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Every man wants to own a car. Every man desires to own his/her dream car with his/her own hard earned money. Some people make the perfect choice and purchase the car which goes well with their personality, budget and lifestyle. And there are some people like me, who can never do anything perfectly! Yes, I am far away from perfection. I am always in a state of confusion. Decision-making is not my cup of tea. Yes, I know the meaning of "responsibility". I always try to do things in a perfect manner but the outcome always baffles me.

I had purchased a car three years ago. No, I had not planned anything. I had saved enough money and I wanted to purchase something. So, I purchased a car without any proper planning or market research. Another mistake! That car neither suited my personality nor my budget. Oh God! I even hated the color. And the rising price of diesel was another burden. I was fed up with myself. I wanted to get rid of that car. I tried to contact a few colleagues, but they offered very cheap price for my old car. I was expecting a better deal because I wanted to buy another car.

I had heard so much about  Quikr. Everybody praised  Quikr because of the safe, easy and hassle free interaction between buyers and sellers. Now I was ready to experience Quikr myself. I restarted my laptop, opened my browser and registered myself at  Quikr. I posted an advertisement at  Quikr "Used car for sale at an attractive price". I clicked a few photos of my old car and updated my advertisement. I had not expected any quick response from buyers. But, to my utter surprise, at least five buyers enquired about my old car within the first fifteen minutes of publication of my advertisement. I was on cloud nine! All of them wanted to purchase my car at the exact price fixed by me. Nobody even tried to bargain. One of the interested buyers was residing near my colony. So, I fixed an appointment with him and drove towards his apartment during the evening. He liked my car. In fact, he loved my car so much that he wanted to purchase my car right there! He requested me to wait for a few moments. He went to the nearby ATM, withdrew cash and gave me the money which was quoted by me in my advertisement. I thanked him and returned back to my house.

I had successfully got rid of my old car. Now I wanted to purchase another car. This time, I had done little bit of homework. I had asked many people about various cars. I had read a few car magazines. I had even visited many car showrooms. I wanted to purchase an AUDI. A new Audi was beyond my budget, so I decided to purchase a second hand Audi from Quikr. I browsed through all advertisements. Finally, I selected an advertisement which read "Red Audi, Excellent condition, Unbelievable price".

I contacted that seller and enquired about the price. It was really an unbelievable price. It was a great offer. I went to meet the seller and he showed me the fiery red Audi. I loved it. I checked everything. I was completely satisfied. I handed over the cash to the seller and then I took out my Audi for a long drive!

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