#ToiletForBabli - each and every Babli deserves a toilet!

India is slowly moving towards the goal to become one of the global leaders in every sphere. But, India is still way behind in terms of sanitation facilities. Yes, every household in cities and towns has access to toilets but the same cannot be said about innumerable villages of India. Rural India is the real India. So, India can become a global leader only if the villages of India are developed. For this purpose, rural areas of India need access to hygiene toilets.

Even today, many people in rural areas of India do not have toilets. These people defecate openly as they have no other option. They are unable to build a toilet in their household premises because of lack of money. But some people have enough money but they use this money to purchase televisions, refrigerators, coolers etc. For these people, having a toilet inside their household premises is not a necessity as they have become habituated with defecating openly and these people think that it is not a good idea to waste money and land for building a toilet. These people have little knowledge about the health hazards which are associated with defecating in the open. These people have to be made aware of the health hazards associated with open defecation.

Various types of diseases are prevalent in areas which lack sanitation facilities. Open defecation is the cause of deadly diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera, gastroenteritis etc. When people defecate openly, flies feed on this excreta and often carry minute excreta in their feet. Excreta is full of deadly germs. When flies come in contact with food and water, they infect food and water with  germs. When humans consume this infected food and water, they become sick. Lack of toilets is the major cause of malnutrition of children. Defecating openly is the major cause of death of children.  Both Government and people must take proper steps to build toilets to prevent child deaths as children are the future of our nation. Getting rid of open defecation will immensely help to improve sanitation and reduce disease outbreaks.

Lack of toilets is a serious problem for women. Unlike men, women have to think twice before defecating openly as it is a matter of dignity for them. Women do not deserve this shame. Women deserve a clean toilet, complete with the safety and privacy of a door. Women are the pride of our families. Shouldn’t we take a stand for the dignity of our mother, sister and daughter and stress on the building of toilets in every household? Let’s come forward and join hands to build toilets for the safety, security and integrity of our family members. Together we can create a hygiene India.

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