A packed metro.A new station.A perfect rush.
Many unknown faces.
One beautiful face grabbed my attention.
Experienced that Love At First Sight phrase.

I tried my level best to reach near her.
After a long struggle,I tasted success.
I greeted 'Hello Miss'.
She ignored me.I thought that my voice was not loud enough.
I greeted her for the second time.
This time she said 'What do you want Mr Weird Beard'?
I was shocked at that completely new phrase. :P
Still,I regained my composure n replied 'Nothing ma'am,u looked too familiar' :P
Then my station arrived n I ran away.I stopped at a Men's salon n had a clean shave.
After a few weeks,again I saw the same beautiful face,this time in a shopping mall.
I went near her n greeted 'Hello Miss'.
She looked at me n replied 'Who are you'?
I replied 'Mr Weird Beard' :P
She remembered that incident n smiled.

She said 'Now you are Mr Lucky Charm' :D

My clean shaven look bowled her over.

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