Teddy Travelogues!

In this busy and hectic life, Everybody loves to take a vacation whenever possible. Vacations are best enjoyed with friends and family. We Adults see and enjoy vacations differently. Our main motive behind taking a vacation is always to recharge our souls and to get ready for another gruelling month after the vacation is over.

But Kids do not think like us. Kids see vacations from an entirely different angle. For kids, vacation means a short period of freedom from text books, a chance to play more and more, a way to learn something new, an opportunity to make new friends etc.

Kids do not worry about future. Kids do not believe in rules. Kids love to break the rules. Kids like to explore the unknown. Kids love to do something new. So a vacation is like a boon for kids as they get ample amount of time to chase their little dreams.

There is a kid inside all adults. Sometimes that hidden kid emerges from the shadows of corporate life and starts living a stress free life during a vacation. Such is the magic of kids. When we watch kids having fun, we also forget our age and start having some fun. So it is absolutely true that children add magic to our vacations. Sometimes we also get to learn something entirely new from children.

We sometimes even do office work during a vacation. But when we see children building castles of sand, we start realizing that there is a life beyond work and deadlines, there is an entirely imaginary fairytale waiting only for us, there are few things which money can never buy and happiness is one of those few things.

To ensure that kids have a gala time during a vacation, we must give them complete freedom. We can always tell the kids to be careful but that does not mean that we should keep following them everywhere. We should let them be themselves. We should not restrict them from having fun. We should allow them to explore their imagination. We must guide them to do something unique.

According to me, we should not force children to study during a vacation. I admit that education is very important but solving a complex mathematical equation during a vacation does not sound good. Right? Children have loads of energy. So we can motivate them to channel their energy in the right direction. Instead of forcing children to memorize “Periodic Table”, we can try to enhance their creativity. We can try to motivate children to paint, sing, dance or do something out of the box like photography too!

Doing something unique will keep children busy, provide entertainment and knowledge and it will help children to discover their passion and hone their skills in the long run. It will be great fun to watch children doing something innovative. Complete win win situation for parents and kids during vacation as kids will learn something new and parents will enjoy the learning experience of their kids. We should always remember that once we were kids too. As kids, we made many mistakes. So always teach children that “Mistakes are the secret of success”.

* Dedicated to the kid inside me who refuses to grow up!
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