future? Nobody. Then why should we keep delaying our present? We should forget about the mystery of the future and focus on the magic of the present. Life has become so hectic that we think twice before planning a trip. We become so busy in securing our futures that we forget about our passions. And when we grow old, when we run out of time, we suddenly remember our passions and then we think about the opportunities which we missed when we actually had enough time to follow our dreams, to chase our passions. We keep on saving money for the future and in the process, we often try to forget our own wish list. What is the point of saving every buck if we can't even fulfil our own wishes? What if there is no future at all? I mean, life can end anytime, right? Shouldn’t we try to live our life today, to the fullest, so that even if we die tomorrow, our soul will have no regrets at all?

Even there are a few things on my wish lish which I have ignored till now. Not anymore. Life is giving me a #SecondChance and I am going to grab this chance with both hands.

1) I fell in love with a girl a few years ago. We became friends but I never had the courage to express my feelings to her. I was afraid of losing our friendship. I forgot that I was running out of time. What if she marries someone tomorrow? I will always live with the regret that I could have at least tried to win her heart. I am not afraid anymore. I am going to tell her that I love her. Sometimes, it is better to take the first step towards changing and challenging destiny!

2) When I was a kid, I always wanted to experience an adventurous life. As I grew up, I forgot everything about adventure because I had to memorize the periodic tables, rules of integrations, dates of historical events etc. The only place where I could enjoy an adventure was in my dreams. Enough is enough! To hell with the laws of Newton! Enough of this global warming! I am not interested in World wars. I am going to pack my bags and be a part of adventure. I want to start my journey from Kashmir and I want to cover the whole India. After all, adventure lives forever!

3) As a kid, I read a lot of story books. I believed in fantasies. I believed in fairy tales. I believed in angels and I believed in demons too! Once upon a time, I wanted to become a “Treasure Hunter”.  When I grew up, I never got any chance or opportunity to become a Treasure Hunter. Sadly, none of the Indian colleges/universities offer a course to become a certified Treasure Hunter. So what? I can take the first step. There are so many undiscovered and unexplored places in India. I can start exploring places on my own and who knows, I might find a long lost treasure!

Never leave anything for tomorrow. The moment is now, the time is today, live it like there is no tomorrow. Go out and chase your dreams. Do it for yourself, do it for your soul!

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Get Quikr NXT!

All of us know the importance of Quikr. We can sell unwanted products for cash and we can buy products which we want at a cheap price from Quikr. There are many genuine buyers and sellers at Quikr. But there are a few people who never miss a chance to irritate sellers/buyers. I have experienced such type of disturbances many times. As a seller/buyer, you have to submit your mobile number and then interested sellers/buyers can contact you. But calling someone at an inappropriate time is not convenient. And asking for a discount repeatedly over phone is not polite at all.

During 2014, I had posted an ad in Quikr with all the necessary details (including price). I wanted to sell my old tablet because I wanted to purchase a new mobile. After two days, I received around twenty calls. All of them asked the same questions: Is the tablet working properly? Are the accessories in proper condition? Do you have the bill? Why are you selling the tablet? What is the price? Can’t you reduce the price? Any discounts?

Seriously? I had provided all the necessary details in my ad. Still people wanted to hear everything from myself. Then what is the use of placing an ad? One day, I was in a meeting. A person kept on calling me repeatedly. When I came out from my office, I saw thirty missed calls. I thought that someone might be in some need. I called that number instantly and he said “I want to buy your tablet. I want to check it personally before purchasing. Tell me your address and I will come now”. I politely replied “I am still at office. It is too late. You can come to my house on Sunday”. Then that person rudely replied “Keep your tablet with you. I am not interested anymore”. I banged my head in disbelief!

To keep such irritating experiences at bay, Quikr introduced Quikr NXT. Quikr NXT is really innovative. It is helpful in so many ways. Now we can keep our numbers private. Complete privacy of both sellers and buyers is a must. Some guys keep on calling a seller/buyer when they find out that the seller/buyer is a girl! Quikr NXT takes privacy to a new level by maintaining the interaction between buyers and sellers directly via chat, without revealing contact numbers.

Source: http://www.quikr.com/nxt

Reasons why I would prefer chat over a phone call:

1) Convenience: I can chat with a seller/buyer when I am free. I do not want to be disturbed during office hours. If I am busy, then I can simply ignore everything and focus on my official work. I do not have to attend unwanted phone calls.

2) Sharing photos of products: I can share the photos of the products which I want to sell via Quikr NXT.

3) Ease of access: Quikr NXT can be accessed via Quikr's mobile app, mobile site and desktop site.

Source: https://www.indiblogger.in/images/happyhours/quikr2/brandcover.png

Quikr NXT is going to start a new revolution in India's online classifieds market. Sell Quikr with Quikr NXT!

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