Together Forever!

Living alone can be a tiresome job. We are social animals. We need to interact with each other in order to survive. We are not machines. We are not robots. We can never live in solitude. We need friends, families, relatives and colleagues. We need a social circle. We need the company of others. All of us are somewhat dependent on each other.

I work in a city and my parents live in another city. My job does not allow me the luxury of taking leaves. I slog during the entire week and waste the weekend on my bed. I get bored. I miss my friends and family members.

I applied for a long leave and my leave was granted. After almost one year, I arrived at my hometown. I loved the ambience of my hometown. Small, peaceful and full of natural beauty: Yes, I am talking about my hometown. I rushed towards my parents and hugged both of them. I threw my luggage on my bed and slept for a few minutes. Then I went to the kitchen to help my mother. I cut a few vegetables and prepared egg omelette. My mother cooked my favourite "chicken curry".

Another disadvantage of staying far away from home - Mother's hand-cooked food is not available. So when you are at home, eat like there is no tomorrow and ignore all those calories. I did the same. I ate the delicious chicken curry and rice. Oh God! I had missed my mother's hand-cooked food so much. I hated the dishes available at the canteen of my office.

During the evening, me and my parents went out for a walk. We went to a mall. We purchased many products. Then we decided to have dinner at a restaurant. We went to a posh restaurant and ordered dinner. We had great fun. We spent some quality time with each. Yes, spending time with parents is priceless. Our parents are the reason for our existence. but, we often forget to thank them for everything. We forget to make them happy. And they never say anything. When we realize the importance of parents, we feel sad because of our mistakes.

That day was the happiest day of my life. I smiled and I managed to make my parents smile. A priceless moment. A precious memory. An unforgettable evening.

I spent the next week at home and enjoyed my mother's hand-cooked food to my heart's core. I slept for hours and woke up only to eat more and more. I gained a little bit of weight and limitless happiness in that week.

Togetherness is the real happiness. Spend time with your near and dear ones to experience bliss.

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