Why 'Asus Zenfone2' should be on everyone's wishlist?

Almost every month, a new smartphone model is launched in the market. Almost every minute, a new person becomes the owner of a brand new smartphone. The world is becoming smaller. Technology is grasping everybody's life. As smartphones have become an integral part of the modern lifestyle, the question arises "Which is the best smartphone?"

For me, I will definitely choose a smartphone which offers complete value for me. For someone else, the main requirement might be the design. For another, the main requirement might be a good camera. People differ, perceptions differ and requirements for smartphones also differ.

Okay, I will focus on my own requirement. I compared four latest smartphones launched recently in India. I checked their specifications, design, build quality et cetera. I was honestly surprised to find out that Asus Zenfone2 was the best among them.

* RAM is an integral part of a smartphone. Almost all latest applications and games are resource hungry. If there is inadequate RAM, then these latest resource hungry applications and games can't be installed on the smartphone. Some games might be installed, but they will definitely lag, which will ruin the gaming experience. To eradicate this situation, Asus Zenfone2 has been empowered with 4 GB RAM. It is Planet Earth's first smartphone which has 4 GB RAM. The Gaming experience will be perfect with 4 GB RAM and multitasking will be a piece of cake too!

* I hate to wait. Yes, that is my mindset. Batteries are like the hearts of smartphones. Smartphone batteries need a lot of time to be charged fully. Some batteries take more time to be charged and take less time to be discharged. I need something which is powerful as well as power efficient. Asus Zenfone2 comes to the rescue again. It is laced with "ASUS-exclusive technology (Asus BoostMaster Technology)" which charges Asus Zenfone2 at double the speed. In just 39 minutes, Asus Zenfone2's battery gets charged up to a whopping 60%. 3000 mAh battery of Asus ZenFone2 is enough to last a whole day even after using 3G, watching videos and completing a few stages of "Brothers in Arms". Perfect for people like me!

* Camera Quality - Asus Zenfone2 has 13 MP PixelMaster camera equipped with f/2.0 aperture lens which can click mind-blowing high-resolution photos even in low light condition. There is absolutely zero shutter lag. Without using flash, I can get almost 400% brighter photos during the night. Real Tone Flash ensures warm skin tones and accurate color. I want to become a photographer! * Ultra Thin Ergonomic Arc Design - A sleek and 3.9 mm (at the edges) ultra thin design with a luxurious brush-metal finish makes Asus ZenFone2 the best looking smartphone. I will become the show stopper and crowd puller, just like Iron Man!

* Bigger is Better - A 5.5 inch Full HD (1920 * 1080) display with 403 PPI Pixel Density makes watching movies on Asus ZenFone2 an unforgettable experience. Get ready for #Myzenfone2

An affair with Jazz!

A bright sunny day. A date with All New Jazz. 
Location: Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida.

Around 80 bloggers were invited to have an affair with #AllNewJazz. All of us waited patiently to catch the first glimpse of the #AllNewJazz. The grandeur of the beautiful tracks of Buddh International Circuit greeted us.

And the sight of #AllNewJazz completely mesmerized us. Completely stunning design and vibrantly colored just like the refreshing spring, Yes, that is the perfect adjective for #AllNewJazz. But, for a car, only the design is not everything. Performance and power also matter a lot. And we were ready to test the performance and power of #AllNewJazz.

#AllNewJazz comes in seven vibrant colors. Choose the one that suits your personality perfectly.

As we moved ahead with #AllNewJazz, we felt a rush of adrenaline. The sudden turns and steep corners of Buddh International Circuit were conquered by the #AllNewJazz effortlessly. The ride was smooth. The pick up was excellent and the sudden brakes were comfortable. It was a power packed experience. #AllNewJazz is a beast. It will conquer our country very soon.

And, after a tiring but exciting test drive session, Live band acted as a much needed replenishment to refresh our tired souls. After a gala dinner and a couple of beers, we travelled back to our respective homes with heavy hearts as we had to leave our beloved #AllNewJazz behind!

Features of #AllNewJazz:

* First in segment 15.7 cm Touchscreen Audio Video Navigation.
* Much improved ground contact performance.
* Rear parking camera with Multi-View Display.
* LED High Mount Stop Lamp.
* Electric adjustable & foldable outside mirror with turn indicators.
* Front Grille with Premium Black Gloss and Chrome Finish.
* Premium and spacious interiors.
* Multi-Functional steering wheel with audio controls, hands-free telephone controls & Paddle Shifts.
* Magic Seats: Seating modes for space.
* Advanced multi information combimeter with eco assist ambient rings.
* Auto AC with Touchscreen Control Panel.
* Best in segment fuel efficient engine.

