Change is good!

Change is the only constant of life. Change is good. Change is for something better. Change is for another chance to start everything fresh. Leave behind the old memories and move ahead to create new memories.

Student life is the best life. No responsibilities, no deadlines, no pressure (excluding exams and assignments), no worries about tomorrow and a happy, peaceful life! Unforgettable moments with friends, bunking classes, watching cricket matches and cheering for 'Team India', that was the summary of my college life. All good thing come to an end. The same happened with my college life. The last day at college was the worst day of my life. It was an emotional day. I felt sad and depressed as I had to leave my friends behind and migrate to another city in order to join a good company. I didn't want to leave the company of my friends but I had to do something to secure my future. I was confused. I was not able to take a decision instantly. I thought for a long time and decided to migrate to another city. I had to choose between my friends and my career. I chose career. I wanted to have a bright future so that I could live a good life. I took the decision of leaving my hometown and friends behind. My life was about to change!

A new city, A new beginning, A fresh start, A new day, A new phase of life! I was alone in a new city. I missed my friends. I missed my college life. But I had to focus on job interviews too. I had to work harder to crack all interviews. I started focusing on my career. I was determined to get a job in a good company. I started preparing for the interviews. After a fortnight, I managed to make some new friends. I had almost completed my preparations for interviews so I was feeling confident. Then the day of the interview arrived!

I cracked the interview and secured my future. A reputed Multinational company recruited me. I was happy. I joined the Multinational company and started working. I loved my job. I kept myself busy. There was work pressure, but I never felt uneasy. I did my work with utmost dedication and perfection. A few colleagues became good friends within a short span of time.

I experienced that ecstatic moment of 'My first salary'. I became financially independent. I became a responsible guy. That was my transformation. that was my journey from being a class bunker to a stable person. I had become mature and my lifestyle had improved. I had become better as a person. The credit goes to my decision. I accepted the change, I grabbed the opportunity, I left my past behind, I moved ahead and I created my own identity. Sometimes, the change is for the greater good!

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