Celebrating Christmas with MAFIA!

MAFIA, Lounge & Bar, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, presents a musical night to celebrate the spirit of Christmas with DJ Nakul Shourie on Friday, December 25, 8 pm. The artist is known for making us groove on the romantic number of the golden era - Halka Halka Suroor along with foot tapping music.

Celebrate the eve of Christmas in style of Mafia with the melody of bells and the variety of delicacies to pamper your taste buds. Christmas brings the spirit of togetherness and peace. Join this celebration with your loved ones in the darkness of Mafia. 

The celebration will be organised on the second floor of Mafia i.e. 
The Godfather. The interiors and ambiance perfectly compliments the mysticism of the festival. The place is sure enough to take you to the world of romance with its ambiance and the music that touches your heart deeply.

You, Your heart and Your soul would rejoice in the vibes of the Christmas Party!

WhenFriday, Dec 25, 8 pm

WherePlot No. 1, Sector 4 Market, North West Avenue, West Punjabi Bagh, New  Delhi.

Let the celebrations begin!


Review Of HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3635 AIO Printer!

"Multitasking" is the only method to survive in this fast-paced technologically advanced age. HP has taken the meaning of "multitasking" to a whole new level by introducing "HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3635 - All In One Printer". 

The Blue and White colored printer looks classy. It is the most affordable solution for home printing.  It can Print, Scan and Copy. It also has "wireless printing" option which separates it from other printers in this range.  You can even print with or without a router.

I am using HP laptop which runs on Windows 10 platform. I connected the printer and plugged in the USB cable. Then I opened 123.hp.cpm/dj3630, selected my printer model(Deskjet 3635) and downloaded the recommended software for my printer. 
There are two options: Either you can choose to connect via wireless or you can choose to connect via USB.

The installation is complete. Now insert papers and cartridge and go on a "printing" spree.

Another striking feature of HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3635 - All In One Printer: You can even print via email. Just send a mail to hperint.com(register and get the complete details) with desired files as attachment and printing will start automatically. I loved this feature.

Printing speed of HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3635 - All In One Printer is awesome. The print quality is sharp and there is absolutely no noise while printing.  The papers do not get stuck while printing is in progress.  HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3635 - All In One Printer is one stop solution for all home printing needs!


Take A Break!

After going through a rigorous as well as hectic job life cycle, we feel exhausted. We feel as if we are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. We feel pathetic about everything. We start hating our job life, our monotonous and boring timetable, our loneliness and even strangers! When we start feeling low, we should take a break!

Taking a break is the best solution. Go out, visit new places, make new friends, relax, rejuvenate your soul and feel fresh. A small break is good enough to refresh your mind and body. You will feel better and you will start enjoying your life. Yes, you can even feel that your "Boss" is "The Best Boss of the entire universe".

Best Hotels in New Delhi:

1) IBIS Delhi Airport: If you are looking for a budget friendly hotel, then IBIS Delhi Airport is the best option for you. Located at Mahipalpur, IBIS Delhi is the only international hotel between T1 and T3 terminals. The hotel is very good. It is within 5 minutes walk from Aerocity Metro Station. All rooms are equipped with comfortable beds, mini fridge, work desk, LCD, air conditioner and digital safe. The ambience is calm and family friendly. It provides world class comfort without burning a hole in your wallet. Many 'Hot N Happening' pubs are located near this hotel where you can let your hair down, burn the dance floor, meet strangers and return back with loads of exciting memories.

If the sky is the limit for your wallet, then Taj Mahal Hotel and The Leela Palace are highly recommended for you.

