The Leela Patisserie!

Location: The Leela Patisserie, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon.

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50th Birthday of Pizza Express!

Pizza Express started its journey way back in 1965. The first Pizza Express restaurant was opened at Soho, London. Yesterday, Pizza Express celebrated its 50th birthday in style. Pizza Express is famous for authentic Italian Pizza. As the 50th "Birthday Treat", Pizza Express launched a refreshing and delicious menu for all food lovers. The new menu, known as "PizzaiolosFavourite", includes the following:

Antipasto Verde: Assorted veg platter with antipasto, roasted tomatoes, rocket and peppadew, fresh buffalo mozzarella served along with basil pesto, pesto rosso and dough sticks baked with emilgrana.

Antipasto Pollo e Gambero: Assorted non-veg platter with pesto marinated chicken, prawns on skewers along with rocket, peppadew, roasted tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella, served with basil pesto, pesto rosso and dough sticks baked with emilgrana.

Padrino 65 Pizza: Grilled chicken, chargrilled vegetables, mozzarella on a Roman base, drizzled and baked with basil petro and topped with roasted tomatoes.

Amore Nascosto Pizza: Romana pizza with speck ham, spicy N'duja, harissa marinated tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella seasoned with pepper and oregano & garnished with fresh spinach and creamy ricotta.

Pizza Express prepares fresh pizzas. When the customer places his/her order, a fresh pizza is prepared for him/her. All ingredients are freshly procured. A special attention is given to the hygiene factor. And, as always, Pizza Express manages to deliver a delicious treat to a foodie's taste buds.

The speciality of Pizza Express: Romana base(thin and crispy) pizzas. Well, Pizza Express has a secret ingredient which adds an aromatic flavor to the pizzas, it is known as Tomato Passata. The chefs of Pizza Express are lovingly known as "Pizzaiolos".

Pizza Express has an "Open Kitchen" where customers can see the whole process of preparation of pizza. Located at the 3rd floor of Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, The ambience of Pizza Express is absolutely amazing. Nicely placed tables, ample amount of space, well-decorated interiors and friendly staffs are the icings on the cake.

If you are looking for a place to refresh your soul and to treat your taste buds after a hectic day, then Pizza Express is the best place for you. You will fall in love with Pizza Express.

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Top Five South Indian Restaurants In Delhi!

Some cuisines have such luscious taste that they simply become favorites of each and every individual. One of such cuisines is South Indian cuisine. Whether you are living in India or somewhere else, this is a cuisine that you will never get tired of eating. I remember when I once went on a trip to the South; it was such an amazing experience. One of the best things over there was that we were introduced to the actual south Indian cuisine. South Indian dishes are easily available in every corner of India today, so to relish these lip smacking dishes, you don’t really have to cover miles and visit the south.

Delhi is the most popular city of India. Maybe that is the only reason that this city is rich in its offerings and you will find every single thing in abundance. You can find South Indian cuisine delights in abundance in Delhi. At a certain distance in this place, you can find a perfect South Indian bistro to enjoy this delightful cuisine with your family. Today, I will mention some of the best South Indian restaurants in Delhi.

1)Dakshin: It is a perfect South Indian bistro, situated in Saket, New Delhi. Here, you can not only find lip-smacking South Indian cuisine but also the ambience is perfect for couples as well as families. To find Delhi’s best halt for South Indian food, nothing can be better than Dakshin restaurant. This place has got all the major dishes that are served under this delightful cuisine.

2)Zambar: Anyone visiting Delhi will surely take a small visit to Ambience Mall as it is the biggest mall of the city, finely situated in Vasant Kunj. Here you will also find an amazing South Indian bistro called Zambar. It has a boat like ambience where you can allure your mind with its magnificence and awesome food served.

3)Hotel Saravana Bhawan: It is the most affordable South Indian restaurant situated at Connaught Place. Here you can find best of the dishes in the most affordable price of 400 per couple. You can dine in with your family at an extremely reasonable price.

4)Sagar Ratna: Sagar Ratna is the most popular South Indian chain with all-pervading bistros in different cities. Same way, there are many Sagar Ratna chains in Delhi where you can get most scrumptious food. Sagar Ratna is known to serve best of South Indian food and it is a famous brand. Therefore, you can rely on the quality and plan a visit to enjoy best South Indian food in Delhi.

5)Naivedyam: Under the chain of restaurants that are not only familiar to serve most authentic South Indian taste in Delhi but also for their best prices, you will always find Naivedyam catered under the niche. It is situated at Hauz Khas Village and is serving finest food to folks of Delhi.

Whenever you crave to consume South Indian food being in Delhi, these are the places that you can refer.

The fastest network ever!

Honestly speaking, I am a big fan of the popular "Supernatural" series. Supernatural is the tale of two brothers: Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester against the evil forces or more precisely, the supernatural elements who want to spread darkness everywhere. I just love the bromance between Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester. And the presence of a funny, as well as vicious villain like Crowley, is the icing on the cake. Supernatural is loaded with action, melodrama, emotions, ghosts, angels and demons. The battle of Dean Winchester with his inner demons is really interesting.

Now coming to the point, There was a time when I used to stay awake for the whole night to download a single episode of Supernatural. Yes, that was the age of 3G! 3G speed in India is really pathetic. There are network issues, speed fluctuation and bandwidth issues. Can you just imagine the pain of waiting around FIVE LONG HOURS to download just 500 MB? And just when the download is about to be complete, the network vanishes and you have to re-download everything from the scratch. That was the most irritating part. Whenever the download failed to complete, I became utterly frustrated. I had paid for 3G service, and I was not getting the complete benefit of 3G service. I felt like wasting my hard earned money. But, as I had no other option, I had to use 3G. I knew that the pathetic era of 3G was over and something better will definitely arrive soon.

Thanks to Airtel 4G, Now I can download everything at supersonic speed. Airtel has the best network across India.  Airtel is the first telecom operator to provide 4G service in India. Any Airtel user having a 4G enabled smartphone has to tweet using the hashtag #GetAirtel4G to get an Airtel 4G sim delivered(FREE of cost) at his/her address. After tweeting with the hashtag #GetAirtel4G, The official twitter handle of Airtel: @airtelindia will reply to that user and direct him/her to www.airtel.in/4G where the user has to submit his/her details in order to receive a free Airtel 4G sim at his/her doorstep.

Trust me, Airtel 4G delivers rocking speed. Now, I don't have to stay awake for the whole night to download my favorite series. 500 MB is easily downloaded within minutes. And the best part: 4G speed at 3G rate! India is really shining. India wanted to taste speed, Now Airtel has provided that "fast and furious" speed. After using Airtel 4G, nobody will ever use 3G again. Hell Yeah, time to have another thrilling ride with Dean Winchester and his Impala! I am going to kill a few demons tonight. So, what are you waiting for? Go and #GetAirtel4G today.