A villian who wanted to be a hero!

Life never ceases to surprise us. Someone had very correctly said “Always be prepared”. Fortune favours the brave and Luck smiles upon those who are always prepared for the surprises of life. And then, there are some people like me who always pray for luck but are never prepared for the unforeseen situations of life!

Yes, as a regular college going kid I was lazy. I hated mathematics, I loathed my teachers, I bunked the boring lectures but I was not completely idiot. Though I got admitted in science but theatres really excited me. I was not sure about getting pass marks in chemistry but I knew that I was born to be an actor. Biology lab was not my cup of tea as I was born to conquer the stage and to capture the hearts of the audience.

Annual day of our college was just one month away. I knew that there would be an audition for the college play soon. The exact date was not announced. I had to attend classes regularly because I did not want to miss the auditions. A regular bunker like me became a regular face in each and every class for a complete week. But old habits die hard!

The very next Friday I bunked my classes to watch a latest Bollywood movie. After the movie, I went to a disco and had a few drinks with my friends. I was dead tired as I crashed into my bed. Saturday morning was a painful one as my head was literally bursting. So I decided to skip classes and slept for another hour. Suddenly my friend called me and said that the auditions were supposed to take place within the next two hours. Such are the surprises of life! Wait for a miracle and it will never happen, but when you are going through a terrible hangover, that miracle will happen even without praying for it!

I drank lemon juice and rushed towards my college. Thankfully I arrived just in time for the auditions. But life can surprise you at any moment. Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. When I appeared for my audition, the judge said that I was not eligible for the lead role of the play. Why? I had forgot to shave and according to the logic of the judge, I was more suitable for the role of a villain. So, inspite of my pleadings, I had to play the role of a villain in the play. The crowd clapped for the hero and booed the villain and I learnt my lesson: Always be prepared and never forget to shave!

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