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All of us know the importance of Quikr. We can sell unwanted products for cash and we can buy products which we want at a cheap price from Quikr. There are many genuine buyers and sellers at Quikr. But there are a few people who never miss a chance to irritate sellers/buyers. I have experienced such type of disturbances many times. As a seller/buyer, you have to submit your mobile number and then interested sellers/buyers can contact you. But calling someone at an inappropriate time is not convenient. And asking for a discount repeatedly over phone is not polite at all.

During 2014, I had posted an ad in Quikr with all the necessary details (including price). I wanted to sell my old tablet because I wanted to purchase a new mobile. After two days, I received around twenty calls. All of them asked the same questions: Is the tablet working properly? Are the accessories in proper condition? Do you have the bill? Why are you selling the tablet? What is the price? Can’t you reduce the price? Any discounts?

Seriously? I had provided all the necessary details in my ad. Still people wanted to hear everything from myself. Then what is the use of placing an ad? One day, I was in a meeting. A person kept on calling me repeatedly. When I came out from my office, I saw thirty missed calls. I thought that someone might be in some need. I called that number instantly and he said “I want to buy your tablet. I want to check it personally before purchasing. Tell me your address and I will come now”. I politely replied “I am still at office. It is too late. You can come to my house on Sunday”. Then that person rudely replied “Keep your tablet with you. I am not interested anymore”. I banged my head in disbelief!

To keep such irritating experiences at bay, Quikr introduced Quikr NXT. Quikr NXT is really innovative. It is helpful in so many ways. Now we can keep our numbers private. Complete privacy of both sellers and buyers is a must. Some guys keep on calling a seller/buyer when they find out that the seller/buyer is a girl! Quikr NXT takes privacy to a new level by maintaining the interaction between buyers and sellers directly via chat, without revealing contact numbers.

Source: http://www.quikr.com/nxt

Reasons why I would prefer chat over a phone call:

1) Convenience: I can chat with a seller/buyer when I am free. I do not want to be disturbed during office hours. If I am busy, then I can simply ignore everything and focus on my official work. I do not have to attend unwanted phone calls.

2) Sharing photos of products: I can share the photos of the products which I want to sell via Quikr NXT.

3) Ease of access: Quikr NXT can be accessed via Quikr's mobile app, mobile site and desktop site.

Source: https://www.indiblogger.in/images/happyhours/quikr2/brandcover.png

Quikr NXT is going to start a new revolution in India's online classifieds market. Sell Quikr with Quikr NXT!

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