That potential bride dented my pride!

No I do not believe in the concept of “Arrange Marriage”. Why? Because I believe in Love. Love can happen after marriage too, but how the hell can I share the same bed with a stranger? I always prayed for “Love Marriage”. But you know the dirty tricks of fate! Forget about marrying the girl whom I loved, even dating a girl was almost a “Mission Impossible” for me. So, finally the moment of truth was forced upon me. As I attained the legal age of marriage, my granny ran after me. Literally, I was forced to visit a potential bride’s home! Well, it is always tough to say no to granny, so I had to do what she instructed me to do.

As I entered inside the premises of that potential bride, I felt that I was sailing on the stranger tides. Low on confidence, Shy and really nervous. I rang the doorbell and wished that nobody was at home. But when you run out of luck, strangest things do happen. I experienced the same that day. A pretty lady opened the door and greeted me with a charming smile.

She was that potential bride! She was smart, classy, elegant and she knew how to make a statement. I knew that I was beyond her league. She was far better than me in each and every department. Still, I had to give her a run for the money. As we started to bond over coffee and snacks, we started knowing each other. I loved cricket and she loved football. I loved Temple Run and she loved Angry Birds. I loved Chicken Biryani and she was a complete vegetarian. We were complete opposites and I had heard that opposites do attract!

When I thought that I had managed to cross the boundaries of heart, she managed to shatter my heart. How? She said “Sorry, I do not think that I can marry you. I am afraid of people who sport a beard. And as you have a long beard, you certainly do not meet the requirements of my dream man. Nothing personal at all”.

I was shocked to hear this! A girl rejected me just because I forgot to shave? Extremely hilarious and ridiculous. But such is life! Learn something from my mistakes. Always shave before any important event :D

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