Apne parivaar ko apne dum pe jeena sikhao!

Everybody goes through a rough phase at some stage of life. During that dark time, everybody needs a ray of hope. Everybody needs a source of inspiration. Everybody needs a hero. Everybody needs someone who can just say "Do not worry, everything will be fine". And that small sentence is more than enough to restore our faith, belief, courage and energy levels.

Every now and then, we almost give up hope. We become tired. We are almost ready to give up everything. We just quit believing in our own abilities. At that moment of despair, we need someone who can tell us to try one more time, to tell us to give one last shot! And then we can easily sail through the tides of troubles easily.            

I was never a big fan of mathematics. I hated mathematics. But I always managed to score respectable marks in mathematics. During my pre-board exams, I managed to score just pass marks in mathematics. I was ashamed as well as afraid. I had to get my report card signed from my dad. I did not have any courage to face my dad. I thought about this matter for two days and on the third day, I gathered some courage and went near my dad. My dad was doing his office work. I stood silently and kept my report card on his table. My dad stopped doing his work and checked my report card. I was mentally prepared for any unpleasant experience. But, to my utter surprise, Dad did not say anything. He remained calm and said "Let's go for a walk". I silently followed him. When we reached near an ice cream vendor, Dad bought two ice creams, one for himself and one for me.

Then Dad said "See, scoring good marks in exams is not everything. Failing in a subject is not the end of this world. Being a good person matters a lot. Even if you do not get good marks in the board exams, then it will not bother me. Try your best, believe in yourself and you can achieve anything. I believe in you, so you also need to believe in yourself. I know that you will make me proud someday! And you should know that I was not a great student. I didn't like physics. Physics was like a living nightmare for me. But I accepted the challenge. I decided to face my fear. I started learning the basics of physics. I studied each and every theory. I did not study to secure marks, I studied to learn something new. I worked harder and after a month, I had defeated the demon of physics. If I could defeat my demon, then you can also do the same. Just trust yourself. You can become the master of mathematics".

That pep talk was more than enough to motivate me. I worked harder and cleared board exams with distinction. Yes, I had defeated the demon of mathematics. Giving up is not an option. We are humans and fighting against all odds is the sole reason of our existence. Struggle is the synonym of life and Hope is the only thing which can keep us alive!

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