Katrina at Ratnagiri?

The whole world is searching for the lovely Katrina Kaif. Where is she? What is she doing? Is she busy somewhere? Is she shooting for some new movie? Is she enjoying a secret vacation? Well, her fans are asking this sort of questions. Even the twitter world went crazy with the hashtag #KatrinaMissing. Nobody knows the truth till now.

Hold on for a second! According to the latest reports, Katrina Kaif was spotted somewhere near Ratnagiri. She was all alone. Yes, the news is true. A few villagers saw a pretty girl who looked exactly like Katrina Kaif. Is it their imagination? Are they hallucinating? Are they faking the news? May be, may not be. Still, we have to believe whatever we heard. For the time being, let the rumors be treated as the truth.

But what is Katrina Kaif doing in Ratnagiri? And why is she alone? She should be attending posh parties, signing autographs and promoting big budget movies in metro cities. I had never even heard about Ratnagiri. Wait, let me dig out some information about Ratnagiri. Let me see what is so special about Ratnagiri. Ratnagiri is a port city on the Arabian sea coast in the southwestern part of Maharastra. The fertile valleys of this region produce rich yield of coconuts, cashew nuts, rice, and fruits. The king of mangoes "Alphonso" is abundantly available here. 

That might be the reason for Katrina's secret visit to Ratnagiri. All of us know that Katrina loves mangoes. She is a true mango lover. The mango season is almost here. And being a perfectionist, she might have gone to Ratnagiri to taste the freshest and juiciest Alphonso mangoes.

Well, we can't confirm anything right now. We are going with the flow of rumors and speculations. Katrina might not be at Ratnagiri, She might be there, but not for tasting mangoes but for other shooting sessions. We can scrap off the shooting session speculation because Katrina was spotted all alone. No crew members were seen near her. So, Katrina's love for Mangoes remains as the only answer to all questions. We would like to inform Katrina that her fans are missing her. Her fans want her to come back as soon as possible. Show your love for Katrina and keep tweeting with #KatrinaMissing.


Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji Ki Family!

Have you heard about the delicious breakfast recipes of Guptaji's family? Guptaji's family members look so fit and healthy. How do they manage to do that? What is the secret of their never ending energy? Do they stay away from junk food? Do they work out regularly? Do they eat too little? Do they add some secret ingredient in their dishes? And the million dollar question: Do you want to go to their house for breakfast? Come on, Let us find out the secret of Guptaji's family!

Health is wealth. A healthy day starts with a healthy breakfast. To stay fit, one needs to have a healthy breakfast regularly. A healthy breakfast recharges your body, soul and mind. A healthy breakfast keeps you energetic throughout the day. Skipping breakfast is not recommended at all. Skipping breakfast does not lead to weight loss, rather it leads to weight gain. A healthy breakfast may not be the tastiest one. So what to do? How to have a healthy, as well as a delicious breakfast?

Guptaji's family members always enjoy a healthy as well as a delicious breakfast. So, what is the secret of Guptaji's family? The secret of Guptaji's family is out. The secret of the healthy and delicious breakfast recipes of Guptaji's family is Kellogg's corn flakes.

Add "Kellog's corn flakes" in any recipe and make it healthy as well as delicious. A perfect breakfast must include "Kellog's corn flakes". Forget about old-fashioned breakfast, add "Kellogg's corn flakes" and enjoy a lip smacking and healthy breakfast. Start your day with "Kellogg's corn flakes" and stay full of energy throughout the day.

I want to go to Guptaji's house for breakfast because I want to be fit and healthy like the Guptaji's family members. I do not want to have the same breakfast every day. I want to try a new breakfast recipe every day. And at the same time, I want to stay away from any unhealthy dishes. I have heard that Guptaji's family members enjoy more than a hundred yummy and healthy breakfast recipes. A few of them are 'Apple Cinnamon Cornflakes, Cornflake Popcorn Clusters, Strawberry and banana cornflakes, Walnut Cornflakes Choco balls, Chapatti Cornflakes Chivda et cetera'.  I want to try all of them. I want to treat my taste buds without gaining any unwanted calories. I want to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I want to recharge my body, soul and mind each and every morning. I do not want to miss the healthy and tasty breakfast at Guptaji's house.

Are you feeling hungry? Come, Let's go to Guptaji's house right now and enjoy healthy and delicious breakfast!


Start a healthy life with "Kellogg's corn flakes".
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Happiness is a state of mind!

Some say that greed is good. Some say that greed is the source of all evil. Some say that this world is not enough and some say that self-containment is the first step towards the attainment of nirvana. Some say that money can never buy happiness and others squeal in happiness when they purchase a costly material.

