That potential bride dented my pride!

No I do not believe in the concept of “Arrange Marriage”. Why? Because I believe in Love. Love can happen after marriage too, but how the hell can I share the same bed with a stranger? I always prayed for “Love Marriage”. But you know the dirty tricks of fate! Forget about marrying the girl whom I loved, even dating a girl was almost a “Mission Impossible” for me. So, finally the moment of truth was forced upon me. As I attained the legal age of marriage, my granny ran after me. Literally, I was forced to visit a potential bride’s home! Well, it is always tough to say no to granny, so I had to do what she instructed me to do.

As I entered inside the premises of that potential bride, I felt that I was sailing on the stranger tides. Low on confidence, Shy and really nervous. I rang the doorbell and wished that nobody was at home. But when you run out of luck, strangest things do happen. I experienced the same that day. A pretty lady opened the door and greeted me with a charming smile.

She was that potential bride! She was smart, classy, elegant and she knew how to make a statement. I knew that I was beyond her league. She was far better than me in each and every department. Still, I had to give her a run for the money. As we started to bond over coffee and snacks, we started knowing each other. I loved cricket and she loved football. I loved Temple Run and she loved Angry Birds. I loved Chicken Biryani and she was a complete vegetarian. We were complete opposites and I had heard that opposites do attract!

When I thought that I had managed to cross the boundaries of heart, she managed to shatter my heart. How? She said “Sorry, I do not think that I can marry you. I am afraid of people who sport a beard. And as you have a long beard, you certainly do not meet the requirements of my dream man. Nothing personal at all”.

I was shocked to hear this! A girl rejected me just because I forgot to shave? Extremely hilarious and ridiculous. But such is life! Learn something from my mistakes. Always shave before any important event :D

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Moment Of Glory!

A bright day. A clear sky. Another day. But not just any other day! The day of placements! The day of grabbing a meaty job! The day of securing the future! I was excited and nervous at the same time. I had scored good marks in every semester and I sincerely wished to get placed in a good company. I was about to leave for college when my Dad saw me and instead of wishing me good luck, he said “Are you going to attend the interview sessions without shaving? You look like a South Indian baddie. So nobody will even shortlist you. You have to present yourself in a smart way”.

I was shocked! Yes, I had forgot to shave. When it comes to shaving, I trust only Gillette. Gillette Razors are the best in terms of quality, comfort and ease of using. And most importantly, Gillette Razors do not cause rashes and bruises while shaving. Each Gillette Razor blade lasts for more than a month so these Gillette Razors are pocket friendly too!
I got glistening cheeks within five minutes. I dressed up again and checked my certificates and resume. I was ready for the ultimate test. Dad wished me good luck when I started my journey towards a dream.

I arrived at my college just before the scheduled time of the interview session. I submitted my resume and waited patiently for my turn. Soon my name was called and I rushed towards the interview room. I was as nervous as a kid. But when I saw the smiling faces of the esteemed Interview panel, I was quite relieved. After a gruelling session of questions and answers, finally my interview was over. While leaving, one of the interviewers complimented me by saying “I like the way you carry yourself”. I smiled and thanked him straight from my heart and came outside. I waited at the registration desk for the result announcement.

After a painful waiting time of two hours, finally came the moment for which a hundred students were waiting for – the moment of glory! And I was thrilled to the core when I saw my name in that elite list J. A special thanks to my Dad and Gillette!

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Life of a Gamer!

Passion defines your character. Passion gives you hope. Passion motivates you. Passion pushes you to give your best. Passion is the only thing which makes life interesting. People differ, perceptions differ and Passions do differ. Gaming is my passion. I love to play games. I do not care about platforms. Computer games, Xbox, PlayStation and mobile games equally attract me. As a kid, I loved to play video games and Mario was my superhero.

I still remember the addictive “Snake” game which was launched by a mobile company. I loved that game and I do remember my highest score – 4460. My first computer game was “Prince”. It was a DOS based game but the storyline and action was brilliant. Then came the era of 3D games and I was hooked to the epic adventures of “Prince Of Persia: The Warrior Within”. 

I loved the multiplayer battles too. “Quake” and “Unreal Tournament” are still at top of my all-time favorite games. As I grew up, I migrated to strategic games. I loved the concept of controlling each and every character with precision. The fate of my city was in my own hands. It was a GOD like feeling. I sincerely loved “Age Of Empires”, “Warcraft”, “Rise Of Nations” etc.

