I support Akshaya patra initiative!

India is a developing country so all citizens are not wealthy. There are many people who are below poverty limit. These people struggle hard to make their both ends meet. To earn a few extra bucks for a piece of bread, these people often force their children to work in hotels and shops. Yes, Indian government has banned child labour, but this rule is not strictly followed in remote areas of India.

These children wash the utensils in hotels instead of learning alphabets in a school. It is not their fault at all. Poverty is the root cause. These innocent children even do dangerous works like working in firecracker factory too. Why? So that they do not have to sleep hungry every night. They take the risk of their lives to earn their bread and butter. And, we, the middle class and upper class citizens, do not care about the plight of these children. We tend to forget that they are the future of our nation.

Okay, I admit that one person can never eliminate the poverty of an entire nation. But just think that what will happen if each one of us tries to support the education or food of a child? Nobody will ever sleep hungry in our country. We waste so much of food so can’t we save the same food and donate it to the people who need it more than us? Yes, together we can do this.

If we can provide food for these children, then they will not be forced to work anywhere and they can continue their education to become well educated and responsible citizens of India. Just think about the possibilities if everybody in India becomes educated! Then nobody can stop India from becoming the greatest super power. India will shine, but for that, all of us have to come forward!

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda

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