Playboy Cafe!

Location: Playboy Cafe, Connaught Place.

Looking for a good place to unwind after a hectic day? Head over to the newly opened Playboy Cafe at Connaught Place. As a fan of Playboy, it was amazing to see the iconic Rabbit logo.

The ambiance is good. The cocktails are refreshing. The food is delicious. It has got ample amount of seating place. The dance floor is spacious. The crowd is amazing. Go there, let your hair down and burn the dance floor over a couple of shots!

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Dantewada Diaries: Chapter 4!

 Location: Danteshwari Temple, Dantewada.

 According to the legend, Danteshwari Temple is the place where the tooth of Sati fell during Satya Yuga. It is one of the 52 Shakti peeths. Goddess Danteshwari is worshipped here. She is the family goddess of Bastar. If you want to attain peace, then you must visit this temple and seek the divine blessings of Goddess Danteshwari.


Election Time - Vote on 21 st February!

It all started with a pledge taken to vote. In an innovative move taken by The State Election Commission, Maharashtra, voters in Maharashtra were asked to take action this year by pledging their votes by giving a missed call on 9029-901- 901. Voters could also then get access to the Mahavoter chatbot and have a lot of their queries tackled via this unique chatbot on Facebook messenger.

Under the helm of the current State Election Commissioner Shri. J.S.Saharia, the MSEC has done a lot this year to make sure that voters get more involved as well as get more inspired to get out and cast their votes. And we voters are now running out of excuses!

Firstly, the power of social media has been harnessed to help bring out change in the electoral and voting process. The State Election Commission, Maharashtra has also been actively campaigning for fair and ethical elections, as well as providing information via their social media platforms.

Check them out –

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maharashtrasec/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaharashtraSEC/

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/maharashtrasec

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBecPYpVQ_1P8-ZqMUlGA1w

The election process also underwent a transformation by the addition of varied processes like online nomination process, decentralization of powers for efficient and effective decision making, use of software for bifurcation of the voter list etc. as well as the launching of multiple apps for users for guidance by the MSEC.

The desire to vote is definitely further supplemented by an Election Commission that not only aims to take action, but also delivers the necessary steps in order to make it better for voters overall.

I look forward to casting my ballot tomorrow, with all the information I need at hand. What do you think helps you in being a proactive voter and citizen?


Location: Qutub Minar
Motto: Always believe that you will die another day!
For that, you have to survive today.


Dantewada Diaries: Chapter 3!

Location: Tribal Market, Dantewada.

In our busy day-to-day schedule, running behind deadlines and achievements, we often tend to forget simple joys of life. Now-a-days, we are so accustomed to online shopping that we have completely forgotten the experience of shopping in an open market. When I came across the Tribal market of Dantewada, I remembered the golden days of my childhood when a holiday used to mean a mandatory open market shopping session with my Dad.

Yes, in most of the urban areas, the open market shopping days are gone. Still, there are a few places, like the Tribal market of Dantewada, where we can still find happiness while filling with our bags with our daily needs. And, in the process, make a needy shopkeeper's life beautiful.

You can find almost everything at the Tribal market, right from bangles to fresh vegetables, right from delicious street food to local liquor: "Mahua". If you are lucky enough, you can even experience the thrill of watching a "Cock Fight" live! And don't forget to bring some dried fish. They taste awesome and the price will not burn a hole in your wallet.

The best part about the Tribal market is that all goods are completely fresh and the prices are very low. Many tribal people depend on this market for their livelihood. For some people, selling goods in this market is their only source of livelihood. So, isn't is a great idea to get fresh goods at awesome prices and also fulfilling the needs of a needy person?

Think about this before entering inside a posh mall to purchase things that you don't even need. Think that your contribution can change someone's life. India will definitely progress if we support our local farmers and shopkeepers!

Gear used: Nikon D3200 + 35 mm Prime Lens.


Agra Music Festival Curtain Raising Ceremony at F Marquee!

F Marquee in South Extension Part-II hosted the curtain raiser, and logo unveiling ceremony of Agra Music Festival that is going to be held on February 25, 2017, at Hotel Ramada Plaza, Agra. The event is jointly organized by Round Table India Foundation and Architect Association of Agra. Among the distinguished guests of the event, Mr. D K Singh - Festival CuratorMr. Yashvir Singh from Architect Association of AgraMr. Sunil Tandon - Managing Director F Marquee, Mr. Ashish Gupta – Chairman RTIF (North India)Mr. Vaibhav Chhibber – Director, Projects India MICE, Mr. Naveen RIzvi Regional Director India & India Ocean from Pacific World (Official Travel Partner) were the prominent figures during the Logo unveiling ceremony of Agra Music Festival. After the curtain raiser, the songs and compositions of the popular Indi-Rock Band, Bandish Band, splashed a magical music spell in the highly mellifluous environment. Bandish Band started the curtain raiser ceremony by their new song Naina.

