Moment Of Glory!

A bright day. A clear sky. Another day. But not just any other day! The day of placements! The day of grabbing a meaty job! The day of securing the future! I was excited and nervous at the same time. I had scored good marks in every semester and I sincerely wished to get placed in a good company. I was about to leave for college when my Dad saw me and instead of wishing me good luck, he said “Are you going to attend the interview sessions without shaving? You look like a South Indian baddie. So nobody will even shortlist you. You have to present yourself in a smart way”.

I was shocked! Yes, I had forgot to shave. When it comes to shaving, I trust only Gillette. Gillette Razors are the best in terms of quality, comfort and ease of using. And most importantly, Gillette Razors do not cause rashes and bruises while shaving. Each Gillette Razor blade lasts for more than a month so these Gillette Razors are pocket friendly too!
I got glistening cheeks within five minutes. I dressed up again and checked my certificates and resume. I was ready for the ultimate test. Dad wished me good luck when I started my journey towards a dream.

I arrived at my college just before the scheduled time of the interview session. I submitted my resume and waited patiently for my turn. Soon my name was called and I rushed towards the interview room. I was as nervous as a kid. But when I saw the smiling faces of the esteemed Interview panel, I was quite relieved. After a gruelling session of questions and answers, finally my interview was over. While leaving, one of the interviewers complimented me by saying “I like the way you carry yourself”. I smiled and thanked him straight from my heart and came outside. I waited at the registration desk for the result announcement.

After a painful waiting time of two hours, finally came the moment for which a hundred students were waiting for – the moment of glory! And I was thrilled to the core when I saw my name in that elite list J. A special thanks to my Dad and Gillette!

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