When emotions take over,I find no cover!

As a Child,i was fascinated with ice,
As a Teenager,i fell in love with Kashmir,
As a Lover,i had dreamed of snowfall,
As a Stranger,I am at Manali.

Time flew away,
Promises were forgotten,
Still,I am here,with some broken memories,
With some figments of my imagination.

I had dreamed of this moment,
I had waited for this moment,
And now,when I am living this moment
I feel that this moment was delayed beyond repair......

I am here with a Broken Heart,
I am here with an Unstable Mind, 
I am here with a Frozen soul,
I am here,But you are not!

Missing you more & more,
Missing you like never before.
Missing you is my habit,
No,i am not a 'Hobbit'.

Even the 'Sands of Time',
Are now well past their Prime,
I know that I am yours,
But you can never be mine!

kindly ignore the mobile snaps!

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