Recently I have not been able to chase my passion with dedication because of workload. But this has to change. I will make a resolution this New Year to rediscover my passion for gaming. I will definitely spend more time doing what I love to do – play games, games and more games! And I have chosen the lightning speed of Micromax Canvas Tab P666 to be the perfect companion in my mission. Micromax Canvas Tab P666 is powered with 1.2 GHz Intel Atom processor so that gameplay will be faster and better and touch will be more responsive while taking out an army, thanks to Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology. It has 1 GB ram so latest and resource hungry games can run smoothly. I can play games and listen to music at the same time as Micromax Canvas Tab p666 is laced with Intel’s Burst Performance Technology. Micromax Canvas Tab P666’s 20.32 cm WXGA IPS Display along with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator provides the much needed visual delight along with performance boost. The 800*1280 pixels screen resolutions will definitely make gaming under sunlight a delight. It has 3G connectivity so I can enjoy a multiplayer shooting game without any obstacle. And Micromax Canvas Tab P666 packs a punch with a mighty 4400 mAh battery. This means prolonged uninterrupted gameplay. It supports the latest Android version: Kitkat 4.4.2, so I do not need to worry about the compatibility issues of a few latest games. In short, Micromax Canvas Tab P666 is a perfect gaming device!

Time to reload my gun. Hell Yeah! Or should I score a few goals in FIFA 2014?

*This post is dedicated to all Gamers out there. Keep playing!

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Truth provides Peace!

Sometimes, we do lie. We try to cover some facts which can lead us to an embarrassing situation. We never think twice before trying to save our own skin. We lie because we think that telling a lie is the safest option in a particular situation. But, actually, it is just the opposite. Telling the truth is always the best option.

Telling a lie is like breaking someone’s trust. Earning someone’s trust is very tough but breaking that trust and that too knowingly is very easy. When we tell a lie and break someone’s trust, our own conscience haunts us. We cannot sleep peacefully because of the fear of getting caught. Our own heart revolts against us. The guilt of telling a lie is enough to deprive us of happiness.

We can tell a lie. We can hide something unpleasant. We can run away from the world. But we can never run away from our inner voice. We can never hide from our conscience. The truth can never be hidden forever. One day, the truth will emerge from the shadows. So, why do we need to take so much of pain after telling a lie? Be true to yourself and Be truthful to the world.

Once I went through such a situation. I was in college at that time. I had appeared for the first semester exams and I had scored 65% marks. But I had got just pass marks in Accounting. So I was afraid to tell my parents that the first semester results were out. After a few days, My mom asked me about the results. I paused for a moment. I thought about the consequences if I told the truth. I thought that Mom would be disappointed if I tell her that I managed to score just pass marks in Accounting.  I wanted to lie to her. I wanted to say “No Mom, Results are not declared till now”. Just when I was almost prepared to tell a lie, I heard a voice “Is it right to break someone’s trust”? I was shocked. I looked all around but I found nobody. After a few seconds, that voice echoed again! This time I realized that the voice was my inner voice. My conscience was speaking to me. Suddenly I felt guilty. The burden of that guilt was too much.

I mustered courage and decided to tell the truth to my Mom. I replied “The first semester results had been declared a few days ago and I had scored 65% marks. I didn’t have the courage to say this because I had scored only pass marks in Accounting”.

Mom smiled and said “It is okay. Admitting your own mistake is a great thing. And as far as the marks are concerned, you can try to study harder and I am sure that you can score better marks in the next semester”.

I heaved a sigh of relief. That burden of guilt was gone. I promised myself that I would never even try to lie again!

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YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex?

YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex? We live in a country where Honesty and Integrity are underrated but Cricket and Sex are overrated. India is a country where Sex sells everything, right from a cheap porn magazine to a big budget Bollywood movie. But when it comes to express our views on a topic like “Pre-marital Sex”, most of us remain to stay mum. WHY? Everybody watches porn and everybody wants to have sex, there is nothing wrong with this. Then why don’t people come out in the open and discuss about sex?

I am an adult and I do believe that I have every right to do anything as long as I do not cross the line of law. Has Indian government passed a law which does not permit Pre-Marital sex? No! Then why is the so called “Moral Police” often found harassing young couples on the pretext of preserving Indian culture, values, ethics etc.?

