Bring Back The Touch!

When we are teenagers, we believe that love is the most precious feeling in this world. We fall in love with someone, we try to make him/her feel special. We do everything to get the love of our life. After some twists, turns and emotional dramas, finally when we marry the love of our life, we feel that we have conquered the world.

After a couple of years, this corporate world kills the passion and romance in our relationship and instead generates stress and lack of communication between us and our life partners. Love takes a backseat and money drives us. Somewhere down the lane, Love becomes a memory and only that memory remains! This is the story of Annie and Arnav.

Annie and Arnav fell in love with each other during their college days. After graduating, both of them got respectable jobs. Both of them tied the knot soon. Couple of years sailed away smoothly. Slowly their relationship stared to fade away. The romance was gone. The passion was gone. Now Annie and Arnav rarely talked with each other. Both of them still slept on the same bed, but they never looked into the eyes of each other. Reason? The stress and pressure of corporate world! Both of them rarely had time for each other. Instead of celebrating their anniversaries, they were forced to memorize the agenda of the next meeting.

One fine day, Arnav woke up from sleep. He remembered that he had to make a presentation. He opened his laptop and accidentally opened a folder : the folder in which he had stored all the snaps of himself and Annie, right from their college days till the day of their marriage! Arnav looked at those snaps for a long time and suddenly realized that his life was incomplete without Annie. 

He rushed towards the bedroom. Annie had night shift the previous night so she was still sleeping. Arnav held her hand, kissed her forehead and hugged her. Annie woke up and was literally surprised! Annie asked : Arnav, is everything okay? Arnav replied : From now onwards, everything will be okay. Annie, I am sorry for everything. You are the love of my life and I neglected you.

Annie held the hands of Arnav and a drop of tear escaped from her eyes. Both of them made a pact that irrespective of the work pressure, they would try their level best to spend time with each other.

A single touch can recreate that spark in your relationship. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and #BringBackTheTouch .

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