Beer Week At Gurugram!

Breweries, VIPs, abundant beer events and a weeklong extravaganza of all things sudsy, Gurugram is all set to celebrate the first ever Beer Week powered by Zomato.

Never before has the buzz been this great, the celebration promises the rapid expansion of Gurugram’s craft beer culture, thanks to a slew of new breweries and the astronomical growth of the craft brewing industry seen in every corner of the city that has gained increased traction in the culinary sphere. Scheduled from 11th June to 18th June 2016, Beer Week is a 7 days series fuelled by events that will take place in Gurugram breweries to unite thousands of craft beer enthusiasts & food lovers for a unique tippling experience.

The carnival will touch over 20+ Breweries across the city with a variety of tasting sessions, parties and master classes in the art of pouring the perfect beer concoctions throughout the week with a clear focus on showcasing quality craft beer and educating beer enthusiasts.

Master classes specific to beer types such as barley, wheat, corn, rice and rye. Also, BW Beer Crawl is slated to be an energizing exploration of Gurugram’s night life with vibrant fellow pub-trotters like never before where guests will be able to mingle with the personalities behind the craft beers being served.

After 2 successful editions of Cocktail Week in Delhi and Mumbai, AMM Hospitality embraces this synergy by bringing together some of Gurugram’s finest food and craft beer pairings, partnered by India Bartender’s Guild, My Sprinterz, What’s Hot, Elixir Coterie, Counted One, Insider.in, Dilsefoodie and India Culture Hub.

Beer Week participating bars include Molecule, Hops & Brew, Warehouse Cafe 29, Lagom
Kitchen & Brewery, Torque, Vapour to name a few. Joining the celebration is the celebrity brew master Ishan Grover who will be showcasing his talent at the Beer Week powered by Zomato.

Archit Singhal, Founder of Beer Week powered by Zomato says, “Home to India’s most renowned breweries, Gurugram, is all geared up for the first ever BEER WEEK to take place along with a weeklong celebration. We bring to you a chance to savour the taste of exotic beers from all over and discover Gurugram from a new horizon. Excited and enthralled, on my behalf, I want to put forth a memorable experience. After Delhi Cocktail Week and Mumbai Cocktail Week became a sensation, we are all set to bring to you one of the most incredible event and I am totally looking forward to it.”

Event details:

- Dates: 11th – 18th June 2016.

- Venue: 20+ Breweries of Gurugram

- Access: Standard access -INR 399 with eligibility to avail unlimited discounted craft beer from Fresh brew menu across all participating breweries for 8 days. All participating breweries will be offering 50% discount or 1+ 1 offers on their fresh brews for 8 days.

- For more details, follow facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/beerweekindia

For a detailed event calendar and exhaustive list of breweries, brew masters, events and passes, visit: http://www.beerweek.co.in

Enjoy responsibly!


PERI-Fect Musical Evening at Nando’s, Cyber Hub!

Date: 27th May 2016.
Location: Cyber Hub, Gurgaon.

Nando’s found another way to impress besides serving delightful food; as it hosted its second music gig at Cyber Hub, Gurgaon with a local band - PLOK. The popular band of boys took the center stage with a set list that left the audience drumming their forks and tapping their feet.

‘Try something Encore’ is a monthly property created by Nando’s to promote upcoming talent in music and at the same time give their customers an enhanced dining experience at their ‘casas.

Sumeet Yadav, CEO Nando’s India, said, “Nando’s has always had a connect with music - in our restaurants we stream music directly from South Africa – this music is an amalgamation of African beats with Portuguese rhythms and is called Afro-Luso. While we love our roots in music and have the unique taste of our PERi-PERi sauces running through our veins, we do want to recognize and appreciate what is around us, celebrate other cultures and make them a part of the unique Nando’s experience. This is why we decided to foray into live performances by eclectic Indie artists, and I am glad that our customers have been appreciative of the fusion of our food with indie music.
PLOK, over the years has gained popularity with the youth in Delhi NCR. Members of PLOK  - Neeraj (vocals), Anirudh & Ashwin (guitars), Gavin (bass) and Vasu (drums) had the audience grooving to their music. They customized their performance for Nando’s and played an acoustic set to give diners the perfect pairing with the spicy Afro-Portuguese food.   
The band played acoustic versions of some of their well-known tracks like ‘In a Sense’, ‘Momentary Lapse’ and ‘Like Roses’ to make it a memorable and truly PERi-fect evening!

