Coupons are my secret weapons!

The epic rivalry was back!India v/s Pakistan cricket match!
I took the shower & switched on the television before the scheduled live telecast so that I would not miss even 'The Toss'.
After a few seconds,a silly advertisement started howling and I ran to grab an apple.After all,I needed the energy to cheer for India :)

And then a series of unfortunate events started following me :(

Dad shouted - 'why are you wasting your time and increasing electricity bill?India is going to lose.'

And,in the mean time,the captain of India lost the toss as usual and Pakistan decided to bat first.

It was a frustrating moment for me because I loved to watch the power packed batting of India.
I banged my fist on the table in frustration and was just going to curse when I realized that Dad was watching me.

I controlled my 'Patriotic' emotions and replied - 'Dad,please!India always wins the 'Do or Die' games.Please let me focus on the game.'

Dad said - 'On one condition!I know that you love to watch the batting of India but India is going to bat second today. I have a meeting at Hyderabad next week.Go to my travel agent and book my flight tickets and you are free to watch the match.'

I could not believe my luck.Why God Why?Why today?Why on the match day?

I started to kick my bike reluctantly as I had no other option.Suddenly an Idea struck me just like the lightning bolt of Zeus!
I thought- 'I can book the flight tickets online so that I can make Dad happy as well as watch each & every moment of the match.'

I came inside and shouted 'Dad,I have the perfect solution.'
Dad gave a frosty nosed stare and snorted 'And what is that?Another well planned excuse?'
I said 'No dad.I know my responsibility(LOL silently at myself).I will book your flight tickets online.'
Dad was furious.He angrily said 'No way!I trust my travel agent.Online sites are full of scams.You will deduct the money from my account and I can never attend the meeting.'

I said 'Dad,just give me a chance.All websites are not fake.

Some are very reputed sites which have been well appreciated by travellers all across the globe.'
Dad was still in doubt as he had never used an online site to book flight tickets.
I understood his doubt and I assured him that everything would be fine.
Still my Dad was reluctant.He said 'just go to my travel agent.'
I said 'Fine,You trust your travel agent.Just call him and ask him about the fare of air tickets.'
Dad shook his head in disbelief and called his travel agent and asked him about the fare of air tickets.

After two minutes,Dad called me and said 'My agent has offered the best bargain price of Rs 12,000 /- for the round trip.Now do not lose any moment and rush to his office.'
I said 'Dad,give me two minutes.At least let me check the online sites.'
Dad said 'Fine,do whatever you want.Something is wrong with your generation.You guys never listen to elders.GO and check your so called online sites.But remember that if any amount gets deducted from my account without successful booking of my tickets,you will not get any pocket money this month.'

I accepted the challenge and said YES!

I opened my laptop,plugged in my dongle,opened a browser,typed a search engine and searched for the best deals on flight ticket booking.
The search engine bombarded my laptop screen with many links.Now this was the tricky part.I had to choose the reputed websites,not some fishy one.
I opened a few links,went through the reviews of customers,rating points etc and finally zeroed in on one website.

I opened that website in a new tab.I entered the round trip details of my Dad and when I clicked 'Search Flights',suddenly a message flashed on my laptop screen 'FLAT Rs 2000/- OFF ON ROUND TRIP BOOKINGS OR CASHBACK OF Rs 500/- on ONE WAY TRIP BOOKINGS!Use COUPON CODE 2000OFF during CHECKOUT.'
My heart started screaming in joy,but I thought 'what if the fare is Rs 14,000/- and Rs 2000/- is off on Rs 14,000/- ?It will be of no use as the travel agent is also offering the same price.'
I pacified my heart,gathered some courage and pressed ENTER!
Voila!The total cost of the round trip was Rs 11,500 /- and after applying the coupon (2000OFF),I had to pay only Rs 9,500/- which was way lesser that the price offered by my Dad's trustworthy travel agent!

I booked the flight tickets using my Dad's debit card and I showed him the e-receipt of the flight tickets.

Dad checked carefully and said 'what if these tickets are fake?what is the proof that these tickets are real?'
I called the customer care of the airline and I gave them the PNR of Dad's flight ticket and asked about flight status.
The customer care representative replied 'Status Confirmed.Kindly use Web Check in soon to avoid rush during the date of journey.'
I used the airline's web check in facility to select a window seat for Dad and I received the boarding pass in .PDF format in my mailbox.

When Dad saw the boarding pass,he was very happy.He said 'Now I can believe that these tickets are authentic.'

I said 'Dad,perhaps you have not noticed that the price of these tickets is only rs 9,500 /-.
Dad was surprised and he cross checked the price of the tickets.
Then he replied 'How is this possible?How can the price be so less?
I said 'Dad,this is the power of online sites with the added advantage of discounts in the form of coupons.'
Dad hugged me and said 'I trusted that travel agent and he always cheated me.Online sites are better,cheaper and convenient.'
I said 'Yes Dad.I had told you.'

Suddenly,the television roared 'Annnnndddddd Pakistan has lost the first wicket' and both me and my Dad rushed to watch the replay.

In this way,online sites and coupons saved the day for me!

P.S. India won the match by 6 wickets and My favorite Virat Kohli slammed a fast and furious CENTURY!

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