Games of fate!

An ode to that Road,
Which led me to your Heart and God,
Which showed me the meaning of Love,
And indicated that you are that perfect one whom I can never have!

I had never cared about destiny,
I had always ran after drops of happiness which were tiny,
But when I saw you, I wanted to be a part of you.
I wanted to be with you till eternity, I wanted to change my destiny,
I wanted you to be my destination, I was ready to take any perilous journey!

But, stranger are the games of fate,
There are some events which we can never forget,
If I had the liberty to stockpile,
It will always be your beautiful smile.

The night feels cold,
This body grows old,
The mysteries of Love are yet to unfold,
But our tale needs to be told!


  1. Touching tale, Biswa.
    Yes, the tale needs to be told.
    You have narrated it so well :)