2) Taj Mahal Hotel: Taj Mahal Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels of India. The interiors are lavish and the ambience is cosy. You will definitely fall in love with this hotel at first sight. Quality service, well mannered and helpful staffs, extremely safe environment, luxurious comfort, delicious food and unmatched experience: These are some of the features of Taj Mahal Hotel. Located at the Mansingh Road, Taj Mahal Hotel is a 5-star hotel equipped with a swimming pool, gymnasium and ayurvedic spa. Book a luxury suite and enjoy the view of The Parliament House and India Gate from your suite. It has an urban lounge: Rick's - it serves the best cocktails. It also has Machan - a 24-hour international eatery. One night at Taj Mahal Hotel will definitely change your whole world(in a positive way).

3) The Leela Palace is another luxury hotel of New Delhi. Step inside The Leela Palace, a royal view will greet you. You will be treated like an emperor. Located near Chanakyapuri, The Leela Palace is the synonym of luxury. Almost all famous tourist attractions like India Gate, Jantar Mantar, Qutub Minar and Humayun's Tomb are located near The Leela Palace. The Leela Palace treats your taste buds with a wide range of options. North Indian and South Indian cuisines are available at Jamavar. French and Italian delicacies are served at the Le Cirque. Japanese cuisines are available at Megu. For buffet breakfast and lunch, head over to The Qube. The Qube is also famous for live jazz performances, thrice a week. The rooms of The Leela Palace are spacious and boast of high-end decor, modern amenities and ravishing furnishing. The ambience is really magical and the experience is enthralling!

Go, pack your bags, take a break, refresh your spirit and live like there is no tomorrow!

Planning to visit New Delhi? Book the best hotels right now: http://www.cleartrip.com/hotels/india/new-delhi/


Let's put a smile on that face!

Well, everybody loves good food. And when the food which tastes good is  equally healthy, that doubles up the joy factor. Treat your taste buds with McCain Snacks. McCain Snacks are easy to prepare and these are healthy as well as tasty.

I will use McCain Smiles to make my buddy smile on the occasion of his birthday. How? Easy!

Deep fry McCain Smiles in oil for about 3 minutes. Add thin slices of carrot, cucumber and onion on the top of McCain Smiles. Insert McCain Smiles(with carrot, cucumber and onion slices on top) inside brown bread slices. Insert a small candle at the centre of brown bread slices. Light up the candle and a smiling McCain "healthy and nutritious" Birthday Cake is ready to wish my buddy on his birthday!

Such is the magic and simplicity of McCain Smiles. Say cheese and keep smiling! :)


Discovering Real Togetherness!


In today's technologically advanced age, people are using technology everywhere. Nowadays, people do not visit their parents during holidays. They just make a video call via skype. People don't meet their friends to celebrate their birthdays, They just send a message via WhatsApp. People even don't invite their near and dear ones to their own marriage, They just create a Facebook event. Such is the impact of technology on human life!

Due to the advancement of technology, people have forgotten the real meaning of togetherness. Togetherness means spending quality time with your friends and family, interacting with each other(not virtually), enjoy lunch and dinner together, take a trip down the memory lane and have some fun. We have become slaves of technology. Smartphones and various applications are ruling us. This is not the appropriate use of technology. Humans are social animals, not necessarily "Social Networking" animals.

When was the last time when you had met a friend personally to wish him/her on his/her birthday? When had you last met your parents personally? When had you went out for a vacation with your loved ones? Can't even remember? Yes, blame it on technology and advancement of smartphones in our lives! Hitting a "LIKE" on your friend's profile picture doesn't mean that you are still in contact with him/her. To stay in contact, you need to share your feelings too!

So, what should be the next step? How to free yourself from the clutches of technology? How to find the meaning of "Real Togetherness"? Simple: Take a break, leave your smartphone behind and explore the beauty of Nature with your friends and family. Why? Well, Nature is the best example of "Real Togetherness". Shrubs, Trees, Insects, Birds, Animals et cetera enjoy togetherness under Nature. All of them live peacefully even without using an iota of technology! According to me, That is the meaning of "Real Togetherness".

