Rise above fear and emerge as a winner!

Failure is a part of life. Tell this to a boy who is studying in 5th class and he will never understand. Same happened with me. Well, this post is based on my own life.

I was born and raised like a normal kid. I was not treated like a special one. I was a normal Indian kid. When I got admitted in a school, I started the so called journey of life. And it was a mesmerizing one till I attained puberty. Teachers became stricter, Syllabus became tougher and exams became my worst nightmare.

Till class 9th, I was a good student. Well, not like those students who scored 100 in a particular subject but like those students who scored good marks in all subjects. I was just an average student! I loved literature. I simply enjoyed reading story books, comics and novels. So my grasp over grammar was somewhat good and I always managed to score good in English. But everybody has a weakness. 

In my case, it was mathematics. When I was in class 10th, Trigonometry became my arch nemesis! I was unable to understand why Trigonometry was so much essential for students because I honestly believed that a Knight never needed Trigonometry to rescue a Damsel in distress.
But, as a student, I had no control over the syllabus, so I had to study Trigonometry. I did not understand the difference between angle of elevation and angle of depression, forget it!

Time flew and soon it was the time for Pre board exam. And as usual, Trigonometry haunted me. I was afraid of Trigonometry. But I had to appear for the mathematics paper and I did so. Exams were over and the results were about to be declared.

When I received my report card, I was not shocked to see that I had scored only 35 in mathematics. The real shock came from my mathematics teacher. He called me and said ‘Look, you had scored pretty well in other subjects so I was forced to give you grace marks in mathematics. But do not expect anything like this in Board exams.’ It was a heart wrecking moment for me. I wanted to focus more in literature to be the batch topper, but I had to take a risk of a lifetime to make sure that I grab pass marks in all subjects.

The very next day, I was ready to face my worst fear: Trigonometry! I never wanted to earn grace marks, I wanted to create my own identity. And I knew that in order to create my own identity, I had to conquer my worst fear: Trigonometry!

I calmed myself, took a deep breath and started studying the basic concepts of Trigonometry. In the beginning, I was unable to understand a single formula but I did not give up. I faced my worst nightmare because I had to prove myself. So, after loads of practice, I understood what Trigonometry was! But the final test was not over yet: THE BOARD EXAMS!

When I checked my board exam results, I was surprised (not devastated). Why? I had scored 77 in mathematics and I knew that Trigonometry was the chief reason behind this score. I was happy as I had faced my worst nightmare and I had proved my worth! I rose above my fear and I embraced the pain to emerge as the victorious knight!

P.S. I had scored 92 in English too (Batch topper)!

This post is a part of  #RiseAboveFear campaign by  Mountain Dew India.

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