The mysterious #WhatTheBlack!

BlogAdda.com started to surprise us from 30th September 2014 with #WhatTheBlack surprises and the surprises were delivered on our doorsteps everyday till 2nd August 2014.Each day was full of anxiety as we waited with bated breaths to discover the next #WhatTheBlack product to decipher the final product.And,Finally,On 2nd August,we managed to crack the mystery behind #WhatTheBlack!

Day 1 :
A neatly packaged black box arrived and I was eager to check the surprise.

As I unboxed the beautiful Black box,I found out a Black egg which had chocolaty layer inside it.

As this clue was too tough to lead towards any concrete conclusion,I waited for the #WhatTheBlack surprise of the second day.

Day 2 : 
The courier guy arrived post lunch session and by that time,I had missed many a heart attacks.When the #WhatTheBlack surprise arrived,it felt like an early christmas present!

And #WhatTheBlack times greeted me as my mind started to find the links between both the clues.What can the possible connection between egg,chocolate and newspaper?I thought and thought and then dozed off!


Day 3 : 
As the clock struck 11 am,my doorbell rang loudly.I rushed to open the door and received the 3rd #WhatTheBlack surprise!

As usual,the black box looked stunning.When I unboxed the black box,I was shocked!

I was shocked because an empty black paper disposable coffee cup was waiting for me.The detective inside me became furious.First a black egg filled with chocolate,then a black newspaper,and after that an empty black coffee cup!What dos that mean?

I sat down as my mind raced like Bolt.....Then I suddenly arrived at some conclusion :

Egg means a healthy diet for breakfast.
Chocolates are the prime agents responsible for cavities and calories.
Newspaper is either read at morning or late night.

So,all this #WhatTheBlack activity has some connection with some everyday task which everybody performs either at morning or night or during both the time.

I thought about healthy diet but the presence of chocolates contradicted myself.
So I moved on to chocolates and zeroed in on cavities.And suddenly I found a connection with eggs.
Eggs have calcium and calcium is a major constituent of human teeth.
The next clue : coffee cup! well,coffee contains antibacterial properties which might prevent cavities.AND,consumption of hot coffee might create a tingling sensation in teeth in the case of sensitivity!

As I stitched all clues together,The #WhatTheBlack puzzle became crystal clear!
It was all about a revolutionary dental product : either a toothbrush or a toothpaste!

And the very next day,I got the perfect answer in the form of another #WhatTheBlack surprise!

Day 4 :

And,my guess was almost correct as I found the all new 'Colgate Slimsoft Charcoal Toothbrush' inside the black box.

Colgate Slimsoft Charcoal Toothbrush has charcoal infused 17X slimmer tip bristles which can reach deeper between teeth and along the gum line and ensure complete removal of plaque bacteria.An absolutely amazing #WhatTheBlack revolution.What a suspense,What a thrill!The final product was indeed worth the wait!

For more information about #WhatTheBlack , log on to www.whattheblack.com

Thank You BlogAdda.com for providing a chance to be a part of #WhatTheBlack activity.
Three cheers for 'BLACK'.

This contest is a part of #WhatTheBlack activity at BlogAdda.com

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