Shave n Wave

I,the careless me,was strolling near the balcony.
Suddenly,i heard a feminine scream-Boss,do u have sugar?
I rushed downstairs,opened the doors,n found a damsel in distress.

I said : yes,we have sugar.
She replied : Sorry,I think dat i banged d wrong door.
I said : why do you think so?
She replied : your beard does not make you look like a civilized guy.

I banged the door n grabbed my razor.
I cleaned my longgggggggggggg beard.
then I knocked the door of that sugar honey :P
She opened the door,n replied  'how can I help you?

I said : you need sugar dear.
She said : Sorry,I am unable to recognize you.
I said : you banged my door at 12:15 pm :P
She said : Ahh,you are a different person without your beard.
And then,she invited me for a cup of coffee :D

My clean shaven look bowled her over.

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This is my 6th post
* This post is a response to Sammya's tag on his blog entry The Perfect Focus

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