Oh my stubble!

Roll Number 10-my class teacher screamed!
I woke up from a deep slumber(proud to be a back bencher).
I started the long walk and finally reached near her desk.
She stared at me and gave a 'Frosty Nosed stare'.
I was familiar with that well known stare,i knew that something unpleasant was coming,
so I started to gather my courage.
She screamed-This is a reputed school,not any caveman's school!
I was confused.I checked my uniform,belt,badge,shoes etc & then I realized that she was pointing towards my month long stubble :P
I said,Sorry ma'am,this will never happen again.She replied-"I can accept excuses for not submitting homework,but I can never excuse that bloddy stubble.Either clean it or enjoy a holiday at home.I will take care of your attendance record.The choice is yours".It was a really shocking bouncer!After the school hours,I rushed to the nearest shop to grab a razor,a shaving foam and a after shave lotion.And after reaching home,I ignored my homework and focused on cleaning my stubble.
The next day,my class teacher came near me during the assembly and said-Caveman has transformed into a Gentleman :D
I thanked my stars and proceeded towards my classroom!And,as per her words,my class teacher did not care about my 'never so punctual' homework.

My clean shaven look bowled her over.

*This is my second post.

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  1. Nice story, Biswa!
    Good metamorphosis from caveman to gentleman! :) Which Class were U in school with a month long stubble? :P

    Thanks for tagging me! I'll be clearing the other tags 1st & then will respond to your tag :)