The smooth dinner!

Valentine’s Day is a curse for single guys like me. And this year’s Valentine ’s Day was going to be another headache. I would have bunked my classes but I couldn’t because I had an exam on Valentine ’s Day.  As I woke up and started to get ready, I remembered the embarrassing memories of last year’s Valentine ’s Day. I had proposed to a junior and she had snorted “I do not hang out with bearded guys”. A shiver went down my spine and I rushed to the bathroom with my Gillette Razor to get a clean shave to avoid any embarrassment this year.

Shaving is absolutely effortless and easy with Gillette Razor as it never causes rashes and cuts. So I got rid of my beard within five minutes, finished my breakfast and rushed towards my college. I spent a few moments with my friends at the college canteen before rushing towards the exam hall. The exam was not so tough. I did well. I was happy. When I entered into the college canteen again, I saw many love birds expressing their undying love for each other in innovative and filmy styles.

I chose the table at the farthest corner to remain hidden from others as I was single. I ordered a few samosas and a cold coffee to kill the time. After a few moments, the very same girl whom I had proposed to last year, came to the canteen. I saw her and prayed to become literally invisible. But my prayers were unanswered as always. She saw me and came towards my table. I thought that she was coming to embarrass me again. But I was wrong! She came near me, smiled and asked if she could share the table. I said yes instantly. She stared at my clean shaved face and said ‘You look good without beard’.  I muttered ‘Thank You’. She asked ‘are you free in the evening?’ I replied ‘yes, but why?’ She smiled again and said ‘Let’s go for dinner’.

I was damn happy as I was going out for dinner with a girl on the eve of Valentine’s day J. And Gillette Razor definitely deserved all credits!

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