So what is happiness? Happiness is an emotion which is often expressed by different individuals in a different manner. I may not feel happiness when I get drenched in the rain but think about a farmer. He will experience true happiness when the rains arrive on time to boost the yield of his crops.

For me, happiness is just a state of mind. I am not a materialistic person. I have seen ups and downs of life. I have tasted the delicious delicacies of a five-star hotel and a few times, I have even slept with an empty stomach. I have used iPhone and I have used Nokia 3110. I have walked hundreds of miles and I have flown in an airplane. I have witnessed tragedies of life and games of fate. I try to keep my life simple. I try to be happy with whatever I have. I never expect the unexpected. If I am unable to find any source of happiness, then I become happy by seeing the happiness of other people. Yes, I admit that sometimes, when I am sad, I pretend to be happy. And that solves half of my problems. At least, I do not have to face the barrels of questions from others! At the end of the day, It does not matter if you are happy or not, it only matters if you made someone happy or not. If you are not happy, then do not show the world that you are not happy. Wear a mask, fake a smile and go on!

Simple things that make me happy:

* Gazing at the stars: I am not a kid anymore. Still I lie down on the terrace, gaze at the stars and count the number of stars. I lose the count and start again. I forget about the world, I forget about my loneliness, I forget about my problems. I keep counting the stars till I fall asleep. I feel happy while counting the stars. It feels like I am searching for someone special among them, Someone whom I had loved and lost.

* Listening to music: Music in, Pain out! Yes, music lifts up my mood. Music helps me to focus. Music motivates me to fight back harder. Music heals my pain. When everything else fails to cheer me up, I seek the solace of music.

* Reading romantic novels: Life is a stage and all of us are characters. If we fail to provide a happy ending for the characters played by us, then we try to be happy by reading about other characters who had a fairy tale ending. I do the same. My life is not perfect. I go through hell every day. But, I keep hoping for a perfect day. I read about the eternal love stories of surreal characters and I feel the plethora of happiness surging through my veins. When I read the tale of struggle, pain and victory of someone's love story, I feel immense happiness. I feel that even I can have the same "Happy Ending" someday!

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Together Forever!

Living alone can be a tiresome job. We are social animals. We need to interact with each other in order to survive. We are not machines. We are not robots. We can never live in solitude. We need friends, families, relatives and colleagues. We need a social circle. We need the company of others. All of us are somewhat dependent on each other.

I work in a city and my parents live in another city. My job does not allow me the luxury of taking leaves. I slog during the entire week and waste the weekend on my bed. I get bored. I miss my friends and family members.

I applied for a long leave and my leave was granted. After almost one year, I arrived at my hometown. I loved the ambience of my hometown. Small, peaceful and full of natural beauty: Yes, I am talking about my hometown. I rushed towards my parents and hugged both of them. I threw my luggage on my bed and slept for a few minutes. Then I went to the kitchen to help my mother. I cut a few vegetables and prepared egg omelette. My mother cooked my favourite "chicken curry".

Another disadvantage of staying far away from home - Mother's hand-cooked food is not available. So when you are at home, eat like there is no tomorrow and ignore all those calories. I did the same. I ate the delicious chicken curry and rice. Oh God! I had missed my mother's hand-cooked food so much. I hated the dishes available at the canteen of my office.

During the evening, me and my parents went out for a walk. We went to a mall. We purchased many products. Then we decided to have dinner at a restaurant. We went to a posh restaurant and ordered dinner. We had great fun. We spent some quality time with each. Yes, spending time with parents is priceless. Our parents are the reason for our existence. but, we often forget to thank them for everything. We forget to make them happy. And they never say anything. When we realize the importance of parents, we feel sad because of our mistakes.

That day was the happiest day of my life. I smiled and I managed to make my parents smile. A priceless moment. A precious memory. An unforgettable evening.

I spent the next week at home and enjoyed my mother's hand-cooked food to my heart's core. I slept for hours and woke up only to eat more and more. I gained a little bit of weight and limitless happiness in that week.

Togetherness is the real happiness. Spend time with your near and dear ones to experience bliss.

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Change is good!

Change is the only constant of life. Change is good. Change is for something better. Change is for another chance to start everything fresh. Leave behind the old memories and move ahead to create new memories.

