Bedtime Rituals!

Kids are the best part of the life of any parent. Kids make everybody happy with their cute innocence and divine smiles. The sight of a kid playing with toys is good enough to melt anybody’s heart. Unlike adults, kids enjoy a stress-free life. Kids do not have to worry about the uncertainty of tomorrow. Kids are completely free from deadlines. Adults do not get enough time to sleep because of their busy schedules. Kids have all the time in this world to sleep as much as they want, still it is a tough job to make kids fall asleep as kids are always full of energy. Kids only sleep when they are completely exhausted.

Now the best part of being a parent: Bedtime Rituals with kids which help the kids to have a good night’s rest. Almost all parents have different bedtime rituals. Bedtime rituals make the bond between kids and parents stronger. It is really amazing to watch how your little one slowly falls asleep! A sleeping baby is the most wonderful sight.

Best Bedtime rituals:

1) A proper timetable: Always try to maintain a proper timetable for your little ones.

2) Perfect ambiance: Low light creates the perfect sleeping environment. Soft music is also a good option. Try to avoid loud noise.

3) Bedtime stories: Kids just love stories, it does not matter if they can’t even understand any word of it. Perhaps kids just love to interact with their parents. Tell a story and your kid will definitely fall asleep before your story comes to an end. And you will definitely wait for the next night to complete your story.

4) Lovable lullaby: Don’t know any bedtime stories? No need to worry! Sing a lovely lullaby. A lullaby is as good as a bedtime story.

5) A good night kiss is the perfect way to make your kids feel safe.

My bedtime rituals:

I always try to maintain a proper timetable for my baby. A soft massage during the night is a must. It helps to relax and soothe the young muscles of my baby. A glass of water or milk before sleeping is also important. I do not remember any bedtime stories and I do not know any lovely lullabies. So I always grab a story book and read a story from it and watch my baby smile. Changing diapers of my baby during the night is also a good thing. Diapers play an important role in the life of kids. Choosing the right diapers is equally important. Do not go for any ordinary diapers. Most of the diapers aim for dryness on the outside, but the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants focuses on dryness on the inside too. I always prefer the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants for my baby because a wet diaper has no right to interrupt my baby’s precious sleep!

Source: https://www.rewardme.in/family/child-and-you/article/a-night-s-rest

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