The irresistible Tropicana Slice Alphonso!

The favorite mango beverage "Slice" has transformed into "Tropicana Slice".
Tropicana Slice is available in a new and exotic flavour: Tropicana Slice Alphonso.
What makes "Tropicana Slice Alphonso" so unique and delicious? Well, it is made from handpicked Alphonso mangoes, sourced from Ratnagiri district of Maharastra.

I am crazy about mangoes. I hate the summer heat, but I love mangoes. So I have to wait for the arrival of delicious mangoes during the summers. I visit mangroves; I purchase mangoes from stores, and I lose myself in the delicious aroma and sweetness of mangoes. Alphonso mangoes are my first love. Getting hold of good quality Alphonso mangoes has become a difficult job. No need to worry. Now, Tropicana Slice Alphonso is here to treat the taste buds of all mango lovers. Now, all can enjoy the hand picked fresh Alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri. Rejoice and relieve the epic sweet and golden "Mango Memories".

And the best part: I do not have to go outside to get my daily overdose of Tropicana Slice Alphonso. Say thanks to Amazon. 600 ml of pure awesomeness for just Rs 50/-. And, free delivery on orders over Rs 499/-. Perfect deal for all mango lovers! Get ready to experience the royal taste of the king of mangoes.



#BeamMeUp Bourbon Tasting Event!

Date: 23rd May 2015
Location: Cocktails & Dreams Speakeasy, Gurgaon
Host: JimBeam





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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JimBeamIndia
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JimBeamIndia
Instagram: https://instagram.com/jimbeamindia


My Airtel App!

I am a loyal customer of Airtel. I have been using the services of Airtel since 2006. In fact, My first sim card was from Airtel. And, since then, I have never changed my mobile network. When it comes to service and customer satisfaction, Airtel is the very best. For Airtel, the customer is the king!

Recently, I came to know that Airtel has launched #MyAirtelApp. I was eager to try it. I just downloaded the app and entered my mobile number. I received an OTP, I submitted that OPT and the magic of #MyAirtelApp greeted me! The app is fast and really innovative. The design is cool. The user interface is simple as well as stunning. The app does not hang at all. You can add and manage multiple products like Mobile, Broadband, Fixed line, DTH, Airtel Money et cetera. You can even remove a product. #MyAirtelApp makes everything convenient. Even people who are not so technologically advanced can use #MyAirtelApp easily. And the best part? Shake the #MyAirtelApp to get exclusive offers like cash back, free data and full talk time!

Three key features of #MyAirtelApp:

1) Manage Services: This feature is really handy. Some services get activated automatically. Sometimes, if we just click on a link by mistake, a service gets activated and that results in loss of money. Instead of calling "Customer Care" and waiting for a long time in order to register our complaint so that the activated service can be deactivated, we can control the deactivation of any service. Yes, we can control any service. Say thanks to #MyAirtelApp.  Just click on "Manage Services" icon. There you can see all the services which are active. To deactivate a service, simply click the red colored "Deactivate" button! Wish everything in life was as uncomplicated as #MyAirtelApp!

2) Special Offers: An offer exclusively for you to make you feel like a valued customer! Yes, I love this feeling. The offers range from "Full Talk time" offers to "Best data" offers. Check these offers any time by clicking on "Special Offers" icon. Select the offer which is suitable for you and recharge. Life is so simple with #MyAirtelApp.

3) Usage Alert Notifications: I am a prepaid customer. Sometimes, I run out of talk time while I am in the middle of a call. Sometimes I forget to recharge and when I dial someone's number, I hear an automated voice "Sorry, You have insufficient balance. Please recharge immediately to make outgoing calls". "Usage Alert Notification" is a boon for people like me. Due to "Usage Alert Notification", whenever my balance goes below Rs 50/-, I get a notification " The balance is less than Rs 50/- now. Please recharge it". A perfect reminder for forgetful people like me! God bless #MyAirtelApp.

*One app to manage everything: #MyAirtelApp.

*Head over to  http://www.airtel.in/myairtel to know more about #MyAirtelApp.


Ek Nayi League!

Cricket and Bollywood movies drive our nation crazy. Yes, we love the action, drama, emotions, heartaches and miracles. We love characters who are "larger than life". We treat cricketers as "Demigods". We love cricketers, we respect cricketers and we follow cricketers as our role models. Our love for cricket reached another level when India won "Prudential World Cup" in 1983. Defeating the mighty West Indies was a herculean task. But, the men with the mission: Kapil Dev and his team members proved that even underdogs can taste success. Team India won "Prudential World Cup" as well as millions of hearts. Nobody can ever forget the evergreen grin on Kapil Dev's face at the Lord's balcony!

Now, the legendary Kapil Dev is speaking about something new and exciting. Kapil Dev is speaking about #EkNayiLeague. Now, what is this league? What does it mean? Is it another cricket league? Is it another reality show? Is it another talk show? Kapil Dev does not reveal the secret, but he says that if you play #EkNayiLeague with your heart, then you will lose your wicket (Hit Wicket)!

Come, let us explore all videos and try to know more about #EkNayiLeague.

First Video: If you play #EkNayiLeague with your heart, then you will lose your wicket.

Second Video: Kapil Dev speaks about the present ODI captain: MS Dhoni. Kapil Dev also talks about the toughest decision in a cricketer's life: Retirement! When Kapil Dev was about to take the toughest decision of his life, he met the legendary actor "Dev Anand". Dev Anand told Kapil Dev that stars never retire!

Third Video: In this video, Kapil Dev talks about the importance of name, fame and money in a cricketer's life. Kapil Dev also talks about his happiness level when fans enjoy his match-winning performances. During his playing days, cricketers didn't earn much, but other sports personalities used to earn much more. The scenario has changed now. Now, the "Man with the golden arm", Yuvraj Singh grabbed the attention of the entire nation when he was auctioned for Rs 16 crores in IPL! Kapil Dev praised Yuvraj but said: Yuvraj plays with his heart. But if you play #EkNayiLeague with your heart, then you will lose your wicket (Hit Wicket)!

Fourth Video: Kapil Dev was famous for his swinging deliveries and yorkers. But, in this video, he talks about delivering googlies in #EkNayiLeague. Sounds pretty exciting, right?

From these videos, it seems like #EkNayiLeague is something like a game show or a quiz based reality show where cricketers will take part as participants. Some will win and some will lose, but this show will definitely garner loads of TRPs. #EkNayiLeague might be hosted by Kapil Dev. At this stage, this is going to be my best guess!

Want to know more about #EkNayiLeague? Click here: http://www.eknayileague.com/