Healthy kids are the best!

Health is wealth. Child is the father of nation. Today’s young generation will be tomorrow’s leaders. But, for that, today’s young generation has to remain fit and healthy. Now a days, lifestyle has become hectic as well as fast. There is too much pressure on kids to become Numero uno in each and every sphere. Kids face pressure from every sphere right from their school days. Constant comparisons and criticism does more harm than good. They have to score 90 % in academics, grab gold medals in sports and take part in extracurricular activities too. And, while trying to excel in every field, somewhere down the line, the young body takes a toll.

Kids love junk food. Kids love to get drenched in rain. Kids love to do things which adults can never imagine to do. Kids love their freedom. Kids never care about their health. Kids rarely wash their hands before eating. Kids love to play in the rain. Basically, Kids just love to enjoy themselves. Kids become sick easily as their immune system is not strong enough. When kids fall sick, everybody becomes worried as kids are always the center of attention and attraction. Our lives revolve around our kids. Taking their proper care is our responsibility. We have to make sure that our kids are always safe and healthy. Even a small bruise on the body of our kids is enough to make us lose our minds.


I have a cousin who is just 6 years old. He is brilliant in studies and excellent in the field of sports. All of us tease him, pamper him and adore him. He is always full of energy and he always makes our lives colorful with his small childish pranks. He is just like other normal kids who never care about health and safety. He loves his PSP and he worships David Beckham. He wants to be in India's football team someday. Though he never skips his homework, He always runs away to play football. Once during a rainy day, he grabbed his Manchester United jersey and ran away to play football with his friends. After coming home, he started sneezing. Everybody thought that it was just a case of cold. During the night, his temperature rose. All of us became worried. We took him to the hospital and thankfully the doctor said that there was nothing to worry about. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics and recommended Dabur Chyawanprash which increases Immunity by 3 times.

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The very next day, my cousin was totally fit. And everybody in our household was happy to see him running all around. The champ is back!

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