A shave a day.......

Though i rarely attend my classes,i never miss my seminars and exams.So,after almost two months of self taken vacation,i went to attend a seminar.
And,all of a sudden, a junior girl came near me and said : Are you a Fresher?
I was taken aback!I remained silent and started to question myself 'How can a junior ask such a question to a senior?'She repeated the question.
I came back to my senses and I replied : do I look like a fresher?Can't u recognize me?
After hearing my voice,She recognized me at once and said 'oops!I am so sorry.Actually you are clean shaved after such a long time.So I was unable to recognize you.You look fresh.You look young.You look better.'
I was like "what?so many compliments in flat 5 seconds?"
I understood that "My clean shaven look bowled her over”
I said 'Thank You'and rushed to grab my seat.
Thank you my precious razor,for making my day a great one!

This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.

I am accepting Sammya’s tag on his blog entry Barbaadi  and writing this post in response to the same

I would like to tag 5 bloggers and invite them to express their view on the P.A.S.S. movement through their individual blog posts (post length 200-300 words). 

They are Anita,Sammya,Shankar,Titas and Karan


  1. Ah! Thanks to razor for sure. Liked you poem Biswa :) Tagged you here Hope you will accept :)

    Someone is Special

  2. Nice story :)
    Thanks Biswa for the tag.
    Have tagged you also :)

    1. Biswa,
      As promised, Here's my Post in response to your Tag:
      Hope you like my story :)
      Best wishes to you :)

      Looking forward to your response to my tag too :)