Student life is the best life. No responsibilities, no deadlines, no pressure (excluding exams and assignments), no worries about tomorrow and a happy, peaceful life! Unforgettable moments with friends, bunking classes, watching cricket matches and cheering for 'Team India', that was the summary of my college life. All good thing come to an end. The same happened with my college life. The last day at college was the worst day of my life. It was an emotional day. I felt sad and depressed as I had to leave my friends behind and migrate to another city in order to join a good company. I didn't want to leave the company of my friends but I had to do something to secure my future. I was confused. I was not able to take a decision instantly. I thought for a long time and decided to migrate to another city. I had to choose between my friends and my career. I chose career. I wanted to have a bright future so that I could live a good life. I took the decision of leaving my hometown and friends behind. My life was about to change!

A new city, A new beginning, A fresh start, A new day, A new phase of life! I was alone in a new city. I missed my friends. I missed my college life. But I had to focus on job interviews too. I had to work harder to crack all interviews. I started focusing on my career. I was determined to get a job in a good company. I started preparing for the interviews. After a fortnight, I managed to make some new friends. I had almost completed my preparations for interviews so I was feeling confident. Then the day of the interview arrived!

I cracked the interview and secured my future. A reputed Multinational company recruited me. I was happy. I joined the Multinational company and started working. I loved my job. I kept myself busy. There was work pressure, but I never felt uneasy. I did my work with utmost dedication and perfection. A few colleagues became good friends within a short span of time.

I experienced that ecstatic moment of 'My first salary'. I became financially independent. I became a responsible guy. That was my transformation. that was my journey from being a class bunker to a stable person. I had become mature and my lifestyle had improved. I had become better as a person. The credit goes to my decision. I accepted the change, I grabbed the opportunity, I left my past behind, I moved ahead and I created my own identity. Sometimes, the change is for the greater good!

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Dry Baby, Happy Baby!

Kids are the best part of the life of any parent. Kids make everybody happy with their cute innocence and divine smiles. The sight of a kid playing with toys is good enough to melt anybody’s heart. Unlike adults, kids enjoy a stress-free life. Kids do not have to worry about the uncertainty of tomorrow. Kids are completely free from deadlines. Adults do not get enough time to sleep because of their busy schedules. Kids have all the time in this world to sleep as much as they want, still it is a tough job to make kids fall asleep as kids are always full of energy. Kids only sleep when they are completely exhausted.

Now the best part of being a parent: Bedtime Rituals with kids which help the kids to have a good night’s rest. Almost all parents have different bedtime rituals. Bedtime rituals make the bond between kids and parents stronger. It is really amazing to watch how your little one slowly falls asleep! A sleeping baby is the most wonderful sight.

Happy Baby Moments:

My baby loves to play with toys. The toys range from small colorful animal figures to huge teddy bears. My baby runs after my neighbor's dog. My baby cuddles my neighbor's dog and plays "chase the ball" with it. My baby loves to play with balloons. My baby loves to watch birds. My baby loves to get drenched in the rain. My baby loves to make paper boats.

I always try to maintain a proper timetable for my baby. A soft massage during the night is a must. It helps to relax and soothe the young muscles of my baby. A glass of water or milk before sleeping is also important. I do not remember any bedtime stories and I do not know any lovely lullabies. So I always grab a story book and read a story from it and watch my baby smile. Changing diapers of my baby during the night is also a good thing. Diapers play an important role in the life of kids. Choosing the right diapers is equally important. Do not go for any ordinary diapers. Most of the diapers aim for dryness on the outside, but the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants focuses on dryness on the inside too. I always prefer the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants for my baby because a wet diaper has no right to interrupt my baby’s precious sleep!

Do not purchase cheap diapers. Cheap diapers are unhygienic and they can cause rashes on the soft skin of your babies. Your babies deserve the best so always trust the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants. One Pampers Baby Dry Pants means one completely dry night. And one completely dry night means one completely happy and peaceful night for your babies!



Illuminate your home!

What bulbs do you use at home? CFL or LED? A lot of advertisements now-a-days focus on the significance of switching from CFL to LED, but do you know the significance of this switch? On a recent online surfing expedition, I stumbled upon this amazing deal by EESL.

Upon registering your CA number that is located at the top right corner of your electricity bill, you get to purchase two LED bulbs at a nominal rate of Rs. 104/- each instead of Rs. 500. With LED bulbs, the energy consumption is reduced by about 88% while you save up to Rs. 162 on your annual bill. If paying Rs. 104 upfront seems a little steep for you then you also have the option of paying just Rs. 10 initially and they rest of the Rs. 94 can be divided over the next 10 months.

This scheme benefits all the domestic consumers across New Delhi and comes with a warranty of up to 3 years. 

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My Optimistic Love Story!