If you go out to explore the beauty of Nature with your friends and family, then you will get enough time to bond with them. There will be no technology to disturb you. So, you can actually interact with your friends and family, know about their lifestyle, their likes and dislikes and how much they had missed you. Even you can share your feelings and emotions with them. Your friends and family will definitely feel good after connecting with you after a long gap. It will be a great experience. At the end of the day, you will feel much better. You will find peace and harmony on the lap of Nature. Do not let technology to rule your life. Become the master of technology. Go ahead, take a leap of faith and plan for an escapade to Nature right away.

Visit  http://www.kissanpur.com to know more.


Talvar Movie Review!

Talvar is not the regular masala Bollywood movie. It does not have the luxury of Item Songs, In fact, It has no unnecessary "Sing and dance routine". It is fresh and unlike a typical Bollywood movie. It focuses on the story and characters right from the beginning till the very end. Almost all of us know that the plot is loosely based on The Noida Double Murder Case(14-year-old Aarushi and 45-year-old Hemraj, a domestic help employed by her family).
All of us know about the verdict of the case, But, most of us do not have any knowledge about the facts or circumstances which led to that verdict. Talvar Movie tries to focus on that part. There are many sides of the truth. Truth can be modified. There is a very thin line which separates truth from fiction. Truth becomes fiction without lack of evidence, political pressure, and communal issues. In India, justice is not delivered with proper "Terms and Conditions". 
As far as the story is concerned, it is a gripping one. Nice editing and a superlative performance by Irrfan Khan are the icings on the cake. Irrfan Khan is funny as well as serious in the same moment. He has really developed as an actor. He did complete justice to his character. I can't even imagine the movie without him. Rest assured, you will never ever find a dull moment in the movie. Crisp editing is the key. No unnecessary melodrama, No unnecessary prolonged narration at all. As far as I know, the movie stayed true according to the actual course of events. 
Watch the movie for Irrfan Khan. How he deals with his inner demons as well as the demons of outer circle are a treat to watch. He is playing a no-nonsense character who believes in justice, who believes in crossing the line to discover the truth, who believes in supporting the truth, who believes in taking a stand against injustice. Does he succeed in his mission? Does he discover the truth? Is he successful in conquering his inner demons? Is he successful in solving the murder mystery? To know the answers, watch #TalvarThisFriday. Trust me, you will never regret watching this movie. This is one movie which will compel you to think about our society. Now I can proudly say that Bollywood is really shining!


Dreams Of Childhood!

Education of kids is the primary concern of Indian parents. Parents often focus on education of their kids and tend to ignore extracurricular activities as they want their kids to score maximum marks in each and every exam. Parents forget about the importance of extracurricular activities which develop the creativity and personality of kids. Extracurricular activities like painting, singing, dancing et cetera are very important for kids. Will it not be great if parents can encourage their kids to chase their passion with dedication? 
There should be a balance between studies and extracurricular activities/sports. It is tough to be a master in both fields, still one can try to maintain a healthy average between both sports and studies. The main headache of parents: How to maintain a balance between studies and extracurricular activities of kids? KleverKid app comes to the rescue here. This amazing app can find great extracurricular activities for kids. It can also find experienced tutors, coaches and academics to help kids professionally as well as academically. Download the app and register. It offers various programs like Sports, Arts, Dance, Music, Academics, Computers and Playschools. This app is currently providing services in Delhi & NCR and Bangalore. If you are a tutor, then also you can register in this app and provide services to parents who are looking for tutors for their kids. It is an amazing platform for both tutors and parents. Parents can easily find experienced tutors for their kids and experienced tutors can easily find parents who are looking for their services. Maintaining that balance between academics and extracurricular activities is so easy now. Wish this type of service was available when I was a kid. Sigh!

Do visit the KleverKid website for more details.


Sula Sessions!

Location: The QLA, Next to Qutub Minar, New Delhi.
Event: #SulaSessions with Vasundhara Vidalur.
Date: 20th September 2015.


Comedy Hunt!

