The journey of doing right!

India is still a developing nation. India is slowly progressing towards a golden future, but to achieve that golden future, India needs to focus on education. 287 million Indian adults are still illiterates. In this highly competitive age, education is a must. Give someone money, he/she will eat for a few days. Educate that person, he/she can feed himself/herself forever. Education is the key factor that can help to maintain a stable life. Illiteracy is a burden. We can eradicate this burden and help our nation reach greater heights.

Situated on the banks of The Ganga, Varanasi is the religious and cultural center of India. Varanasi is one of the most ancient cities of the world and has a deep cultural, traditional, regional and historical value. It boasts of a huge population, but most of the youngsters are seen loitering here and there without doing anything significant. The sight of youngsters looking lost without any purpose of life is certainly an alarming one.

Those youngsters needed guidance. They needed a pathfinder. They needed someone who could discover their potential. They needed the support of an innovative person like Mr. Ajeet Singh. Have you heard about "Varanasi Boat School"? It is the innovative idea of Mr. Ajeet Singh. All children come to "Varanasi Boat School" after their regular school hours to study and play without any added pressure or tension.

The boat school is a great concept. It has a lot of potential. It can change the life of many youngsters. But, first of all, the boat school needs a magical transformation. The interiors of the boat school need a makeover. The boat school needs a library, a supply of books and toys, #ScholarShip and a computer to create the ideal learning environment for young minds. With a little bit of support from all of us, this dream can become a reality. We can transform the boat school into a legendary one. The success of one boat school will lead to many others. Illiteracy will be eradicated and India will rise and shine!

Check www.doright.in to read more about "Varanasi Boat School". Please donate towards this unique boat school wholeheartedly so that this harbour of learning can get a magical transformation. Do right and support this great cause. Be a part of "The journey of doing right" and be a part of a better India. Be the change you want to see. Support #India4India.

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