Everybody has a life. Sex is a part of life. If two consenting adults have sex before marriage then what is the Big Deal? According to which Act, if you have sex with someone before marriage then you have to marry that particular person? This is not the pre independence era, We are talking about The Modern India, The India which believes in thinking broadly and globally. And The Modern India believes that Sex is not a taboo, Sex is a way to express intimacy and love. Sex does not have to be the synonym of Lust! There is a vast difference between sex and Lust.

According to the reports and statistics, lack of Sex is the main reason behind many divorces. So this basically means that Sex creates and maintains a spark in a relationship. This is applicable for both married and unmarried couples. How? Now a days, Indians are adopting “Live In” relationships. If we can accept “Live In” relationships, then can’t we accept that Pre-marital Sex is normal? Or the Moral Police thinks that couples in a “Live In” relationship will not have sex?

I strongly support the importance of sex in everyday life and I say YES to Pre-Marital Sex. Whatever I do behind the closed doors is not the headache of a third person (as long as I do not disturb anybody). If Sex can unite two souls, then let Sex do the job perfectly.

Image Source: http://www.whatsdbuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/premarital-sex.jpg

Kindly Note: Virginity is not a valid parameter to judge someone’s character! This post describes my view on the hot debate “YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex”. People differ, Perceptions differ, even Sexual orientations do differ. So it is not mandatory to appreciate my view! Remember that It is a Free World. And I sincerely do hope that I have not hurt anybody’s sentiment (excluding The Moral Police) through this post! Sex existed before the existence of the entire human race, Sex is existing till now and Sex will exist forever (till the apocalypse though)!

Be faithful, Use Protection, Enjoy Sex! Sex is the best way to lose those calories :P

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Poonaam Uppal's True Love - A Mystical True Love Story on Flipkart.

A Bit Of The World In Every Bite!

Today Pizza Hut organised it's first ever insta- meet at it's Lajpat Nagar store, New Delhi.
The basic idea was to launch four new variants of pizza. Instead of resorting to the regular and safe method of promoting a new product through advertisements via Television channels or Newspaper, Pizza Hut though out of the box, took a risk and promoted it's new pizza variants through social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Around 50 social media addicts and foodies from New Delhi attended Pizza Hut's insta-meet and I was fortunate enough to be a part of this mega event. Twitter is all about hashtags and Instagram is all about pictures. So we clicked pictures of the new pizza variants and uploaded them on our individual Instagram accounts . We also tweeted about the new variants of pizzas on twitter with the hashtag #WorldInEveryBite.

First task was to identify the secret ingredients which were used to prepare the new pizza variants .

1. Kofta, Arabic Sauce, Red Capsicum, Korma Sauce.

2. Choley, Masala Sauce, Paneer flavored with Pepper sprinkle, Exotic Vegetables.

3. Nachos, Cheese Sauce, Corn, Jalapeno, Tomato.

4. Chicken Salami, Alfredo Sauce, Red Pepper, Black Olives.

Mash Up of all secret ingredients :)

Second Task was to guess the country to which the pizza variant belonged according to the secret ingredients used to prepare that particular pizza.

First New Pizza Variant : Love In Turkey

Second New Pizza Variant : Love In India

Third New Pizza Variant : Love in Mexico

Fourth New Pizza Variant : Love In Italy

Final Task was not actually a task for foodies like us. We had to taste the four new pizza variants. Simply delicious!

The Insta-Meet was over after we had a session of Choco-Vanilla ice creams in this #DelhiKiSardi.

And "Full Marks" to the awesome staffs of Pizza Hut for being so enthusiastic, helpful and sporty during the entire event! Their smiles tell the success tale of the event.

Pizza Hut's official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pizzahutindia
Pizza Hut's official Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/PizzaHutIN
Pizza Hut's official Instagram Handle: http://instagram.com/pizzahut_india/

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this post are my own, All photos are clicked by me and may not be copied without permission. And I do not own a DSLR, so kindly do not judge my photography skills :)


Teddy Travelogues!

In this busy and hectic life, Everybody loves to take a vacation whenever possible. Vacations are best enjoyed with friends and family. We Adults see and enjoy vacations differently. Our main motive behind taking a vacation is always to recharge our souls and to get ready for another gruelling month after the vacation is over.

But Kids do not think like us. Kids see vacations from an entirely different angle. For kids, vacation means a short period of freedom from text books, a chance to play more and more, a way to learn something new, an opportunity to make new friends etc.