Stand-Up Comedy is the toughest job. Trust me, I am not telling a lie. Performing in front of a huge crowd always creates butterflies in your stomach. Sometimes, the crowd never appreciates your hard work. The crowd never laughs at your wittiest lines. Sometimes, the crowd boos you. Sometimes, you might be going through an emotional turmoil, Still, you have to stand on the stage, hide your own tears, perform and make others laugh. A job is a job. You have to accept the criticism and keep performing till the crowd accepts you as a good performer. 
Performing in pubs is never easy. People at pubs want to have a good time. People at pubs want to enjoy. People at pubs want to experience something new. In pubs, if the audience doesn't like your performance, then you will receive a lot of criticism. Never be afraid of the stage, Never think about the negative response of the crowd, Never let the success get into your head. Stand on the stage, take a deep breath, forget about the world and start performing to spread smiles all around. 
Live In Style is doing something good for stand-up comedians. Live In Style is supporting stand-up comedians. During his/her first live stand-up performance, A stand-up comedian feels as if he/she is in hell. He/She feels as if he/she is an alien in front of other homo sapiens. He/She faces his/her worst fears. Live In Style teaches the stand-up comedians how to deal with these negative feelings and criticism with a smile. LiveInStyle teaches stand-up comedians how to deal with stage fear. Live In Style teaches stand-up comedians how to keep on performing even when the audience is not interested at all. And the number of Stand-Up comedians is growing each and every year, thanks to the wonderful support and guidance of Live In Style. As the audience, we should always respect the hard work of stand-up comedians. As performers, stand-up comedians should never give up. They should give their best. One day, they will definitely taste the elixir of success!


The Leela Patisserie!

Location: The Leela Patisserie, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon.

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50th Birthday of Pizza Express!

Pizza Express started its journey way back in 1965. The first Pizza Express restaurant was opened at Soho, London. Yesterday, Pizza Express celebrated its 50th birthday in style. Pizza Express is famous for authentic Italian Pizza. As the 50th "Birthday Treat", Pizza Express launched a refreshing and delicious menu for all food lovers. The new menu, known as "PizzaiolosFavourite", includes the following:

Antipasto Verde: Assorted veg platter with antipasto, roasted tomatoes, rocket and peppadew, fresh buffalo mozzarella served along with basil pesto, pesto rosso and dough sticks baked with emilgrana.

Antipasto Pollo e Gambero: Assorted non-veg platter with pesto marinated chicken, prawns on skewers along with rocket, peppadew, roasted tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella, served with basil pesto, pesto rosso and dough sticks baked with emilgrana.

Padrino 65 Pizza: Grilled chicken, chargrilled vegetables, mozzarella on a Roman base, drizzled and baked with basil petro and topped with roasted tomatoes.

Amore Nascosto Pizza: Romana pizza with speck ham, spicy N'duja, harissa marinated tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella seasoned with pepper and oregano & garnished with fresh spinach and creamy ricotta.

Pizza Express prepares fresh pizzas. When the customer places his/her order, a fresh pizza is prepared for him/her. All ingredients are freshly procured. A special attention is given to the hygiene factor. And, as always, Pizza Express manages to deliver a delicious treat to a foodie's taste buds.

The speciality of Pizza Express: Romana base(thin and crispy) pizzas. Well, Pizza Express has a secret ingredient which adds an aromatic flavor to the pizzas, it is known as Tomato Passata. The chefs of Pizza Express are lovingly known as "Pizzaiolos".

Pizza Express has an "Open Kitchen" where customers can see the whole process of preparation of pizza. Located at the 3rd floor of Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, The ambience of Pizza Express is absolutely amazing. Nicely placed tables, ample amount of space, well-decorated interiors and friendly staffs are the icings on the cake.

If you are looking for a place to refresh your soul and to treat your taste buds after a hectic day, then Pizza Express is the best place for you. You will fall in love with Pizza Express.

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Go ahead, fall in love with #PizzaiolosFavourites
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