Katrina at Ratnagiri?

The whole world is searching for the lovely Katrina Kaif. Where is she? What is she doing? Is she busy somewhere? Is she shooting for some new movie? Is she enjoying a secret vacation? Well, her fans are asking this sort of questions. Even the twitter world went crazy with the hashtag #KatrinaMissing. Nobody knows the truth till now.

Hold on for a second! According to the latest reports, Katrina Kaif was spotted somewhere near Ratnagiri. She was all alone. Yes, the news is true. A few villagers saw a pretty girl who looked exactly like Katrina Kaif. Is it their imagination? Are they hallucinating? Are they faking the news? May be, may not be. Still, we have to believe whatever we heard. For the time being, let the rumors be treated as the truth.

But what is Katrina Kaif doing in Ratnagiri? And why is she alone? She should be attending posh parties, signing autographs and promoting big budget movies in metro cities. I had never even heard about Ratnagiri. Wait, let me dig out some information about Ratnagiri. Let me see what is so special about Ratnagiri. Ratnagiri is a port city on the Arabian sea coast in the southwestern part of Maharastra. The fertile valleys of this region produce rich yield of coconuts, cashew nuts, rice, and fruits. The king of mangoes "Alphonso" is abundantly available here. 

That might be the reason for Katrina's secret visit to Ratnagiri. All of us know that Katrina loves mangoes. She is a true mango lover. The mango season is almost here. And being a perfectionist, she might have gone to Ratnagiri to taste the freshest and juiciest Alphonso mangoes.

Well, we can't confirm anything right now. We are going with the flow of rumors and speculations. Katrina might not be at Ratnagiri, She might be there, but not for tasting mangoes but for other shooting sessions. We can scrap off the shooting session speculation because Katrina was spotted all alone. No crew members were seen near her. So, Katrina's love for Mangoes remains as the only answer to all questions. We would like to inform Katrina that her fans are missing her. Her fans want her to come back as soon as possible. Show your love for Katrina and keep tweeting with #KatrinaMissing.

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