The second chance!

Life is unpredictable. Life doesn’t always give #SecondChance. Who has seen the future? Nobody. Then why should we keep delaying our present? We should forget about the mystery of the future and focus on the magic of the present. Life has become so hectic that we think twice before planning a trip. We become so busy in securing our futures that we forget about our passions. And when we grow old, when we run out of time, we suddenly remember our passions and then we think about the opportunities which we missed when we actually had enough time to follow our dreams, to chase our passions. We keep on saving money for the future and in the process, we often try to forget our own wish list. What is the point of saving every buck if we can't even fulfil our own wishes? What if there is no future at all? I mean, life can end anytime, right? Shouldn’t we try to live our life today, to the fullest, so that even if we die tomorrow, our soul will have no regrets at all?

Even there are a few things on my wish lish which I have ignored till now. Not anymore. Life is giving me a #SecondChance and I am going to grab this chance with both hands.

1) I fell in love with a girl a few years ago. We became friends but I never had the courage to express my feelings to her. I was afraid of losing our friendship. I forgot that I was running out of time. What if she marries someone tomorrow? I will always live with the regret that I could have at least tried to win her heart. I am not afraid anymore. I am going to tell her that I love her. Sometimes, it is better to take the first step towards changing and challenging destiny!

2) When I was a kid, I always wanted to experience an adventurous life. As I grew up, I forgot everything about adventure because I had to memorize the periodic tables, rules of integrations, dates of historical events etc. The only place where I could enjoy an adventure was in my dreams. Enough is enough! To hell with the laws of Newton! Enough of this global warming! I am not interested in World wars. I am going to pack my bags and be a part of adventure. I want to start my journey from Kashmir and I want to cover the whole India. After all, adventure lives forever!

3) As a kid, I read a lot of story books. I believed in fantasies. I believed in fairy tales. I believed in angels and I believed in demons too! Once upon a time, I wanted to become a “Treasure Hunter”.  When I grew up, I never got any chance or opportunity to become a Treasure Hunter. Sadly, none of the Indian colleges/universities offer a course to become a certified Treasure Hunter. So what? I can take the first step. There are so many undiscovered and unexplored places in India. I can start exploring places on my own and who knows, I might find a long lost treasure!

Never leave anything for tomorrow. The moment is now, the time is today, live it like there is no tomorrow. Go out and chase your dreams. Do it for yourself, do it for your soul!

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