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CASHBACK : Cash back can refer to two different kinds of card transactions: 

1) An option available to retail consumers when, during a debit card transaction, the customer can request to add an extra amount to the purchase price and receive the added amount in cash. Cash back using debit provides customers a convenient method of obtaining cash when purchasing goods and services without having to make a separate trip to an ATM or bank. 

2) A cardholder benefit offered by some credit card companies that pays the cardholder a small percentage of their net expenditures (purchases less refunds). Cash back benefits often provide the cardholder with the opportunity to choose from taking the cash, or using the "points" for purchases, travel (as with miles awards for air travel) or gift cards. Typically, cardholders must reach a certain points level to redeem for cash or other benefits. Some credit cards offer varying levels of cash back depending on the purchase. For example, a cardholder might earn 5% back on gas purchases, 2% on groceries and 1%on all other purchases.


1. An agreement between parties fixing obligations that each promises to carry out

2.a. An agreement establishing the terms of a sale or exchange of goods or services.
   b. Property acquired or services rendered as a result of such an agreement.

3. Something offered or acquired at a price advantageous to the buyer.


a voucher entitling the holder to a discount off a particular product.

One of a set of detachable certificates that may be torn off and redeemed as needed.   b. A detachable part, as of a ticket or advertisement, that entitles the bearer to certain benefits, such as             cash refund or gift.   c. A certificate accompanying a product that may be redeemed for a cash discount.   d. A printed form, as in an advertisement, to be used as an order blank or for requesting information or                obtaining a discount on merchandise.
A detachable slip calling for periodic payments, as for merchandise bought on an installment plan.

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