My Dream House

Now a days, our lifestyle has become more lavish. We have become addicted to comfort and luxury. Now it is not impossible to create our own house of dreams. With the right technology and advanced materials, creating our dream homes becomes a fun and altogether different experience. And it is definitely true that houses reflect the personality of their inhabitants
I am selecting as many items as I can from Porcelanosa to build my dream home.

  1.    Floor Tiles

a) Ceramic floor tiles for my bedroom as these are shiny, easy to clean and stylish.    
b) Anti slip floor tiles for my parent’s bed room as these tiles provide safety without compromising on the style quotient.

  2.    Wall Tiles

Xlight wall tiles for study room as these tiles add that intense and serious atmosphere to the study room.

Parker wall tiles for kitchen and bathroom as these are perfect for wet zones such as kitchen and bathroom because of their low porosity.

Stonker wall tiles for bedrooms as these have a coloured design and can withstand the most extreme conditions.

Parker ceramic parquet for dining hall as these are anti slip, ideal for wet areas and highly resistant to wear and tear due to continuous use.

Decorative profiles for drawing room because they add a unique and personal touch.

  3.  Wardrobes and dressing rooms as these can be integrated to every type of space distribution.These provide the option of combining multitude of styles with different finishes such as natural or stained wood, matte or polished lacquers and laminates etc. Most importantly, Porcelanosa wardrobes and dressing rooms have endless drawers so I never have to worry about my unlimited shopping sprees.

4.    Krion Solid Surface for the bedroom of my kids as Krion Solid Surface is anti bacterial, durable, easy to repair, easy to clean, can withstand attacks by concentrated acids, highly resistant to all types of stains, resistant to adverse weather conditions, resistant to fire and heat properties etc. Krion Solid Surface can also be backlit, with a degree of translucency to create shapes as desired by kids. Now kids can have their own batcaves too J..So Krion Solid Surface is perfect for the safety of kids.

5.    Demountable Ceilings

Ceilings play an important role in enhancing the looks of a house. Demountable ceilings are soundproof. So I can enjoy a cricket match at full volume and kids can enjoy their xbox games at full throttle without worrying about the peace loving neighbours.

   6.    Natural stone facades

Natural stone facades are clad in natural stones so they ensure a touch of warmth and distinction which other materials can never provide.  These provide insulation from cold during winters and protection from heat during summer. These are very stylish and save production, installation and maintenance costs.

With these exquisite products from the renowned stable of Porcelanosa, I can definitely build my grand dream house!

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