About Nando’s:

Nando's is a South African global chain of restaurants serving Afro-Portuguese cuisine and is known world over for its flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken. Nando’s chicken is marinated for 24 hours in PERi PERi sauce so that the flavor goes right to the bone. The first ever Nando's restaurant opened in 1987 in Johannesburg, South Africa. This was a venture by two friends, Robert Brozin and Fernando Duarte. Their vision to take the best tasting chicken to the world, was answered through 1200+ Nando's restaurants across 5 continents and over 20 countries. The Nando's symbol, the Barcelos Cockerel, remains the most visible expression of Nando's passionate pursuits. With over 1200 restaurants worldwide, Nando's is present in countries like South Africa, Australia, UK, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Botswana, Canada,  Fiji, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Mauritius, Namibia, New Zealand,  Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Swaziland, UAE, USA, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
Currently Nando’s has 8 restaurants in India spread across Delhi, Chandigarh, Ludhiana Chennai and Bangalore.


My Ideal Yatra!

I work at New Delhi. I live alone. I have no friends. I earn something substantial. I sleep like a dog. I work like there is no tomorrow. One fine day, I woke up and felt uneasy. I tried hard to focus, but I couldn't. It felt as if I was missing something/someone. After a few precious seconds, I realized that I was missing a vacation. My hometown was calling me, my soul was calling me!

I applied for a leave and packed my bags. I checked a few Domestic Flights and booked a flight ticket to travel to my hometown: Bhubaneswar. I was going to my hometown almost after three long years. A surge of happiness ran through my body as I boarded the flight at Indira Gandhi Domestic Airport. After exactly 1 hour and 50 minutes, the flight landed at Biju Patnaik Airport. The fresh smell of my hometown's atmosphere greeted me. Even the rain god blessed me with a few drops of rain. I felt happy after a long time!

The very next day, I decided to enjoy the natural beauty of my hometown. I had my shower, had a heavy homemade breakfast, got hold of my DSLR and reserved a cab. The cab driver asked, "Where do you want to go"? I replied, "I want to see all the less crowded places of Bhubaneswar, I want peace".

As the cab zoomed on the Bhubaneswar - Puri highway, I plugged in my earphones and played "Yeh jo desh hai tera from Swades". After covering a few kilometres, we came across a stretch of land which was covered with trees and there was no sign of homo sapiens anywhere. I requested the driver to stop the cab there and wait for sometime.

I started exploring the vast greenery around myself. It was an amazing feeling. It felt surreal. I felt like a nomad who was lost in a desert and suddenly who came across an oasis. The sight of greenery provided such a soothing relief to my eyes which were accustomed to the harsh concrete jungle!

I lied down on the grass, closed my eyes and found peace. After a few minutes, I opened my eyes, It was almost the sunset time. The setting Sun looked so gorgeous. And the canvas of sky was painted with golden rays of the Sun. I clicked a picture of the setting Sun and preserved the memory of that instant for a lifetime! I fell in love with my hometown, once again!

At that very moment, I understood that money is not everything. Money can never buy peace. Getting close to nature is the only way to find inner peace! I didn't want to leave that place. I was lost in my thoughts when the driver shouted "Sir, It is getting late. Time to go back". Reluctantly, I walked back towards the cab. While returning back to Bhubaneswar, I promised myself to explore the unexplored parts of nature every year. That was the story of my ideal yatra!