Kids do not worry about future. Kids do not believe in rules. Kids love to break the rules. Kids like to explore the unknown. Kids love to do something new. So a vacation is like a boon for kids as they get ample amount of time to chase their little dreams.

There is a kid inside all adults. Sometimes that hidden kid emerges from the shadows of corporate life and starts living a stress free life during a vacation. Such is the magic of kids. When we watch kids having fun, we also forget our age and start having some fun. So it is absolutely true that children add magic to our vacations. Sometimes we also get to learn something entirely new from children.

We sometimes even do office work during a vacation. But when we see children building castles of sand, we start realizing that there is a life beyond work and deadlines, there is an entirely imaginary fairytale waiting only for us, there are few things which money can never buy and happiness is one of those few things.

To ensure that kids have a gala time during a vacation, we must give them complete freedom. We can always tell the kids to be careful but that does not mean that we should keep following them everywhere. We should let them be themselves. We should not restrict them from having fun. We should allow them to explore their imagination. We must guide them to do something unique.

According to me, we should not force children to study during a vacation. I admit that education is very important but solving a complex mathematical equation during a vacation does not sound good. Right? Children have loads of energy. So we can motivate them to channel their energy in the right direction. Instead of forcing children to memorize “Periodic Table”, we can try to enhance their creativity. We can try to motivate children to paint, sing, dance or do something out of the box like photography too!

Doing something unique will keep children busy, provide entertainment and knowledge and it will help children to discover their passion and hone their skills in the long run. It will be great fun to watch children doing something innovative. Complete win win situation for parents and kids during vacation as kids will learn something new and parents will enjoy the learning experience of their kids. We should always remember that once we were kids too. As kids, we made many mistakes. So always teach children that “Mistakes are the secret of success”.

* Dedicated to the kid inside me who refuses to grow up!
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The launch of Sbarro at Connaught Place!

Sbarro, the giants in the field of pizza restaurants who specialize in New York style pizza and other Italian-American cuisine, recently opened a new store at Connaught Place, New Delhi. Opening a store at a posh area like Connaught Place needs a lot of investment and if the store does not earn profit, then it becomes a liability. But the lip smacking and budget friendly delicacies of Sbarro are going to rake in the moolah pretty soon!

The Sbarro Store is very spacious with adequate tables. The staffs are friendly and the ambiance is pretty as well.

Sbarro has a wide range of pizzas in both Veg and Non veg category.
Pizzas in Veg category: New York Cheese, New York Mushroom, New York White, Veggies Extravaganza etc.
Pizzas in Non veg category: Tandoori Chicken, Peri Peri Chicken, Chicken Kabab etc.

The pizzas look as delicious as they taste. Personally speaking, I loved the “Stuffed Non veg pizza”. I had never tried a stuffed pizza earlier. It was certainly a treat for the taste buds.

For people who tend to think beyond pizzas, Sbarro offers numerous alternatives like Garlic Breadsticks, Pasta, Caesars Salad, Desserts like New York Cheesecake, Fudge Nut Brownie, Frosted Carrot Cake etc.

                                                                Fudge Nut Brownie

                                                                 Frosted Carrot Cake

                                                                New York Cheesecake

                                                                Meat & Spicy Strombolini

For students and people like me who are going through a financial crisis, Sbarro offers "My Pizza Value Meal" which includes a slice of Pizza, a garlic breadstick and a soft drink!

You can try "My Pasta Value Meal" which includes delicious pasta, garlic breadstick and soft drink. Veg pasta meal is priced at Rs 219/- and Non veg pasta meal is priced at Rs 239/-.

Venue: Sbarro
Location: Ground Floor, Shop No-4, N Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi.
Store Timing: 10 am to 10 pm
Type: Non vegetarian/Vegetarian
Food Quality -  9/10, Variety – 10/10, Presentation – 10/10

Analysis: In my opinion, Sbarro offers the best quality pizzas at the best price. I will definitely recommend every foodie to try #SbarroAtCP.

Official Facebook page of Sbarro: https://www.facebook.com/SbarroRestaurantsIndia
Official Twitter Handle of Sbarro: https://twitter.com/sbarroin

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this post are my own, All photos are clicked by me and may not be copied without permission.

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The safest methods to curb accidents!

