My Optimistic Love Story!

For me, the glass is always half full. I always look at the brighter side of every aspect. I try to stay away from negativity. I do not look at the downside of anything, I just focus on the positive outcomes. That is my character. Yes, I am an optimistic person. I always believe that the best part is just about to happen. Something good is just around the corner. And, honestly, this attitude has helped me a lot in my life. I have been through heaven and hell, but I never gave up hope!

During my college days, I came across a pretty girl. I was trying to cross a road and that girl was on the opposite side of that road. I saw her and felt that we were made for each other. I looked at her again but by that time she had vanished in the crowd. I waited for some time, but I was unable to find her. I didn't lose hope. I thought that if she was in my destiny then I would definitely find her.

After a few weeks, my summer holidays were over and my college reopened. I hated early morning classes. Lazily, I dragged my body towards my classroom. I was the first to arrive. After a few minutes, a few of my friends also arrived. We went to the canteen to enjoy hot samosas and coffee. Just then, I saw that pretty girl again. She was going towards biology department. I ran after her. But before I could reach near her, she again vanished inside one of the numerous classrooms. My heart skipped a beat, but I was not sad because I saw her pretty face again. I hoped to see her again.

I waited for her near the biology department every day. After waiting for almost a week, a small doubt crossed my mind. I asked myself if she was a student of our college or if she had come to meet any of her friends studying at our college. I shrugged off all doubts instantly and convinced myself that we would meet again. My optimistic attitude helped me to stay calm and positive.

After almost a month, I saw her again. This time, I didn't waste any second. I went near her and asked her if she was a student of our college. She was surprised as both of us were complete strangers. After a few minutes, she replied 'Yes, I am in First year, Biology department. Are you a senior? Is this some sort of ragging?"

Her innocence touched my heart. I replied "No, not at all. Actually I had seen you almost two months ago. I saw you again last month and I wanted to be your friend. Yes, I am a senior but I am from Physics department. I believe that ragging is a waste of time and friendship is the best way to know each other. So, can we be friends?"

She smiled and said "Yes, we can be friends."
After that, we exchanged our cell numbers and started meeting each other frequently. After an unofficial dating phase of around six months, I proposed to her and she accepted my proposal. Right now, we are going strong as a couple and we will definitely tie the knot soon!

Never give up. Always believe that something beautiful is going to happen. Be positive and give your best. Be an optimistic person to enjoy each and every moment of life!

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