Coupon : Just Rock On!

I was sipping a soft drink in the college canteen when a friend came near me with a tensed look.I looked at him and asked 'What is the matter?Why are you so tense?'
He replied 'Buddy,my girlfriend's birthday is approaching.I know that she loves watches.But,as I am going through a severe economic crisis,I can't afford to gift her a good branded watch.'

I said 'If there is a will,there is a way.We will find out some solution.'
He replied 'Buddy,I have already visited each and every watch store,but none of them are offering any discounts.I had tried to bargain,but it's of no use.'

I said 'Come on!What is your budget?'
He replied 'Rs 1,000/- .'
I thought for a moment and said 'Let's go to the computer lab.We will purchase the best watch at the best price via online shopping sites.'
He agreed and we went to the computer lab.

I opened a reputed shopping site which was famous for genuine products and discount coupons.I selected the category 'Watches for Ladies' and then sorted the watches according to price 'Low to High.'

A very popular brand among the youth was offering a cashback of 50% on all orders above Rs 1400/- by applying a Coupon-"FEELINGlUCKY".Both of us were very happy to see this amazing offer.My friend chose the best model which was priced at Rs 1500/- and placed the order for which he had to pay only Rs 750/- which was lower than his budget of Rs 1,000/-.

As the coupons had saved Rs 250/- for my friend,He took me to the college canteen and gave me a treat of 2 burgers,2 samosas and 2 soft drinks :) 

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