The frequency of accidents in India is amongst the highest in the world. People often think that while driving, the driver must be agile and responsible in order to avoid an accident. What if a driver is agile enough but another driver is not careful enough and causes an accident by crashing his car into the agile driver’s car? Often this happens but People tend to forget to find the fault of the real culprit. In the case of an accident between a pedestrian and a bike, it is always the fault of the bike rider. In the case of an accident between a bike and a car, it is always the fault of the car driver. Indirectly, the driver of the bigger or heavier vehicle is always responsible for any accident.

Seriously? Accidents are not caused by vehicles, accidents are caused by rash drivers. Even a pedestrian, who does not obey traffic rules, can cause accidents. Blaming vehicles for road mishaps in not the correct mentality.

Consider another situation: A bike rider is wearing helmet and driving cautiously. Suddenly a drunk car driver collides with him and causes a severe accident. What was the fault of the bike rider? Nothing. Similarly, a car driver is wearing seat belt, driving within the permissible speed limits and suddenly a man appears out of nowhere and tries to run across the road without looking at the vehicles coming towards him. The result: collision of the card and the man. The accident was caused by whom? No, not by the car driver!  So we cannot say that if we drive safely, we will be completely safe. Our safety also depends upon the responsibility of other drivers.

India has the world's deadliest roads, the result of a flood of untrained drivers, inadequate law enforcement, badly maintained highways and cars that fail modern crash tests. About 1.2 million Indians were killed in car accidents over the past decade, on average one every four minutes, and 5.5 million were seriously injured. While road deaths in many emerging markets have dipped even as vehicle sales rose, Indian fatalities have shot up by half in the last 10 years. (Source: http://www.dnaindia.com/world/report-indian-road-accidents-killed-12-million-in-last-decade-legislation-to-set-sweeping-safety-measures-2031926 )

Now the next Big Question: What measures should be taken to ensure maximum road safety in India? In my opinion, the following steps must be taken immediately:

1. Traffic Police must be given the power to stop or take strict actions against people who disobey traffic rules.

2. Two way roads must be built everywhere. One way roads are too dangerous.

3. Traffic police must be present at crossroads to help senior citizens and kids to cross roads.

4. People must be educated about the necessary traffic rules.

5.  People must be made aware of the responsibilities of a driver while driving through television        campaigns and newspaper.

6. Drivers who drink and drive must be sent to police custody immediately.

7. Stricter rules for granting Driving License.

8. Electronic billboards displaying the status of traffic and past history of accidents can be fitted at accident prone areas.

9. An app should be developed which can send SMS alerts to the near and dear ones of a person if he/she is affected in an accident.

10. Usage of mobiles and ear phones while driving must be banned completely.

11. Proper maintenance of street lights in National Highways is a must during night time to ensure  maximum visibility.

Let us join hands to follow traffic rules obediently so that we can make entire India an accident free country.

The Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., conducts the Nissan Safety Driving Forum (NSDF) in India as part of its safety driving promotion activities. NSDF encourages drivers and passengers to wear seatbelts, and participants learn through interactive activities the importance of wearing seatbelts. Nissan seeks to support reducing fatalities and injuries caused by traffic accidents, and NSDF represents the company's commitment in contributing to young, vibrant and mobile India. To know more about the Nissan Safety Driving Forum, log on to  https://www.nissan.in/innovation/NSDF.html

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Rise above fear and emerge as a winner!

Failure is a part of life. Tell this to a boy who is studying in 5th class and he will never understand. Same happened with me. Well, this post is based on my own life.

I was born and raised like a normal kid. I was not treated like a special one. I was a normal Indian kid. When I got admitted in a school, I started the so called journey of life. And it was a mesmerizing one till I attained puberty. Teachers became stricter, Syllabus became tougher and exams became my worst nightmare.

Till class 9th, I was a good student. Well, not like those students who scored 100 in a particular subject but like those students who scored good marks in all subjects. I was just an average student! I loved literature. I simply enjoyed reading story books, comics and novels. So my grasp over grammar was somewhat good and I always managed to score good in English. But everybody has a weakness. 

In my case, it was mathematics. When I was in class 10th, Trigonometry became my arch nemesis! I was unable to understand why Trigonometry was so much essential for students because I honestly believed that a Knight never needed Trigonometry to rescue a Damsel in distress.
But, as a student, I had no control over the syllabus, so I had to study Trigonometry. I did not understand the difference between angle of elevation and angle of depression, forget it!

