A long summer vacation.A warm sunny morning.An ever irritating alarm clock.And the speed at which time was flying away!
Finally,I woke up and prepared myself for a jogging session(Yes,i had kept my birthday resolution).
I stepped outside the confinement of boundaries of my house,stretched for a few minutes,
yawned 3-4 times and started jogging at the speed of a wounded Tortoise :P

I was almost drowsy.I was just dragging myself without any real motive.And,while taking a turn,
I bumped into someone who was on his/her top speed.Both of us fell down.
When i replenished my energy to stand up,I saw the glimpse of the 'person in motion'.
She was a pretty girl.And she was staring at me angrily.I went near her & said I am really sorry.
She started shouting-'Do not come near me.You look like a terrorist.Do not try to take advantage.'
With these lines,she stole my presence of mind.I was taken aback!
Me,a terrorist?What was so common between myself & a terrorist?
Then i remembered my long beard :P

Before the crowd could gather and show some 'Bhaigiri',I ran from the spot like a rabbit :P
And when i reached home,I cleaned the tag of a Terrorist with a razor.
After a few days,My college reopened.I went to attend my class.And,to my horror,That girl
walked into my classroom.As other seats were occupied,she sat near me.
I thought that now she will recognize me & 'Terrorist' will be my new name in college.
Suddenly she said Hello,I am Swati.I said are you a new student?She said yes,I am new in
this city.I said 'I think that we have met before.'

She said 'Really?I do not think so.' I suppressed a laugh and said 'Can't you recognize your Terrorist?'
She was shocked.She remained silent for a few moments and then both of us had a hearty laugh.
I apologized to her for the accidental crash and she did the same for her 'Terrorist' remark.
She said that she was unable to recognize me without my beard.She said now you look like
'Poster Boy' :P
I thanked her and thus began our Friendship.

My clean shaven look bowled her over.

This is my 4th post
This post is a response to  Anita's tag on her post PASS the Attention 

I would like to tag 3 bloggers and invite them to express their view on the P.A.S.S. movement through their individual blog posts (post length 200-300 words).

They are Sahil , Nivedith & Sammya

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  1. Thanks Biswa for responding to my Tag. Even I have the same 'Terrorist' theme for the stubble in my story to which you have responded :)
    Stubble does make men look like terrorists! :)
    Clean-Shaven = Poster-Boy :)
    Best wishes.