A Road Trip To Die For!

No ,as mere mortals, we can never separate ourselves from regular tensions.
We can never get away from pressures.
We can never free our souls from depression.
But, As we are the so called 'most intelligent species' of Planet Earth, we can always try to rejuvenate our tired limbs.
And, A Road Trip is the best way to achieve that rejuvenation!

Enough of this bullshit!Enough of these stupid deadlines!Enough of these meaningless presentations!Enough of these frustrations!
I screamed loudly at my roomie.
And, he replied 'what do you want man?'
I stared at him and replied 'I need a break from this monotonous life'.
He nodded silently and shot back 'And you mean what?'
I said: Nothing out of the box!Let's just take a break, plan a Road Trip and just Rock and Roll, like the good old times!
He smiled and said: There you go my boy!Count me in!

The very next day we got our leaves approved and we started our epic journey towards Manali!
As we reached Delhi, we crashed into a hotel to refresh our sore muscles. And after a long sleep of 12 hours, we woke up, enjoyed the dishes of Delhi while watching the gorgeous Delhi Gals :P

I wanted to experience the 'Highly Social' nightlife of Delhi, but my roomie dragged me and forced me to drive the car towards Manali. Slowly, Steadily and Dreamily we reached Chandigarh and I was instantly attracted towards the beauty and simplicity of Chandigarh. We took a break and had lunch at a Dhaba(you can never have enough of Chandigarh's delicious chicken and dal makhani).Then my roomie drove the car as I dozed off!

I woke up after almost 2 hours and as I looked through the car window, I saw greenery everywhere. I panicked and shouted at my roomie 'Are we lost'?
He smiled and replied: Relax, This is the beauty of Mother Nature. Just check the milestone on the road. I checked and the milestone showed 'Manali - 54 km'. I heaved a sigh of relief as I shifted my focus towards the never ending stretch of greenery all around. It was really a refreshing sight, a much-needed break from the concrete world! I plugged in my earphones as my iPod soothed my soul with 'yeh jo desh hai tera'.

After almost 45 minutes, a sudden rush of extremely cold air chilled our spines and we became sure that 'Ab Manali Door Nahi'. We parked our car as we wanted to inhale the fresh air after spending almost 10 years in the polluted atmosphere and trust me, the fresh air refreshed each and every cell of our mortal bodies.

Finally, we arrived at Manali and we crashed into the very first hotel that we could see. Both of us were very tired and we had our dinner, 3 pegs of rum and went off to sleep early as we knew that 'The action had only begun'.

Day 1:

We woke up late and experienced almost Zero degree temperature. We rushed to grab our coffee and then we were ready to explore Manali. Our fist stop was the 'Tibetan Monastery'.We went inside, gaped at the ancient architecture with wonder, seeked the divine blessings and took off for lunch. We had mutton for lunch and, believe me, mutton available at mountain regions tastes a lot better than the mutton available at other regions.

Our next destination was 'Van Vihar': the place where some famous Bollywood movies like Raaz and Krrish were shot! The forest was so dense that even during noon, the sunlight was unable to touch the ground. And the haunting shrieks of 'Sanjana, Sanjana (from the Bollywood movie Raaz)' started to haunt me. I shrugged off the haunting memories and tried to focus on Krrish. Then we were greeted with the splendor of 'Hadimba Temple'. The sight just stole our thoughts as we started to lose ourselves in appreciating the wonders of India.

We started exploring the deep forests but only after I instructed my roomie to look out for me because I was scared. And, as we strolled deep inside the forest, more and more inner peace engulfed our deprived souls.

Just when I was ready to take a nap inside the dense forest, My roomie imitated a werewolf and howled behind a tree. I was forced to rush towards the exit!

Day 2:

If you come to Manali and You do not set your foot on 'Rohtang Pass', then your journey is pointless. So we started our journey towards Rohtang Pass. The road was completely in Zig Zag motion and there were patches of snow all around us. It looked like we were amidst a Yash Raj Films set! Such was the beauty of Manali. As the altitude grew higher and higher, the level of oxygen and temperature decreased gradually. We halted at a camp and rented skating gears. After a treacherous journey of 15 minutes, we reached 'Rohtang Pass'. And I will never forget the sight! Snow, Snow everywhere, someone had painted the canvas of Mother Nature with the color White! And the mesmerizing view of Switzerland started to knock the doors of my Hollywood stricken brain! As we set foot on the forever white floor of 'Rohtang Pass', we experienced Heaven! And as we tried skating, a streak of failure greeted us as we were unable to maintain the right posture. I was fed up soon enough and rushed to grab a hot plate of Maggi, but my roomie continued his struggle! And when we left Rohtang Pass, I left a part of my soul there. Such was the magic of Rohtang Pass!

Day 3:

This was our last day at Manali and we had to make our girlfriends happy. So, we drove towards Kullu and started our shopping carnival. We purchased shawls, jackets, sweaters and some jewelry too! While returning back, my Bollywood mindset got better of me as I shrieked 'Zindagi naa milegi dobara, Let's go for Rafting!' And as my roomie reluctantly agreed, I rushed towards 'The River Beas'. After a couple of hours, we were completely exhausted and then we decided to call it a day.

We were back at the comfort at our hotel and I ordered another bottle of rum to warm our spirits. We dozed off after a few minutes. And the very next day, while leaving Manali, my eyes shredded a few drops of tear as I had found eternal peace at Manali. I promised myself that someday, I would visit Manali again!


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