Time flew and soon it was the time for Pre board exam. And as usual, Trigonometry haunted me. I was afraid of Trigonometry. But I had to appear for the mathematics paper and I did so. Exams were over and the results were about to be declared.

When I received my report card, I was not shocked to see that I had scored only 35 in mathematics. The real shock came from my mathematics teacher. He called me and said ‘Look, you had scored pretty well in other subjects so I was forced to give you grace marks in mathematics. But do not expect anything like this in Board exams.’ It was a heart wrecking moment for me. I wanted to focus more in literature to be the batch topper, but I had to take a risk of a lifetime to make sure that I grab pass marks in all subjects.

The very next day, I was ready to face my worst fear: Trigonometry! I never wanted to earn grace marks, I wanted to create my own identity. And I knew that in order to create my own identity, I had to conquer my worst fear: Trigonometry!

I calmed myself, took a deep breath and started studying the basic concepts of Trigonometry. In the beginning, I was unable to understand a single formula but I did not give up. I faced my worst nightmare because I had to prove myself. So, after loads of practice, I understood what Trigonometry was! But the final test was not over yet: THE BOARD EXAMS!

When I checked my board exam results, I was surprised (not devastated). Why? I had scored 77 in mathematics and I knew that Trigonometry was the chief reason behind this score. I was happy as I had faced my worst nightmare and I had proved my worth! I rose above my fear and I embraced the pain to emerge as the victorious knight!

P.S. I had scored 92 in English too (Batch topper)!

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I support Akshaya patra initiative!

India is a developing country so all citizens are not wealthy. There are many people who are below poverty limit. These people struggle hard to make their both ends meet. To earn a few extra bucks for a piece of bread, these people often force their children to work in hotels and shops. Yes, Indian government has banned child labour, but this rule is not strictly followed in remote areas of India.

These children wash the utensils in hotels instead of learning alphabets in a school. It is not their fault at all. Poverty is the root cause. These innocent children even do dangerous works like working in firecracker factory too. Why? So that they do not have to sleep hungry every night. They take the risk of their lives to earn their bread and butter. And, we, the middle class and upper class citizens, do not care about the plight of these children. We tend to forget that they are the future of our nation.

Okay, I admit that one person can never eliminate the poverty of an entire nation. But just think that what will happen if each one of us tries to support the education or food of a child? Nobody will ever sleep hungry in our country. We waste so much of food so can’t we save the same food and donate it to the people who need it more than us? Yes, together we can do this.

If we can provide food for these children, then they will not be forced to work anywhere and they can continue their education to become well educated and responsible citizens of India. Just think about the possibilities if everybody in India becomes educated! Then nobody can stop India from becoming the greatest super power. India will shine, but for that, all of us have to come forward!

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda


The smooth dinner!

Valentine’s Day is a curse for single guys like me. And this year’s Valentine ’s Day was going to be another headache. I would have bunked my classes but I couldn’t because I had an exam on Valentine ’s Day.  As I woke up and started to get ready, I remembered the embarrassing memories of last year’s Valentine ’s Day. I had proposed to a junior and she had snorted “I do not hang out with bearded guys”. A shiver went down my spine and I rushed to the bathroom with my Gillette Razor to get a clean shave to avoid any embarrassment this year.

Shaving is absolutely effortless and easy with Gillette Razor as it never causes rashes and cuts. So I got rid of my beard within five minutes, finished my breakfast and rushed towards my college. I spent a few moments with my friends at the college canteen before rushing towards the exam hall. The exam was not so tough. I did well. I was happy. When I entered into the college canteen again, I saw many love birds expressing their undying love for each other in innovative and filmy styles.

I chose the table at the farthest corner to remain hidden from others as I was single. I ordered a few samosas and a cold coffee to kill the time. After a few moments, the very same girl whom I had proposed to last year, came to the canteen. I saw her and prayed to become literally invisible. But my prayers were unanswered as always. She saw me and came towards my table. I thought that she was coming to embarrass me again. But I was wrong! She came near me, smiled and asked if she could share the table. I said yes instantly. She stared at my clean shaved face and said ‘You look good without beard’.  I muttered ‘Thank You’. She asked ‘are you free in the evening?’ I replied ‘yes, but why?’ She smiled again and said ‘Let’s go for dinner’.

I was damn happy as I was going out for dinner with a girl on the eve of Valentine’s day J. And Gillette Razor definitely deserved all credits!

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