The petrol variant starts at Rs 5,30,900/-
The diesel variant starts at Rs 6,49,900/-

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Truly, nothing else is like #AllNewJazz!


Honey Diet!

A balanced diet is necessary in order to maintain a healthy mind and a fit body. In this modern age, all of us want to look good and stay fit. We do not want to be fat. All of us want  six pack abs. All of us want toned legs and beefed-up biceps. All of us want a better physique. We just want to lose weight as fast as possible. We eat junk food for a day, then we start crash diet in order to lose some weight. Most of us tend to think that skipping meals will lead to faster weight loss. That is not true at all. Actually, a crash diet is a myth.

A crash diet is very harmful to our body. It affects liver, kidney, heart and metabolism of our body. A crash diet never works. Crash diets are based on false theories. Continuous crash dieting may increase the risk of heart attacks. Crash diets may lead to mood swings, irritation, anxiety, depression, sudden cravings, higher blood pressure. As we start a crash diet, our body thinks that we are going through a famine. So, our body starts accumulating and storing fats for future use. Instead of losing weight, we start to gain weight. In order to lose weight, we must eat healthy food. We must eat less, but, definitely at regular intervals. Grab a bite after every two hours, workout for a few minutes, start Honey Diet and see that magical transformation!

Losing weight should be a long term plan. Instead of losing 10 pounds in a week and gaining 20 pounds in the very next week, focus on losing weight slowly, steadily and gradually. Gradual weight loss is way better than a crash diet. Crash diets are nutritionally unbalanced, so crash diets are certainly not recommended at all. Crash diets focus on completely cutting down calorie intake, so crash diets are harmful to our body. Due to crash diets, vital organs of our body do not get appropriate amount of energy. As a result, our body begins to burn the tissues of heart, liver, kidneys and brain. Doctors and nutritionists never recommend crash diets.

Honey Diet is really magical. Honey can be added to almost any dish. Start your day with a spoonful of honey in warm water. Stay away from sugar, use honey as a healthier substitute. Honey is rich in natural sugar and carbohydrates, so it helps in digestion. Honey is a source of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and other enzymes. Honey instantly boosts the performance and endurance of athletes. Honey reduces muscle fatigue of athletes. Honey helps to lose weight gradually. Honey improves metabolism and immune system of our body. And the most important point: Honey tastes great!

Eat healthy. Start Honey Diet. Lose weight. Stay fit! #HoneyDietIsHere to transform you from fat to fit.

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Surf faster with UC Browser!


Cricket is in our blood. Cricket is our religion. All of us are "Cricket Experts". All of us become excited when the captains toss the coin and the openers walk into the middle. We cheer for each and every run scored by our favorite team. We feel sad when our favorite batsman gets out cheaply. We shout in joy when our favorite team wins a match. During a cricket match, we find innovative excuses to skip school, college, and office. Yes, that is the love for cricket in India!

Now, in this modern age of technology, we do not need to skip school, college or office in order to enjoy a cricket match. Thanks to internet and smartphones, we can enjoy a cricket match anytime, anywhere. As always, there are a few "terms and conditions" everywhere. To watch a cricket match on a smartphone, we need good internet speed. Sometimes, internet speed is not up to the mark and the smartphone browser simply refuses to work. The live streaming of cricket match lags when the internet speed is not good enough and we are forced to curse our own fate. And it is almost a true fact that whenever we miss watching a cricket match, a new record is created! And most cricket lovers will agree with the point that watching a match in real time provides a thrill of another dimension which a recorded highlights session can never provide.

What is the solution? How to keep an eye over the cricket match without any hiccups? Simple! Download, Install and Use UC Browser. UC Browser is faster than other browsers. It is easier to use with seamless transitions. UC Cricket is the icing on the cake. It is a new feature introduced by UC Browser. It is a specially dedicated for all cricket lovers. UC Cricket provides the fastest cricket service. Now, there is no need to open any other website to check "Live Cricket Scores". UC Cricket provides Live Scores and Latest News. Just open UC Browser, go to home screen, click on UC Cricket(blue icon) and let the show begin!

Thanks to UC Cricket, Now I do not have to worry about my unpredictable internet speed. I can stay connected with the match in progress. I can check the live score and I can even know the latest news.  I do not need to refresh UC Cricket time and again as it has "Auto Update" feature. So, I do not have to apply for sick leaves during cricket matches. UC cricket even shows cricket matches fixtures and results. A perfect app for all cricket lovers like me! And yes, Now I will not miss any important moment of any cricket match. 

Come on, Let the battle begin! Long live cricket!