Make me an Offer which I can't refuse!

A boring sunday.
A broken mobile.
A sms which showed 'Salary has been credited'.

I needed a mobile immediately.But I was too lazy to hit the road.
I opened my laptop & searched for some online shopping websites to find the latest smartphone models.
After lots of research,I decided to buy a Nokia Lumia smartphone.
Suddenly,I remembered that I had saved the contact numbers of a few local mobile dealers in my mailbox.
I called them & asked about the price.All of them replied that nobody can offer a price below 18k. I was not in the mood to bargain.

18k was certainly not my cup of tea.I started thinking.
Suddenly an ad flashed on the corner of my browser : 'Huge discount on mobiles'.
I clicked that ad which redirected me to a coupon website.
That website had numerous coupons which claimed that after applying those coupons,the price of mobiles will reduce automatically.Some coupons even offered cashback on selected smartphones.

At first,I did not believe.But when I applied one of the coupons in a shopping website,My desired smartphone reflected a reduced price of 16k. I was very happy.
I placed an order instantly with Cash On Delivery mode of payment.
I received my smartphone the very next day & Today I am flaunting it with style.
And,of course,I have started the journey of 'Online Shopping with Coupons'.

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