For me, the glass is always half full. I always look at the brighter side of every aspect. I try to stay away from negativity. I do not look at the downside of anything, I just focus on the positive outcomes. That is my character. Yes, I am an optimistic person. I always believe that the best part is just about to happen. Something good is just around the corner. And, honestly, this attitude has helped me a lot in my life. I have been through heaven and hell, but I never gave up hope!

During my college days, I came across a pretty girl. I was trying to cross a road and that girl was on the opposite side of that road. I saw her and felt that we were made for each other. I looked at her again but by that time she had vanished in the crowd. I waited for some time, but I was unable to find her. I didn't lose hope. I thought that if she was in my destiny then I would definitely find her.

After a few weeks, my summer holidays were over and my college reopened. I hated early morning classes. Lazily, I dragged my body towards my classroom. I was the first to arrive. After a few minutes, a few of my friends also arrived. We went to the canteen to enjoy hot samosas and coffee. Just then, I saw that pretty girl again. She was going towards biology department. I ran after her. But before I could reach near her, she again vanished inside one of the numerous classrooms. My heart skipped a beat, but I was not sad because I saw her pretty face again. I hoped to see her again.

I waited for her near the biology department every day. After waiting for almost a week, a small doubt crossed my mind. I asked myself if she was a student of our college or if she had come to meet any of her friends studying at our college. I shrugged off all doubts instantly and convinced myself that we would meet again. My optimistic attitude helped me to stay calm and positive.

After almost a month, I saw her again. This time, I didn't waste any second. I went near her and asked her if she was a student of our college. She was surprised as both of us were complete strangers. After a few minutes, she replied 'Yes, I am in First year, Biology department. Are you a senior? Is this some sort of ragging?"

Her innocence touched my heart. I replied "No, not at all. Actually I had seen you almost two months ago. I saw you again last month and I wanted to be your friend. Yes, I am a senior but I am from Physics department. I believe that ragging is a waste of time and friendship is the best way to know each other. So, can we be friends?"

She smiled and said "Yes, we can be friends."
After that, we exchanged our cell numbers and started meeting each other frequently. After an unofficial dating phase of around six months, I proposed to her and she accepted my proposal. Right now, we are going strong as a couple and we will definitely tie the knot soon!

Never give up. Always believe that something beautiful is going to happen. Be positive and give your best. Be an optimistic person to enjoy each and every moment of life!

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Apne parivaar ko apne dum pe jeena sikhao!

Everybody goes through a rough phase at some stage of life. During that dark time, everybody needs a ray of hope. Everybody needs a source of inspiration. Everybody needs a hero. Everybody needs someone who can just say "Do not worry, everything will be fine". And that small sentence is more than enough to restore our faith, belief, courage and energy levels.

Every now and then, we almost give up hope. We become tired. We are almost ready to give up everything. We just quit believing in our own abilities. At that moment of despair, we need someone who can tell us to try one more time, to tell us to give one last shot! And then we can easily sail through the tides of troubles easily.            

I was never a big fan of mathematics. I hated mathematics. But I always managed to score respectable marks in mathematics. During my pre-board exams, I managed to score just pass marks in mathematics. I was ashamed as well as afraid. I had to get my report card signed from my dad. I did not have any courage to face my dad. I thought about this matter for two days and on the third day, I gathered some courage and went near my dad. My dad was doing his office work. I stood silently and kept my report card on his table. My dad stopped doing his work and checked my report card. I was mentally prepared for any unpleasant experience. But, to my utter surprise, Dad did not say anything. He remained calm and said "Let's go for a walk". I silently followed him. When we reached near an ice cream vendor, Dad bought two ice creams, one for himself and one for me.

Then Dad said "See, scoring good marks in exams is not everything. Failing in a subject is not the end of this world. Being a good person matters a lot. Even if you do not get good marks in the board exams, then it will not bother me. Try your best, believe in yourself and you can achieve anything. I believe in you, so you also need to believe in yourself. I know that you will make me proud someday! And you should know that I was not a great student. I didn't like physics. Physics was like a living nightmare for me. But I accepted the challenge. I decided to face my fear. I started learning the basics of physics. I studied each and every theory. I did not study to secure marks, I studied to learn something new. I worked harder and after a month, I had defeated the demon of physics. If I could defeat my demon, then you can also do the same. Just trust yourself. You can become the master of mathematics".

That pep talk was more than enough to motivate me. I worked harder and cleared board exams with distinction. Yes, I had defeated the demon of mathematics. Giving up is not an option. We are humans and fighting against all odds is the sole reason of our existence. Struggle is the synonym of life and Hope is the only thing which can keep us alive!

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