Speaking about Agra Music Festival, D K Singh - Festival Curator said, The city once famous for legends of World Music like Tansen and Nauhar Banim, lost its musical charm as the time passed. With Agra Music Festival we aim at restoring and promoting the long lost Agra musical heritage around the globe.”

Agra Music Festival is an annual event to promote Agra as Music Destination around the world .Ministry of Tourism is supporting Round Table India Foundation in this novel initiative. More than 2000 people are expected to explore Agra as emerging Music Capital of India in this melodious event that is scheduled on February 25, 2017, at Hotel Ramada Plaza, Agra.  On Feb 25, well known Rajasthani folk musicians Kutle Khan, Bollywood singer Aditi Sharma Singh, Bandish Band and DJ Aqeel will give their rocking performance & Kaustav Songman will host 1stseason of festival.

Mr. Ashish Gupta, Chairman RTIF (North India) was also very excited for Agra Music Festival, he said, “Along with promoting the musical heritage of the city, the festival also aims at promoting the welfare of underprivileged kids of the city. All the funds raised by the festival will be used to build classrooms for these children.”

Mr. Sunil Tandon Managing - Director F- Marquee said, “We are glad to host the curtain raiser of such big festival at F- Marquee and also wish Mr. DK Singh, Festival Curator and entire team a great future ahead, which aims at promoting educational and cultural values of our country.”
Talking about his vision for Agra Music Festival in coming years, Mr. DK Singh further added, 
“The Agra Music Festival will be one of the biggest musical events of India in 2018 when more than 30 international bands perform on four grand stages, and the audience will be as large as 3000. The two-day long event will be organized in a musical village spread over approximately 100 acres of land on Taj Express Highway.



Location: Qutub Minar.

Nikon D3200, 55-200 mm Zoom lens.

A little bit of space is good enough to accommodate another soul.
Show some compassion, Spread love!


Dantewada Diaries: Chapter 2!

Location:  Muchnar, Dantewada.

Some places just steal your heart with their natural beauty. Located in Dantewada district, Muchnar is such a place. It is just 6 km away from Barsur. It is on the bank of the Indrabati river. Such greenery is a rare sight to come across in this era of technological advancement and modernisation. This area is still unexplored, which is a blessing in disguise. It is still miles away from pollution only because it is still unexplored. The dense greenery still exists only because it is free from the dense population of social animals.

Gear used: Nikon D3200, 35 mm Prime Lens.
One sight of Muchnar, One moment at Muchnar, and you will definitely feel the rush of blood to your heart as if you are experiencing your "First Love". Such is the magic of this place. There is calmness in the air. There is peace in the water. There is divinity in the ambience. There is a sense of freedom in the abundant greenery. There is romance everywhere.

Gear used: Nikon D3200, 35 mm Prime Lens.
Pic clicked using Huawei P9 smartphone.

Such type of enthralling sunset is impossible to find in metro cities. Unexplored India is the real India. If you want to discover the beauty of India, visit the unexplored parts of India. If you ever come across the unexplored parts of India, relish the beauty of Mother Nature and try your level best to preserve it. Say no to littering at such beautiful places.

Can You Bira?

The revolutionary Craft Beer manufacturer Bira 91 has launched two new variants:

1) Bira 91 White. MRP 150/- (Delhi)

2) Bira 91 Blonde. MRP 125/- (Delhi)

Both of the variants are available in bottled and canned formats.
The cans look stylish, sleek and sexy. The cans are 100% recyclable, so we can drink without causing any damage to Mother Nature.
The cans are launched in 500 ml size. The cans are easy to carry and easy to stock.
The taste is the best thing about Bira. One sip and you will feel as if you are in heaven.
At present, The cans are available in three cities: Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Rest of India can surely burn with envy.

As a part of the launch, Bira has started an exciting campaign for all Bira lovers.
Show some creativity and find a unique situation. Strike the legendary Bira pose.
Get snapped and share your snaps across various social media platforms. Don't forget to tag Bira 91.
And, of course, include #CanYouBira. You can also share videos. And some lucky fans will get their hands on some of the coolest merchandises.

Get, Set, Bira!
Enjoy Responsibly.

Facebook Page: @bira91beer
Twitter Handle: @bira91beer
Instagram Handle: @bira91beer