Happiness is a state of mind!

Some say that greed is good. Some say that greed is the source of all evil. Some say that this world is not enough and some say that self-containment is the first step towards the attainment of nirvana. Some say that money can never buy happiness and others squeal in happiness when they purchase a costly material.

So what is happiness? Happiness is an emotion which is often expressed by different individuals in a different manner. I may not feel happiness when I get drenched in the rain but think about a farmer. He will experience true happiness when the rains arrive on time to boost the yield of his crops.

For me, happiness is just a state of mind. I am not a materialistic person. I have seen ups and downs of life. I have tasted the delicious delicacies of a five-star hotel and a few times, I have even slept with an empty stomach. I have used iPhone and I have used Nokia 3110. I have walked hundreds of miles and I have flown in an airplane. I have witnessed tragedies of life and games of fate. I try to keep my life simple. I try to be happy with whatever I have. I never expect the unexpected. If I am unable to find any source of happiness, then I become happy by seeing the happiness of other people. Yes, I admit that sometimes, when I am sad, I pretend to be happy. And that solves half of my problems. At least, I do not have to face the barrels of questions from others! At the end of the day, It does not matter if you are happy or not, it only matters if you made someone happy or not. If you are not happy, then do not show the world that you are not happy. Wear a mask, fake a smile and go on!

Simple things that make me happy:

* Gazing at the stars: I am not a kid anymore. Still I lie down on the terrace, gaze at the stars and count the number of stars. I lose the count and start again. I forget about the world, I forget about my loneliness, I forget about my problems. I keep counting the stars till I fall asleep. I feel happy while counting the stars. It feels like I am searching for someone special among them, Someone whom I had loved and lost.

* Listening to music: Music in, Pain out! Yes, music lifts up my mood. Music helps me to focus. Music motivates me to fight back harder. Music heals my pain. When everything else fails to cheer me up, I seek the solace of music.

* Reading romantic novels: Life is a stage and all of us are characters. If we fail to provide a happy ending for the characters played by us, then we try to be happy by reading about other characters who had a fairy tale ending. I do the same. My life is not perfect. I go through hell every day. But, I keep hoping for a perfect day. I read about the eternal love stories of surreal characters and I feel the plethora of happiness surging through my veins. When I read the tale of struggle, pain and victory of someone's love story, I feel immense happiness. I feel that even I can have the same "Happy Ending" someday!

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