Smart tips to make memorable trips.

Cricketers are treated as Demi-Gods all over the world.Cricketers earn name,fame and glory.
Cricketers sweat blood and make our nations proud.The records of Cricketers is Immortal,But
Cricketers are mere mortals.They also feel pressure,They also get tired,They also crave for
delicious dishes :D

Cricketers travel all across the globe to participate in various matches.Travelling without
adequate measures and preparations is a gruesome experience.So,Let us focus on some tips to make our beloved Cricketers comfortable during their hectic and frequent travels between cities and countries.

Tips ( before any trip ) :

1.Always plan the trip in advance.Never wait for the last minute.
2.Take adequate rest before the date of journey.
3.Always keep your documents like ID proof,Passport,Air tickets etc ready and safe.
4.Never pack your bags in a haste otherwise you will miss something.
5.Do not forget to charge your iPod,Digital camera,Laptop and Smartphones.Otherwise
   You will miss the fun during the tiring journey.
6.Say no to unhealthy food before travelling as Your stomach can disrupt Your plans.
7.Always try to gather some information about your destination so that you do not miss
   a great historical monument or a famous nightclub.
8.Always love to enjoy the breathtaking view from the window?Use the 'Web check-in' facility
   from the comfort of your bedroom to grab a window seat :)
9.Beware of airplane sickness though, and bring some motion sickness tablets just in case!
10.Do not think much.Just relax and enjoy the moment.

Tips ( during Air Travel ) :

1.Never think about Air Disasters.Just plug in your headphones and relax.
2.Do not think about the movie 'Final Destination',It was just a movie and
   Any resemblance to real persons,living or dead, is purely coincidental :P
3.Do not consume too much Alcohol,because When people fly, they get dehydrated.
   And you need to be sober enough to understand and cooperate with crew instructions.
4.If you get airsick,remember to take proper medication.
5.Chew gums on the plane in case your ears pop while lifting off or landing.
6.Afraid of Jet Lag?The best way to avoid jet lag is to adjust sleeping times before
   departure and try to have a meal and get to sleep on the plane according to
   the local time of destination city/country.
7.Use U-shaped pillows to avoid a stiff neck.You do not want to miss the next match.Right!
8.Do not overeat before boarding or travel on an empty stomach.
9.Click a Selfie with the gorgeous Air hostesses.You will certainly crash Twitter :D
10.Do not forget that you are a Cricketer.So,smile and pose with your fans and make
    their dreams a memorable reality :)

Tips ( after reaching the destination ) :

1.Time to stretch for a few seconds :)
2.Count your bags and make sure that your bags and kits are safe.
3.Try some awesome coffee to refresh your body.
4.You are a celebrity.So say cheese and wave towards your fans.
5.Reach your hotel,have a shower and relax your muscles.
6.Hit the gym and have fun.
7.Grab some much needed sleep before the BIG match.

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